Part-time Profitable Small Business Ideas

Introduction to part-time profitable small business ideas for beginners: You can kick start any of these side hustles that feed your entrepreneurial soul with as little as Rs 20,000 and a few hours over the weekend, regardless of your full-time job.

You can’t seem to give up the comfort and security of your 9 to5 job, even though you itch to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams but you can’t let go of the control it provides? You can live your dream by starting a small business with these 20 ideas. Furthermore, the investment required for these ideas is as low as Rs 20,000.

A guide to part-time profitable small business ideas for beginners

You can start the following 20 small businesses as part-time businesses with little capital:

Making paper crafts – Use your creativity to make paper into a banknotes

Crafts made of paper are usually made by mixing the paper pulp with glue and other materials or by layering paper and gluing and pressing it together. Various items are formed when moist and harden as they dry.

Starting a papercraft business is one of the least expensive business ventures you can do. There is no need for specialized tools, and raw materials and design techniques are cost-effective. Imagination is the only requirement. It requires quite a bit of it.

There are many crafts made from paper-machine, including bowls, pendant lights, flowers, and home decor.

Besides selling your creations on social media channels, you can also sell them through e-commerce platforms in India. Gift boutiques and craft stores are also good places to sell your items.

Personalized gift items – Quirk gifts to make quick money

The number of quirky, personalized gifting options is growing all the time, but their appeal never diminishes. And why shouldn’t it, considering that they make such great gifts for our loved ones.

It can be rewarding to start a personalized gifting business on the side while maintaining a full-time job. Your only requirement is to keep up with trends and pop culture and to purchase some inexpensive raw materials in bulk.

Social media marketing – Market products online to make money

Having a strong presence on social media is essential for any business today. Fortunately, this has paved the way for excellent social media and digital marketing gigs that can be done without interrupting your daily activities.

Knowing how Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok work and how to do SEO can help you start a social media marketing business. Additionally, you can start up with a small capital of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 to buy marketing tools if you have a laptop.

Baking – Bake your ideas to make money

Would you like to sell your delicious cakes, cookies, and bakes to a broader audience? Are you the best baker in your circle but you’d like to sell to a wider audience? That’s possible if you work from home. Bakeries generate the third-highest revenue among processed food industries, according to reports.

With a small investment of Rs 20,000, you can start a bakery business from your own kitchen. Use your social media skills to promote your business.

Needle embroidery – Make money through art or past time of embroidering cloth

Needle embroidery
Needle embroidery (pic source: pixabay)

Setting up a needle embroidery business could be a great side business for someone who loves embroidery. From the comfort of your home, you can start a needle embroidery business. In view of the fashion industry’s continued growth, you may want to consider buying a needle embroidery machine, which costs between Rs 14,000 and Rs 16,000. As your embroidery business grows, use your creativity to make beautiful designs.

Hand-painted linen – Earn through paint art on clothes

You can also sell hand-painted linens, garments, stoles, shawls, etc., as a part-time business option if you are artistic. It is possible for you to start the business from the comfort of your home where you can let your imagination run wild and make money from it as well.

To begin selling your hand-painted products, you can easily list them on social media platforms and e-commerce platforms.

Grooming services – Groom the beauty tips to make money

Grooming and beauty services offer a range of options to explore, including hairdressing, makeup, and skincare treatments. It is possible to set up a business at home, rent out a small space, or begin as a freelancer. Getting your business started is easy with a small investment.

In the long run, you might even collaborate with various beauty brands to scale up.

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Jewellery selling –

An ideal small-scale business venture with a minimum risk factor is the creation of handmade jewellery. Gold’s price steadily rises, making costumes and cheap artificial jewellery more popular among women.

Depending on the product you wish to sell, you need to invest between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 to start a handmade jewellery business. Buying from wholesale manufacturers will save you money on middlemen.

Freelance writing – Write in your free time to make a decent income

Explore your options for freelancing as a way of launching your part-time pursuits if you enjoy the written word. Except for setting up a profile on freelance websites, little effort is needed aside from the writing itself.

You can also choose the niche in which you want to write when you start a freelance writing business. This type of business requires little or no investment.

Pop-up shops – Pop your ideas to earn money

The number of pop-up stores has increased in recent years. A pop-up shop is the best way to get started with little investment. If you rent a small store or space, you won’t have to charge a lot.

Pop-up shops can showcase any product. Any item that has a good sale value, whether it be apparel, stationery, toys, beauty products, or home decor items works best in a pop-up store.

Event planning – Plan an event to make money

If you are the go-to person when it comes to throwing parties, event planning might just be your thing. As a freelancer, you can begin as an event planner. Utilize your vendor network to create events that people will talk about for weeks, whether for weddings, small parties, or corporate events. In the beginning, you can rent out props and eventually invest in lighting, props, cameras, and other necessities to run a substantial event planning business.

Pet food

Licensing and other documentation are required to start a pet food business. In the meantime, you can partner with manufacturing units that already have licenses to trade if you want to start small.

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Pet food
Pet food (pic credit: pixabay)

Pet food businesses are on the rise, so establishing one is a wise decision. Getting started with social media and then expanding is possible.

Pet accessories

A furry friend fitted with colorful accessories is bound to make you smile if you are an animal lover. Pet accessories can make for a great side business and you can source them from manufacturers.

Good margins ensure good profits in the pet accessories business. You will need a minimal investment, depending on the size of your business.

Mobile covers – cover your ideas with mobile phones

Today, everyone in India has access to a smartphone, as cheap handsets make them affordable. As a result, mobile accessory businesses have become very profitable. Dealing with mobile covers requires little investment and provides good returns.

In the market, there are many different mobile phone covers, and you can select what you wish to deal with. The cost of designing and selling customized mobile covers is not more than Rs 20,000.

Diaries and notebooks

Diaries, planners, and organizers are still all the rage as busy people like to keep their lives organized even in the digital era. Buying diaries in bulk from a dealer or directly from a manufacturer will not require an enormous initial investment in order to become a reseller.


Pottery is a great skill to pick up just for a bit of quiet time on the weekend, but it is also an option for business.

Pottery businesses can be started from home and the products can be exhibited at exhibitions or at pop-up shops in your home or outside. The handmade items can even be sold on e-commerce sites and social media on a larger scale.

Investment required to start a pottery business is purchasing raw materials such as clay, kaolinite, colors, etc., which would not cost much.

Catering – serve the food for all

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Catering (Image credit: pixabay)

Since people are increasingly busy and in search of good, homemade food, starting a tiffin or catering service can be highly profitable. In India, you can find many small food businesses that have grown to be very successful.

It is easy to start a tiffin service for less than Rs 20,000 with a small investment. You just need your target audience and some promotion. Word-of-mouth marketing is much more common in this industry. But To grow your business, you need to get what you make to just perfect in order to prove it.


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