Profits in Poha Making Business in India (Cost to Start)

Introduction to profits in Poha (Rice Flakes) making business in India (Cost to Start)

Hi viewers, the entire world is under the pandemic situation due to the corona effect. Many of them have lost their jobs and worried about their livelihood. Do not worry at all, we will suggest plenty of micro-scale business ideas where you can earn a good amount of profits with very minimum investment. Now let us discuss the one of such kind of businesses. It is a very simple business and it has high demand in the market. Poha or Rice Flakes Making business is one of the best money-making business ideas where you can initiate it within no time. In this blog, you can find all the details about the rice flakes making business plan in IndiaPoha making processmachinery for rice flakes makingraw materials for rice flakes making business, etc.

Ideas to start and make profits in Poha Making Business in India 

There are many advantages that are related to the business of Poha that have been listed below. One may start with the Poha business with less investment as well. Since the returns associated with the business could be earned commendably. While in the process of making Poha, the capital is spent mostly rice, which is the chief raw material of making Poha.

Market potential of Poha making business

As Poha is consumed by most of the people across the whole of India, it has huge demand in the market. Even it has high demand in the international market also because of its nutritional aspects and taste. It is the simplest business where it involves only two raw materials. The process of Poha making is also easy to handle.

Poha making business plan in India

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Poha making business plan in India.
Poha making a business plan in India.

Poha is well known to be a food item that is consumed by the people of all ages in India and thus making business in this segment is of great importance. Another reason for Poha consumption is its delightful taste and healthy benefits. It is desired in the market for its high consumption. The raw materials required, license, steps involved in making Poha, investment, and profits in Poha making business are listed below.

License, registrations, and permissions for Poha making business

Below is the list of licenses, registrations, and permissions required for Poha making business.

Registration of firm: You may begin the small to medium unit either as Proprietorship or in the form of a Partnership Firm. If you are beginning this business as One Person Company, then one should register your firm as a proprietorship.

GST Registration: It is mandatory to have a GST Number for every company.

Trade License: It is also very important to have a trade license from local organizations.

MSME/SSI Registration: It is mandatory to register your business with Udyog aadhaar MEMS registration that will aid in availing subsidies or any facilities from the state government.

Trademark: It is also very essential to secure your brand and you must apply for a trademark.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI): Poha is a food ingredient that is the reason you must get a food operation license and FSSAI license which is mandatory for any food industry.

IEC code: In case you are also interested to export your Poha to abroad then you must apply for IEC code.

Raw materials used in Poha making business

Rice – It is made from rice, Poha is paddy, and thus one must purchase a large quantity of paddy. Rice price varies from time to time and keeps changing.

Paddy – One has to purchase a large quantity of paddy. While it is usually available nowadays in the offline market too, it can also be useful to do some research and find paddy at a cheaper to save your capital.

Area required for Poha making business in India

The purchasing and arrangement of the Poha unit don’t involve any specific skills or technology. But while buying the machine and for the arrangement, a minimum of 500 square feet of space is required. You can also think of taking a place for rent.

Machinery for Poha making

After the place is arranged, you should place the Poha making machine in a proper place. Upon placing it accordingly, you can initiate operations for the business. The Poha making machine price ranges from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

Process of making Poha 

The process of making Poha is explained clearly and you can go through the complete blog for more details.

  • First and primary thing while making of Poha includes is to verify if the paddy is cleaned or not. Also, one should check if impurities such as stone or pebble have been separated from the paddy. This will make the Poha of good quality.
  • The second step after cleaning the paddy, it should be kept in the hot water for about 40 minutes. After the forty minutes are complete, the paddy should be taken out of the water and should be sent for the purpose of drying as the next step.
  • After the drying of paddy is accomplished, they are then roasted. One can feasibly roast the paddy through by roasting machine or through a furnace. After the drying, paddy becomes chhalco which is supposed to be attached in paddy and is separated from it.
  • After the removal of the peels, they should be filtered in a way where the separation of other things from the material is performed properly. After the completion of this specific process, they should be kept in a Poha making machine. In this way, Poha will be ready for getting packaged in different packets for selling in the market.

Investment or cost to start Poha making business

You need to arrange an amount of Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 4 lakhs to start the Poha making business. This would be depending upon your business scale. If you are interested in beginning the Poha business, financial assistance could be availed from the government. Hence, if any individual is in need of money for investing in a business, he or she can begin investing in this Poha business without any problem by taking loans at low-interest rates. People avail huge amounts as support for the loan while starting a Poha business by the government of India.

Profit margin 

When you are to prepare around one thousand quintals of Poha. For such instance, you can gain a total of 10 lakh rupees after selling about one thousand quintals of Poha in the market. From this, you can assume that Poha making business profits range from 30 to 40%.

Thus before initiating the Poha business, it is essential for you to research some time for verifying the strategies needed to outshine in this business.

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