Profit in Clay Utensils Making (Cost to Start)

Introduction profit in Clay utensils or Kulhad making (Cost to Start)

In the past days, when there was no plastic glass usage, people used glasses that are made of mud. The shops that sell lassi and tea used to serve the beverages in a mug glass to the consumers. Even they have been using the clay vessels instead of utensils made from metals. You can easily use earthen or clay vessels to store water; this imparts coolness.

A step by step guide to profit in Clay utensils making business

Nowadays, people have reduced their usage of plastic that is harmful to both health and the environment. On the other hand, using earthen or clay vessels is a known fact that the nutrients of the items remain intact. This is the chief reason the government is supporting people to use clay products in daily life. The blog now will be dealing with other important aspects of pottery business.

Kulhad or Clay utensils importance 

Kulhad is extensively used for drinking tea or lassi in all places. The clay utensils usage increases the flavor of the beverage you are drinking. Additionally, during summer, when you drink lassi from a clay pot, it not only enhances the taste but also imparts beverage in a little cooler state. So, it is evident that the clay utensils are useful.

The market potential of Clay utensils making business for good profit

If you check your surroundings, you notice that plastic is being used widely by the food industry. You will see that foods are being served on plastic plates at various places such as in hotels, railway stations, and bus stations. And after you complete the meal, people dispose of the plates improperly and there, developing a large quantity of garbage and generating pollution. This is why the government has introduced a ban on plastic use in the market, and there is a high demand for synthetic replacement materials. The clay utensils are not expensive and eco-friendly. Thus, this is evident that the product can grab a lump sum money since the manufacturing price is less and demand is high.

Raw material required for Kulhad or Clay utensils making business

Like any other manufacturing business, even the Kulhad or clay utensils making business needs raw materials. And in this case, there is a need for high-quality clay that must be collected from the river bank. It would help if you also had individual molds to form various shapes readily available in the market. The different sizes of molds are available easily at less price. You can purchase as much as you want as per the number of Kulhad you plan to make. Additionally, it would help if you constructed a furnace for heating the raw molds for you should place the pots in the furnace for making them completely dry.

The machinery required for Kulhad or Clay utensils making business 

In the beginning, you must not acquire any machinery, but after a specific time when you progress in the industry, you can learn the mechanism for using it. The machines can be obtained from the local market at a reasonable rate. So, it is not an issue, and you can buy them according to your business necessities. By using machines, the work will be done much faster than usual, and it will help you earn more returns in less time from your business. Even the products are obtained correctly by the use of machinery.

Government Scheme for Kulhad or Clay utensils making business for making a profit

As the government is supporting the market all over the country, there are various schemes for the people interested in starting a business to manufacture earthen pots. Therefore, the Prime Minister of our country, Shri Narendra Modi, has initiated the Kumhar Empowerment Scheme for all potters. In this scheme, electronic chalk is spread to all the potters in the manufacturing clay Kulhad. Additionally, India’s government will also see that the manufactured products are sold adequately from the potters at a reasonable price so that they profit through the business.

License requirement for Kulhad or Clay utensils making business

Similar to other manufacturing businesses, you must obtain a permit authorized by the government of India. You should register the company under MSME to avail of the various schemes released by the government. Below is the list of licenses which you need to apply for starting clay utensils or Kulhad making business- 

  • Firstly, apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar, which is available as online registration.
  • Then, the necessary trade license from the local municipality should be used.
  • Nowadays, it is a must to apply for GST registration.
  • You also need to apply for a business PAN card. 
  • Try to create a current account in any of the nearby banks.
  • Moreover, it is essential to check the tax liabilities as well for this business.

Location to start and make profit in Clay utensils making business

To produce clay products must not need a specific ground. But after making kulhad, it needs a place to dry, and it is the reason you require an area where you can keep the raw products under the sunlight for complete drying. It would help if you had a place for furnace, so while choosing the location, be careful and select according to your necessities.

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Kulhad or Clay utensils making process

It would help if you procured good quality clay from the river bank and must grind the soil in a machine which is used for grinding wheat. You must then retain the powdered soil for some hours and then add water to prepare the dough of clay and knead the mixture carefully. Then you must place it in the mold and provide a shape using a rotating machine.

Once the shape is given, you need to take the clay out of the dough, and for that, you need to use powdered soil. Then you need to keep the raw product under the sunlight. After leaving the fresh product for the natural drying process, you need to place them in the furnace to make the product robust.

Once the clay products turn red, you need to remove the clay pots from the furnace and leave for cooling down.

Packaging of Clay utensils or Kulhad 

While trading the product in the market, it is essential to pack the clay pots safely so that any of them does not break during transportation. You must purchase individual packaging boxes for transporting the product to the market. You must buy particular materials suitable to pack fragile products, which is why you must procure for high-quality packaging material.

Cost or Investment to start a Kulhad or Clay utensils making business

To start clay utensils business or kulhad, you have to invest a minimum amount of 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. The best part is you need to spend only for the first time. Apart from machinery, you have to invest in the raw materials to start clay utensilsmaking business, which is readily available at any market.

Profit in Kulhad or Clay utensils making business 

Clay utensilsmaking business is very profitable because you no need to invest much at manufacturing the products. In the market, clay utensilsare used extensively, especially for serving beverages like tea and lassi. Due to health benefits, they are nowadays using for preparing biryanis in restaurants. So in the market, there is enormous demand during all the seasons. Nowadays, kulhad is being used at several family functions, and religious occasions, as well as kulhad, are hygienic. Overall you need to invest low and earn good profits from clay utensilsmaking business. Through this business, you can earn at least Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000 per day; because the price will be different for different sizes of kulhad or clay utensilsin the market.

Kulhad or Clay utensils marketing tips

Clay utensils marketing tips
Clay utensils marketing tips.

Any business without marketing strategies cannot stand in this competitive market, and this is the chief motive you must perform marketing for your business. You must notify the people regarding your product, for instance, the manufacturing of kulhad. While informing people, it could be advantageous if you could provide them free samples of the product. It will assist in attracting customers for your product. You can also reach out to nearby tea shops and lassi outlets.

Therefore, it is established that Kulhad making business is a money-making and appropriate business. You can avail of essential assistance from the central government of India. The government in this country supports individuals in reducing plastic usage and preserving their faith in natural compounds. The entire article will aid you to initiate your own business of manufacturing clay utensils or Kulhad.

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