Profit in Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil (Cost to Start)

Profit in cold-pressed sesame oil (Cost to Start)


Sesame oil is vegetable oil, with the color fluctuating from a pale yellow to amber colored oil derived from the seeds of sesame plant. Sesame oil is derived using cold-press methods or normal oil-refining methods. The major use of this oil is found in cooking, the oil is also used for salad dressings, cosmetics, and for various health and wellness products. Although the oil finds its application in the other industries for instance cosmetics which is not significantly high but the consumption of sesame oil because of the nutrient value has increased the trends since healthy living is at a pace currently.

A step by step guide to profit in cold-pressed sesame oil business

Sesame oil usage in there in cosmetic products, hair care, and skincare products such as hair serums, lotions, hair oil, and some conditioners use sesame oil as an active ingredient. 

Market potential for cold-pressed sesame oil business profit

Sesame Oil is one of the oldest edible oils in the world. It is extracted from the seeds of one of the oldest cultivated crops, namely sesame. The sesame oil is very prominent amongst the Southern regions in India, as well as with countries in Asia, the USA, etc. The global Sesame Seed Oil market was million US$ in 2018 and is predictable to million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of between 2019 and 2025. The country is fronting a paradigm shift in the ingestion of sesame oil for its increasing use in various cuisines, for even the Ayurveda, as various massage oils, etc. Sesame Oil is one of the ancient edible oils in the whole world. 

Due to its nutritional value, people many times choose sesame seed oil rather than any other oil for various applications and even for consumption. The power-packed seed oil is worthy for overall health, but should only be consumed after referring a doctor, it is decent for skin and even for hair. As the seed oil has so many advantages it is in a subtle way taking over the market with the upsurge in its production. This indicates means more the demand in the market for sesame oil, you must produce is more. This is also an insight for sesame seeds exporters in countries like India who supply these seeds to various other countries in the seed as well as oil form.

The global sesame oil market is distributed based on its application, distribution channel, region, and product type. Based on the application, the global sesame oil market is segmented into three main sectors; food, cosmetics, and dietary supplement. Sesame oil has extensive applications in the cosmetic industry, it is mostly used for nourishing, as hair conditioning oil and for the skin. In culinary, sesame oil is employed as a base for seasoning various dishes as a part of European cuisine. The use of this oil for cooking purposes is more but the use in cosmetics and as dietary supplements are increasing gradually and the market is predicted to rise at a relatively higher rate in the long run.

What makes cold-pressed oil so good?

Cold-pressed oils are obtained by pressing the oil seeds just as they are. This means that the nutritious value of the nuts or seeds is transferred directly to the oil. But the shelf life will be less as there are no preservatives are added. As the refining is not done, they carry all the potentials of that oilseed or nut.

This means all the vital natural vitamins and nutrients are intact in the oil. All-natural flavor and aroma are available in these oils. Hence food cooked using these oils will raise your taste buds. Make a note that the hot-pressed oils are having great aroma as they have synthetic fragrance. Also, the cold-pressed oil is somewhat misty since it does not undergo the refining process and the suspended particles are seen in it. The major thing here is even though the profit margin is not up to the mark, the customers will be buying frequently, and having regular customers means consistent income and hence more profit over a longer duration.

Registration, license, and registration for cold-pressed sesame oil manufacturing

Sesame oil is also used as a food product. And the business requires various registrations and licenses before beginning only. These requisites are mainly based on the location where you are planning to initiate the unit. However, it is suggested to contact local small business professionals and tax consultants.

• Primarily, you must define the management design of your organization. And then as per the design, register your business.

• Firstly, apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar which is available as online registration.

• Then, the important trade license from the local municipality should be applied.

• The business comes under the food Industry category and requests consent from FSSAI which is also done online.

•  Nowadays it is a must to apply for GST registration.

•  Try to create a current account in any of the nearby banks.

• Then it is important to apply for the BIS certification. The product must also conform to the PFA Act, guidelines

• Moreover, it is essential to check the tax liabilities as well for this business.

The manufacturing process of cold-pressed sesame oil 

To make sesame oil, there are 3 categories of sesame oil extraction machine, cold-pressed screw sesame oil extraction machine, hydraulic sesame oil extraction machine, and sesame oil extraction machine with filter.

Sesame oil cold-pressed manufacturing process

Cold pressing is a mechanical process where the oil is extracted and separated from the seeds or nuts with no chemical intervention or by the inclusion of any substances at a temperature that does not exceed 35°C.

In general, cold refers that the presence of low temperatures, particularly in the atmosphere. Pressing is an act or occurrence of applying pressure or applying force to (something) to flatten or shape or to squeeze it.

Machinery used for sesame cold-pressed oil 

The sesame oil press is a new kind of Screw Oil Press Machine utilizes the pressing rings or pressing bars to extrude the oil out from sesame seeds. Compared to other sesame oil presses in the market, screw sesame oil pressers can squeeze sesame materials uniformly, which can optimize the total oil output. Additionally, the oil extracted by our sesame oil machine is of top quality, bright color, and full of fragrance. Our sesame oil press machine claims strong capacity, stable, and is efficient in performance. Most notably, it is less costly than another type of oil production machinery but obtains the same sesame oil production output.

Sesame oil cold press machine – hydraulic oil press

Hydraulic oil press extracts oil from oilseeds with the use of the hydraulic principle. The whole oil extraction process is observable. It is appropriate for home use of small cooking oil mill. If you compared the screw oil press machine, hydraulic sesame oil press machine is much costlier. The hydraulic oil press is also popular as a sesame oil cold press machine.

Features of sesame oil cold press

  • High oil extraction efficiency allows high oil yield, particularly for sesame oil
  • Low energy consumption, less maintenance cost
  • Easy to operate, one can operate many sets of hydraulic oil press simultaneously
  • Constructed with stainless steel, with the use of hard chromium plating technology for durability
  • No high temperature (Cold Pressing) processing in the oil extraction process, the oil that is formed is great in color, taste, and fragrance
  • Appropriate for many oilseeds such as perilla seeds, sesame seeds, almond, walnut, pine nut, mustard seeds, etc.

Cost or Investment to starta cold-pressed sesame seed oil for profit

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Sesame seed.
Sesame seeds.

To initiate the cold-pressed sesame oil making business, you need to arrange the finance about from Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs. 

The cold-pressed sesame oil making machine price ranges from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 depending upon the capacity. 

The raw materials cost is Rs. 1 lakh. 

So, the total amount required to start cold-pressed sesame oil is Rs. 2 lakh if you plan it on a smaller scale.

Profit in cold-pressed sesame seed oil making business

You can earn good profits in cold-pressed sesame oil making business. You can make 35 to 40% of profits in coconut oil making business. If you use 1 kg of sesame seeds you will get 450 ml of oil. The seed-cake obtained after extracting the oil has high demand in the market as it is rich in nutrients. So, the seed-cake is also used as a fodder. Even humans also are fond of consuming it as it is rich in calcium by mixing it with spices. It is popularly known as “Telagapindi.”

How to sell your cold-pressed sesame oil

You can sell your cold-pressed sesame oil in local markets or you can even sell in the online stores. You can also register in B2B websites and B2C websites in online markets to promote cold-pressed oil products. 

You can also sell your products in supermarkets, small stores in shopping malls, etc. Advertise about your product through social media to get a huge number of clients in this way you can increase and promote your business. There are very limited cold-pressed sesame oil manufacturers in India, but the demand for encouraging the new product is also high because of its medicinal properties. So, you need not worry about the market. You can sell your product based on the cold-pressed sesame oil wholesale price in India.

To reduce the input costs and increase profit in cold-pressed sesame oil manufacturing business, you can start commercial Sesame Farming.


  1. hi dear I am interested in this business very much and when I see this one also I inspire more, so please I need the all wooden inside and the grinder too abut three machines and seeds like sesame, groundnuts, coconut to my new business in Australia I need your help please.

  2. I want to start a small scale cold pressed oil unit in cuttack,odisha.
    But I have only Rs.3 lacs to invest in such a work.
    Kindly suggest me as what is the best cold pressed oil machine,but wooden ghani expelled,I wnt to install.
    I have a 500sft domestic house,can I install this in this premises,please guide me.
    Thank you.


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