Profit from Chikki Making Business (Cost to Start)

Profit from Chikki making business in India (Cost to Start)

Hi, friends now let us know about the simple business idea. It is the best home-based business idea where you can start with having very little space. Do you know the traditional sweet Chikki can be made into a business idea where you can earn more profits with very minimal investment? Chikki is a traditional sweet of India that is prepared from jaggery and peanuts. It is also known as “Kappalandi Mittai” which is a type of brittle. You can start your business with Chikki making as it contains several different types of Chikki and among them, the Groundnut or Peanut Chikki is the most common Chikki. The Chikki making business can start anywhere in India.

Ideas to start and make a profit from Chikki making business

The growing market of Chikki making business is increasing as the business involves a low investment with high returns. The place of origin of Chikki in India. This blog helps you to start your business with a Chikki making manufacturing unit. Know different types of Chikki, market potential, how Chikki is prepared, and many more details.

Different types of Chikki

Each variety of Chikkis available in the market are named depending upon the ingredients used which include the following:

  • Firstly, almond Chikki
  • Secondly, cashew nut crushed Chikki
  • Thirdly, chocolate crushed Chikki
  • After that, rose Chikki
  • Then after, almond cashew nut Chikki
  • Also, cashew nut Chikki
  • Furthermore, cashew nut dry fruit sesame coconut mix Chikki
  • Lastly, coconut Chikki

But most of them like the groundnut Chikki which is very tasty and less in cost. Most people including children like the sweet.

Market potential of Chikki making business in India to make a huge profit

The following are the best points which explain to you Chikki making business gives good profit with high returns and is also a home-based business.

  • Firstly, Chikkies are not much popular in urban areas and they are consumed less during the winter season, but it is very popular in rural areas and semi-urban areas.
  • Secondly, to gain large market most of the Chikkies are packed individually in the plastic sheets
  • Thirdly, apart from sale through the following: retailers, wholesalers, distributors and many more located near the following: bus stands, cinema halls, rural fairs, schools, weekly one markets, taxi stands and many more are the areas or places, they are sold rapidly
  • Lastly, thus, the Chikki market is distributed.

License, registrations, and permissions required for Chikki making business in India

The following list of the license, registrations, and permissions are required for initiating the Chikki manufacturing business in India:

Registration of firm: The Chikki manufacturing business can be initiated as small to medium business as a Proprietorship or Partnership Company. If you are interested to be the sole owner of this business, it is important to register your firm as a proprietorship.

If more than one person is the owner then opt for partnership and you could register as a Limited Liability Partnership -LLP or Private Limited Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST registration: It compulsory to obtain the GST number to your business.

Trade license: Take the trade license from local bodies.

MSME/SSI registration: MSME/SSI online registration is needed to avail of government subsidy or schemes.

Trademark: You can avoid using your business brand by others by securing it through trademark registration.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI): Chikki making business is categorized under the food processing industry so it is important to take FSSAI license approved by the ‘Food Safety and Standards Authority of India’.

It is also important to provide safety protocols and follow good waste management strategies while operating this business.

The raw materials required for manufacturing of Chikki  

Groundnut Chikki is very famous and therefore, 60% of the total population will be used groundnut Chikki. The following are the raw materials required for manufacturing of Chikki:

  • Firstly, sesame seeds.
  • Secondly, jaggery.
  • Thirdly, groundnut kennels.
  • After that, dry coconut.
  • Then after, packing materials.
  • Also, cardboard boxes.
  • Furthermore, small-sized wrappers.
  • Additionally, plastic jars.
  • Lastly, corrugated cartons.

The machinery required for Chikki making business

The Chikki making machine is available in the market as a fully automatic Chikki making machine. If you are planning for fewer budgets then you can go for semi-automatic Chikki making machine because it is affordable.

Area for initiating the Chikki making business

Chikki making business is generally a small-scale home-based business. It requires very little space from 250-300 sq. mt. If you wish you can prepare yourself. But if you think it is in small-scale then you to acquire a machine that needs the area of 250-300 sq. mt.

Steps in the Chikki making business for a great profit

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Steps in the Chikki making business.
Steps in the Chikki making business.

Chikki is very famous all over India amongst all age groups the rural areas and school-going children are the main targets and will prefer to eat. The process of manufacturing of Chikki is easy and simple. The following are the simple steps for the manufacturing of Chikki making business:

Step – 1: Firstly, you need to roast the following ingredients like sesame seeds, coconut pieces, and groundnuts.

Step – 2: Secondly, you must prepare the syrup with the help of jaggery.

Step – 3: Thirdly, you should filter the thick syrup.

Step – 4: After that, you should mix the syrup in the roasted ingredients.

Step – 5: Then after, you need to cool the product.

Step – 6: Also, you must cut the product.

Step – 7: Lastly, Packing the Chikki.

The above simple steps for the manufacturing of Chikki making business can be explained briefly in the following:

You need to roast the following ingredients like sesame seeds, coconut pieces, and groundnuts.

In the first step, for the removal of peanut’s outer red skins, the groundnut kernels are roasted and split by using the splitting machine. If in the case for dry coconut or sesame seeds they are also roasted and then tiny pieces of coconut are prepared manually.

You need to prepare the syrup with the help of jaggery: In the second step, the jaggery is boiled in water; it is boiled until the jaggery is turned into a thick syrup with a thickness of about 6 – 8mm.

You should filter the thick syrup: In the third step, for the removal of unwanted particles, you need to filter the thick syrup.

You should mix the syrup in the roasted ingredients: In the fourth step, the purified thick syrup is mixed with the roasted groundnuts or roasted sesame seeds or roasted coconut pieces.

You need to cool the product: In the fifth step, to cool the mixed product or to dry the mixed product you need to pour the mixed product in trays and dry it for two hours.

You must cut the product: In the sixth step, after the cooling process of the drying process cut that product into tiny square sized pieces.

Packing the Chikkies: It is the last step, after cutting the Chikki into small Chikkies pack the individual Chikki using plastic wrappers.

The cost or investment to start a Chikki making business

To initiate the Chikki making business in India you need to arrange a minimum amount of about Rs. 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs.

The semi-automatic Chikki making machine price ranges from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2,00,000

The fully automatic Chikki making machine price ranges from Rs. 2,20,000 to Rs. 3,50,000

The cost of raw materials is Rs. 30,000

The cost of packaging is Rs. 20,000

Other miscellaneous charges include Rs. 10,000

Profit from Chikki making business in India

You can make big profits in Chikki making business. You can make profits from Rs. 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs per year in small-scale business if you market your business effectively. Taste is the main factor along with the crispiness. It should be enough crisp so that most of the people from all ages will attract to your product.

Marketing strategies for promoting Chikki making business 

The following are the market strategies of Chikki making business:

  • Firstly, the Chikki market is provided by the Chikki local manufacturers and among them, some consist of dominant brands.
  • Secondly, the famous place for Chikki is Lonavala located on Mumbai – Pune highway consists of more than 100 Chikki manufacturers in Pune.
  • Thirdly, the whole Chikki business market is controlled by retailers and unorganized sectors that play a crucial role.

If you are planning for Peanut Chikki making, you can start a commercial Groundnut Farming to reduce the input costs and increase profits.



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