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Online Gym Business, How to Start, Ideas, Plan

Introduction to starting Online Gym Business, ideas and business plan: Personal training over the internet is more relevant than ever before. With all the technology options and virtual training applications currently available, you can turn your business into an online personal training business in relatively few steps.

A guide to Online Gym Business, ideas, and business plan

You can use the following guide as a cheat sheet to navigate a (hopefully) painless transition to virtual training for your business.

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Introduce yourself to the world of Virtual Gym Training

Online Gym Business
Online Gym Business (Image credit: pixabay)

We provide an example of how to describe yourself to the world of virtual Gym training:

In 2001, I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. My college career began with an internship at a local gym in Hyderabad, followed by working at the campus gym. Even after graduation, I trained there.

After seven years of fitness experience, I left the gym to begin training clients in their homes. We all know how sad it is to lose clients due to a move or a sudden change in availability.

Our training sessions during our client’s relocation in 2014 were conducted online to continue everything we’d accomplished together. That was the beginning of our online training business.

My process has streamlined over the past six years, and I’m ready to share my expertise. Transitioning into a new job has been quite difficult, and there have been many obstacles along the way. Overall, I have greatly enjoyed this career move and am able to provide a valuable service to my clients.

Business plan to start Online Gym Training

You must select the right device, technology, and fitness applications to drive your training sessions before you launch your online personal training business. Your next step should be to plan the virtual workspace. Last but not least, making sure you have the proper fitness equipment is crucial to training your clients effectively.

Here’s a breakdown of what it takes to start your business – beginning with the technology, moving onto workspace dimensions, subsequent equipment, and finally the lighting and workout environment!

The technology required to start Online Gym Training Business

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How to start an online Gymn business
How to start an online Gymn business (pic credit: pixabay)

If you are thinking about taking your business online and offering virtual training, it can be very overwhelming at first. Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking the next step towards improving your health and well-being through online personal training.

Since the start-up, you have to work on enhancing virtual services in order to make them more seamless, valuable, and profitable for clients as well as efficient and profitable. It’s my goal to present my best practices in a way that will show you that taking this route can be a very profitable and smooth move for your business as well. To begin with, here is an explanation of how you can create a virtual training space with confidence.

Two devices are required to set up your virtual training room:

  • While you demonstrate exercises and observe your client during the session, you will use a device such as a tablet, laptop, or smartphone to act as a camera.
  • Other devices will be used to enter workout details, such as completed reps and other relevant information. You don’t have to make a large financial commitment when it comes to these items. It’s enough to have a device with a camera and one that’s capable of running a word processor (like Google Docs).

Area required to set up Online Gym Training Business

It’s great to have a dedicated home base that lets you be organized and efficient as much as possible, even if you can train your clients virtually from anywhere (you have done this from out of town).

Think about the following questions before choosing a training space in your home:

  • Is there enough space for me to demonstrate exercises for my clients?
  • Can I fit all my equipment in this space?
  • Are the conditions professional, clean, and free from distractions (i.e., you don’t want to train in the kitchen counter with your family in and out of view)?
  • Would there be a place for me to observe my client and document their workout details?
  • Is there enough light here for training clients virtually any time of day? The best lighting is natural light, but if you can’t obtain it, I will explain how to do it in the next section.
  • Ensure that there is enough space between your camera and the demonstration area. In my virtual training area, I use both devices on my desk and have six feet of floor space behind me. Make sure all the equipment is set to the side so that you won’t need to leave the room to retrieve it. Time is money (and your client’s time) so don’t eat up their time by dragging it back in.

That’s why your preparedness is crucial. Don’t leave the gym in the middle of a workout if you wouldn’t at the gym. Professionalism is key to success.

List of equipment to set up Online Gym Training Business

A fitness professional knows that even without equipment, you can create an excellent workout. The client should ideally possess a set of dumbbells.

Typically, I recommend having three dumbbell sets for each client. Client-specific weight requirements should be followed, but I follow this general framework.

The lightest set should weigh 3-5 pounds, the medium set should weigh 8-10 pounds, and the heavyset should weigh 15-20 pounds. A number of factors influence the choice of weight, including a budget, strength level, and future goals.

The demonstration of proper use of an item to a client needs to occur with a comparable item (since most clients eventually opt to purchase more equipment).

For your virtual training space, I recommend investing in these items:

  • Large ball
  • BOSU Ball
  • Slam Ball
  • Medicine Ball
  • Bands
  • Kettlebells

It’s a good idea to pick anything that fits in your space and is within your budget.

You probably already own a number of dumbbells for your personal use, so you do not have to match your client’s exact weight. I use bright orange 5-pound weights to show my clients how to do things. Bright colors make it easier for my clients to see what I am doing.

You may lose a black or gray weight on the camera if you have a dark background. Training will be as seamless as possible when you maximize visibility. Now we come to our next topic, lighting.

Arrange the adequate lighting for Online Gym Training Business

In order to work with clients online, it is imperative that you have adequate lighting (whether natural or artificial). Do you recall taking a photo in dim light and finding it grainy and pixelated? The same applies to web cameras. In order to ensure your clients’ complete clarity, you must strive to make the sessions as close to in-person as possible.

During the day, if you work in front of windows, you will appear dark and shadowy on camera. It will be difficult for your client to see you clearly, so you may seem unprofessional or unprepared. The windows are behind my desk since it must be where it is in my office.

In order to solve this problem, purchase decorative blackout shades and closed them before each session began. In addition, it is better to bring a cheap ring light that illuminates my face (similar to window light) so clients can see everything you do.

You don’t have to buy the ring light if you cannot afford it right now. Take the opportunity to pick one up. Given your lighting situation, you might not even need to use one.

Create a lovely environment for Online Workout or Gym Space

Keep in mind that the time of your client is precious and well-paid. It’s essential to ensure that your clients receive the best service possible, making their investment well worth it. Your personal training space should be free of distractions in a variety of ways.

Virtual training Vs. pre-written programs

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Online Gymn Classes
Online Gymn Classes (Pic source: pixabay)

The pre-written, packaged, and branded workout programs have become very popular with personal trainers (including myself). You can find general programs or programs geared toward specific groups of people (new mothers, seniors, or those who would like some guidance when exercising at home).

In many cases, these programs can be downloaded or purchased on DVD for one price. In terms of generating passive income, these products are a great option, but pre-written programs differ greatly from virtual learning experiences.

Working with clients from a virtual trainer’s perspective gives you a unique perspective. The first step is getting to know your client. Then you will learn about their individual goals, and you will devise a plan that is strategic. With virtual training, you’re less likely to find a one-size-fits-all approach and more likely to find a customized service that adds value and strengthens relationships.

How much you can charge from every candidate in Online Gym Training Business? 

Let’s talk about money, which makes everyone cringe! Almost every entrepreneur has been questioned at some point in their career. Do I deserve such a high price? You definitely do! You provide a valuable professional service that has the potential to change lives. Do not run blue light specials; pricing is crucial, so stick to it! You are not a discount store, so won’t be running promos.

If you are going to charge a client for a similar in-person training session, you should charge about 20-25% less than you would for a virtual training session.


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