Profits in Bike Rental Business (Cost to Start)

Introduction to profits in Bike rental business  

If you are planning to initiate a small scale business in your region that is widespread in tourism, then beginning a bike rental business is a decent opportunity to generate revenue from the market potentiality. This type of business needs less capital and provides a great opportunity for income. Bike rental business plan plays an important role in this business. Hence design a perfect bike rental business model before starting a business.

How to start and make profits in a Bike rental business in India? 

The business of renting bikes is very profitable if it is managed efficiently. People are nowadays looking for a reasonable and economical mode of traveling that does not tie them up with complex tariff plans and cost dearly at the finale.

Regions that are well-known as tourist attractions are the appropriate place to begin a bike rental business. It offers the tourist to rent out the bike to travel and roam in the city and visit the attractions. In this business, you must have several motorbikes or bi-cycle for rent purposes to your customers in exchange for a specific cost. The rental can be an hourly basis or also for specific days.

The market potential for Bike rental business to make good profits

The market potential for Bike rental business.
The market potential for Bike rental business.

There can be an extensive range of motives to plan for a business or not. You must carefully think about all the aspects and then choose accordingly.

Permits, licenses required for Bike rental business

Performing thorough analysis before beginning a business is always proposed as it permits you to discover the diverse aspects of the business. For this, you need to get bike rental business insurance which is a must. You need to acquire a bike rental company license. 

Advantages of Bike rental business in India

Here are a few facts to support your opinion in starting a bike rental business:

Investment to start a Bike rental business

The needed capital is flexible in this business idea. You can begin this business with one or two bikes or go for many based on your capacity.


Keeping a vehicle is similar to an asset. Therefore, you can make use of the asset for the steady flow of cash. You should worry about the repairing expensive and servicing cost of the vehicle and all the rest of the income will be your profit.

Part-time money-making opportunity

In this, you need not spend your entire day in this business. You can mainly operate for a few hours for a day and a few hours in the evening and get involved with your other works during the rest of the time. In this way, you will have an extra option for extra revenue.


You must have a separate office or even keep a shop for this business. You may even operate this from your home or from the garage itself.

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Starting a Bike rental business

To run this business appropriately, you must to be very enthusiastic and energetic. You must have various communication skills for dealing with the various types of customers. You may not need any kind of qualification or special education, but you should be aware of the tourism business. Already the bike rental business in Goa is a successful one in India.

In addition to that, acquiring some skills regarding the mechanism of the bikes will be an added advantage. It will allow repair of the small problems with the vehicle at the garage itself that will save money and time.

Steps to operate the Bike rental business successfully

Significantly, you make the proper research and analysis to function the business in a profitable way. Starting a business is very simple, making an initial profit may not be so difficult if you select a good business idea, the most daunting task is to operate the business successfully for a long time and make it a flourishing business venture in India.

Here are a few basic ideas to operate the bike rental business efficaciously:

It is essential to obtain insurance for all of your vehicles as they will be used by others.

  •  During the time of renting the bikes, gather the original documents of the individual as a security deposit.
  • Don’t purchase a similar type of vehicle. Opt from the usual one to the luxury bikes and even charge them accordingly.
  • Sustain the bikes appropriately and keep them clean and shiny all the time.
  • Always maintain an emergency contact number for mobile bike servicing.
  • You can also search for a bike rental business for sale in your area.

The cost or investment to start a Bike rental business

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Investment to start a Bike rental business.
Investment to start a Bike rental business.

The main costs involve only renting the space and the cost of bikes. You can start with one or two or may increase based on your investment capacity. So, you can start the business with a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh to 2 lakhs. The bike rental business ideas are the most profitable business ideas among the small scale business ideas.

Profits in a Bike rental business

You can charge Rs. 5 per km or Rs. 0.5 per minute from riders based on the demand. This also includes fuel charges. Make sure that people can also book bikes on their app or walk-in and book them at one of the touchpoints across the city. So, plan to establish the bikes near the special economic zones, so that you can make much profit. The bikes should be keyless and arrange them to work on OTP-based access. Already a few of them are into success. You can also register your own bike into a rental and can do the services where you will get the pay while you travel to your office or any other places. Comparatively, you can make up to Rs. 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per year if you can operate the business effectively. This would be a good deal for the people who are in search of a job.

Cons of the Bike rental business

Yes, along with all the benefits, there are some disadvantages to this business as well. It is essential to verify the cons of the business and make the decision accordingly. After checking the cons, we will also aid you to overcome and cope with them.


Even the most popular tourist destinations in the world sometimes do not get continuous travelers. There is a specific period in a year when the flow of the tourists is less or minimal. Therefore, this makes this business specific to a few months.


In this business, your vehicle will be given to some stranger. So, there is continuously a risk of damage to the goods. However, these risks are very minimal in comparison to other businesses and you can easily find a solution for the same.

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