Profitable Street Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Introduction to profitable street food business ideas with low investment: India’s street food market is growing rapidly. We have compiled a list of the top street food business ideas that are suitable for any city. These businesses also require very low startup costs.

Nowadays, street food is being offered even by organized retail outlets in a designed way. In addition, they offer franchise opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs. Tea stalls, Pani Puri, and vada pav are some of the most successful franchises.

Region-specific food preferences characterize the Indian population. Indian food varies from city to city. Southern India is known for its dosas and idlis. Alternatively, Punjabi food is called Chhole Bhature.  Food from Delhi NCR is Allu Tikka, while food from Bihar is Litti Chokha. Throughout the United States, you can find a wide variety of tasty, but not so healthy, foods.

People consume street food frequently because of its affordability and deliciousness. It doesn’t matter if it is a short break in the office or a quick evening family outing, most of the population relies on street food every day.

Although this growth continues, new types of foods are still emerging and old classics are being reimagined. This means that new ideas can still be introduced for people just starting out in this industry. We’ve compiled a list of profitable street food business ideas to help you get started.

As a result, starting a street food business today is a highly lucrative endeavor. Despite this, the business requires a lot of hard work, long working hours, and direct interaction with customers.

Here is a list of the topmost profitable street food business ideas;

1. Biryani Stall

In general, biryani is the main dish. Many people enjoy it too. It is available in many flavors and tastes. Take-away Biryani counters are low-cost businesses. The stall can even be opened by outsourcing the biryani. Your stall must be located in an area with a high rate of biryani consumption.

2. Chinese Food Stall

Chow mein, Egg rolls, cutlets, roasted chicken, spring rolls, sandwiches, etc. are favorites among Chinese consumers. Nearly every alternate day, the Indian population eats Chinese food. The food is delicious and tasty. Almost the same ingredients can be used to prepare a lot of foods. We import the majority of our ready-to-eat Chinese foods from the northern and eastern parts of our country.

3. Cold Drinks Stall

People in the country drink cold drinks all year round due to the hot and humid weather. Even with a capital investment of Rs 50,000, you can open a cold drinks stall. While the margin per unit is very low, if you increase the volume, you can earn a satisfactory profit. At the same stall, you can sell chips, chocolates, and other ready-to-eat packaged food items.

 4. Idli, Dosa and Wada Stall

Idli and Dosa Stall
Idli and Dosa (pic source: pixabay)

Typical South Indian food includes Idlis, Dosas, Uttapams, Upmas, etc. These food items, however, are popular throughout the country as breakfast and even as a main meal. In metro cities and small towns, a small food stall in a high-traffic area is a highly lucrative business.

5. Momo Stall

Foods like this are highly popular and are frequently consumed by people. Many big companies are now entering this type of business. This has led to a lot of franchise opportunities today. Chicken momos, veg momos, and pan-fried momos are the most popular foods at a momo stall.

6. Pani Puri or Golgappa Stall

Is there anyone who does not love Panipuri? It is also known as Phuchka or Puchka. Pani Puri is available almost everywhere due to its high demand, both in restaurants and on the street. Some of the best ones, however, can be found on the road, and people have their favorite places. It is highly profitable to open a Pani Puri stall in a segment that requires low starting capital.

7. Pav Bhaji Stall

Pav is the soft bread used in Pav Bhaji. A vegetable curry is cooked with a soft bread roll and served with a thick vegetable curry, which is a fast food dish from India. Cheese pav bhaji, paneer pav bhaji, fried pav bhaji, and mushroom pav bhaji are some of the most popular dishes.

A large portion of the country’s population lives in the west and northern regions. Pav bhaji is commonly consumed throughout the country.

8. Popcorn Stall

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Profitable Street Food Business Ideas with Low Investment
Profitable Street Food Business Ideas with Low Investment (pic source: pixabay)

A popcorn stall is an excellent option for someone who wants to start a side business. Popcorn is normally consumed in the evenings. Tiffin is a good time for children to eat popcorn. This snack can be prepared with oil or butter. There is an automatic popcorn maker available nowadays.

9. Sweet & Snacks Stall

It is mainly the western part of the country where sweets and snacks stalls originate. These shops are very popular all over the country, despite slight differences in taste between regions. Most of these types of shops sell sweets, Dahi, and snacks like potato chips, Samosas, Namkeen, etc. The food can be prepared at home and sold from the food stall.

10. Tea Stall

The tea stall business is a rewarding and profitable enterprise. It is possible to establish the store in any size according to your investment capacity. Franchises are also available for purchase. Starting a tea stall business is the perfect business venture not only in big cities but also in smaller towns.

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11. Burgers

Let’s begin with a classic and street food staple that has never lost its appeal. The public has come to expect gourmet burgers sold at some really good stalls.

While there is a lot of competition depending on where you go, there is still room for new traders.

 12. Vegan alternatives

Street food vendors will have more opportunities as vegan diets grow in popularity. There have been a number of vegan food trucks and stalls over the last few years and this is likely to continue.

Their menu includes everything from vegan burgers and hot dogs to vegan pizza.  We recommend the vegan street food book “vegan Street Food” if you’re looking for some vegan inspiration. You’ll find a wide variety of Asian street food recipes in the book.

13. Wraps

Consumer demand for these has remained consistent like that of burgers for a long time. The longest queues I have ever seen were at falafel wrap stalls.

14. Mobile Juice Bar

Fruits and vegetables are becoming a more important part of people’s daily diets these days because they are more health-conscious. Children also really enjoy smoothies.

The juice lovers’ big book has over 425 juice recipes to choose from, so you will not be short of ideas.

15.  Ice cream

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Ice Cream Shop
Ice Cream Shop (pic credit: pixabay)

It has been years since ice cream carts and stalls were popular. However, people always find new ways to make an old classic interesting. The ice cream industry is experiencing a bit of a renaissance, from dairy-free ice cream to ice cream made with organic milk.


People today seek out good food at a reasonable price. Street food is becoming increasingly popular as a result. In addition to the above list of street food business ideas, you can open any type of street food stall using products that are in demand in the local market. It is possible to generate enough profit at the right location for a street food stall.

If you do it right and choose a product that’s likely to sell, getting into the food truck or street food scene can be exciting and worth it. The food scene is constantly changing, and people are always seeking out new and interesting cuisines.

Street food staples like gourmet burgers and wraps are available, but there are also interesting vegan options starting to emerge. Basically, you should balance a tried-and-true concept with something a little different or modern.


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