Profit in Amazon Delivery Franchise in India

Introduction to profit in Amazon delivery franchise

If a person has an interest in delivery businesses and wants to spend money in a company that delivers goods and services to the clients at their doorstep, this is the correct option. A lot of attention is being given on convenience in the present times. People want everything at their doorstep, either its food or household items to clothes or crockery items. The more convenience a company delivers its products or services, the more widespread it becomes among today’s generation.

This is where Amazon comes in. Amazon stands as the biggest name in the world if it comes to services like delivering products to customers at their doorstep. The company has a widespread network that supports the timely delivery of its products. With special options like that of prime delivery, Amazon offers rapid service by delivering products at the earliest to the clients. With high-quality customer service and worldwide reach, the company is capable of serving and win the hearts of people across the world.

More information about the Amazon company

The company has its base in the city of Seattle, USA, being a multinational technology company. Amazon’s areas of focus include e-commerce, artificial intelligence, digital streaming, and cloud computing. Among the list of four popular companies globally, Amazon stands along with Google, Apple, and Facebook.

It is sought to be the world’s largest marketplace, as it has revolutionized the way business is conducted through its advances and large-scale set-ups. It is considered one of the most valuable establishments globally, and Amazon fetches the highest amount of revenue in the entire world. Also, Amazon is placed 2nd on the list of the largest private employers in the whole of America.

Amazon Company.
Amazon Company.

The Amazon founder is Jeff Bezos, who initiated the company in the year 1994 in Bellevue, Washington. In the beginning, Amazon was an online marketplace where people could purchase books, but with time, the company prolonged and added other goods and services to its list such as electronics, apparel, jewelry, furniture, video games, software, etc. The company has various platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios, Amazon Publishing, and Amazon Music to deliver a varied range of products and services to its clients. The company finds its footprints in several fields as it has more than 40 subsidiaries like Goodreads, Zappos, IMDB, and Twitch.

Amazon Prime, a new popular service introduced by Amazon in the year 2018 for the fast delivery of products to its customer, today it has greater than 100 million subscribers in the whole world.

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Types of delivery services offered by Amazon 

Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is a service that is offered by Amazon that involves delivery and shipment of products to consumers. It competes with other delivery services, for instance, FedEx and UPS. Amazon Logistics offers opportunities like 7-day delivery and the latest even same-day delivery. Third-partylogistics partners are employed by Amazon to deliver products in various places in the world. These third-party partners are not Amazon employees but abide by certain conditions and regulations that have been laid by Amazon. These conditions that are to be followed by the third-party logistics partners are associated with insurance, licensing, safety training, vehicle sizing, etc.

Amazon Flex Service

Amazon Flex Service is a program that has been introduced by Amazon, which provides an opportunity for folks (especially youth) to gain ₹120 to ₹140 in an hour. The mode of operation is that a person must deliver packages and goods to customers on Amazon’s behalf, and he will be remunerated for those deliveries. The program is active in the metropolitans like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore as of now. Soon, it will be launched to other cities as well. Anyone above the age of 18 years can join this initiative, whether it is a student, rickshaw drivers, housewives, retirees, employed people too. On average, individuals earn about 30,000 rupees every month by delivering items under the Amazon Flex Service Option.

How to get an Amazon delivery franchise in India?

So, are you planning to obtain the Amazon franchise? Before we get into the steps, it’s essential to know the requisites, finances, and average profit margin for your proper planning.

Requirements to set-up Amazon delivery franchise for profit

Similar to any other company, there are few requisites that need to be accomplished by any person if he or she desires to own a franchise for Amazon delivery point.

The first requirement is regarding the place or outlet space needed to set up the store. There should be sufficient area to lodge all the equipment and other things. There should be sufficient room in the outlet for 10 -20 vans. So, the area needed could be estimated to 150 to 250 square feet. The site of the storage must be in a commercial area.

The second necessity that should be met by any person for obtaining an Amazon India delivery franchise is associated with the number of workers that must be employed in the facility. A minimum of about eight people could be employed as the operating staff in the outlet. The workers must be educated and must attend the training sessions organized by the company to ensure the employees are fully equipped in taking care of the workload.

Cost or Investment to start a Amazon delivery franchise in India

One major thing that financiers must consider while determining whether to spend money in a company or not is a capital necessity. Every person desires high returns in exchange for low capital. The cost of investment, which can be estimated for getting an Amazon India delivery franchise, is about 2 lakh rupees.

Profit in Amazon delivery franchise 

There are several benefits associated if you become the owner of an Amazon India delivery franchise. One of them is the striking returns that any person can have from the franchise. About 50,000 to 2 lakh rupees is the amount that any franchisee could gain from the franchise. There is also added benefit like the commission of about 10 percent on sales that a dealer earns from the franchise. The average return after investment turns out to be 20 percent, and the investor is projected to earn back the capital within a duration of 4 – 6 months after the activities commence.

Procedure to apply for Amazon delivery franchise in India

There are some steps that people must follow to obtain an Amazon India delivery franchise. The primary thing that an individual must do is to visit the company’s official website and login with an account. Next, they should fill out an application form that is meant for an Amazon delivery dealership. Many personal and official details should be entered by the individual in that form.

After that, the form is look over by the support staff of Amazon India, and if the applicant moves further in the process, he or she must go through specific training to get an idea of the business. Then, the individual can start the business and can also train others. 

Amazon dealership contact 

Suppose a person has any questions and willing to talk to the customer service executive or staff of Amazon to ask any queries regarding the franchise for Amazon delivery point. In that case, they can reach the Amazon franchise contact number on 1800 3000 9009.  

The conclusion about profit in Amazon delivery franchise in India

All the details mentioned helps to solve your queries like ‘is the amazon delivery franchise a good investment.’ Definitely, it is a profitable venture, so that you can plan it accordingly. The returns are high compared to any other delivery franchises. 

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