Profits in Sugarcane Juice Business (Cost to Start)

Introduction to profits in the sugarcane juice business (the cost to start)

You all must have tasted the healthy sugarcane juice and might be aware of its delicious taste. Then why don’t you think of making the sugarcane juice into a business model? Sugarcane juice is not only healthy and is liked by many people and hence it can be turned out into a profitable business to start with.

Ideas to start and make profits in the sugarcane juice business

This blog provides you all the details regarding sugarcane business plansugarcane business idea, basic things need for sugarcane juice startup. 

Demand for sugarcane juice in the market

Sugarcane juice has the highest demand in the market during the summer season just like ice creams. Not only in summer but few of them consume it in all the seasons also because of its nutritious value. You can find more of the sugarcane juice shops during summer in the market attracting most of the crowd. During these days the sugarcane juice business will be on a hike and earns huge profits. You can also make different flavors from it using healthy ingredients like garlic, lemon, black salt, mint leaves, etc.

Before we have already discussed making jaggery from sugarcane, apart from that you can also make profits from the sugarcane juice business. It has the highest demand in the market because there are various sugarcane juice benefits to the body.

License, permissions, and registration required for a sugarcane juice business

If you decide to start a shop in one place then you need to get all the licenses listed below.

Registration of firm: You need to get firm registration for your sugarcane juice business in India. 

GST registration: GST number is compulsory for any kind of business in India.

Trade license: You also need to get the trade license from the local authorities as per state rules.

Pollution certificate: You also need to get NOC from the local authorities proving that the sugarcane juice business produces only the sugarcane waste.

MSME/SSI registration: This registration is required to avail of loan as per the Government of India.

Trademark: You need to register your business trade if you want to register your business trademark.

FSSAI registration – Food Safety and Standard Authority of India: The FSSAI license is essential as it is related to the food business.

Ingredients for sugarcane juice preparation

To make the sugarcane juice tastier you can add the following ingredients

  • Sugarcanes
  • Salt
  • Ice
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Mint leaves
  • Glass
  • Pan/pot

Sugarcane: You need to select quality, juicy sugarcanes from the nearby vegetable market. You can get them based on the Government decided price if you avail it directly from the Raithu Bazar.

Fresh Sugarcane.
Fresh Sugarcane.

The price for sugarcanes in the market ranges from Rs 255 to Rs. 270 per quintal by the Government of India for the year 2019-2020 and farmers can also sell them at the same price so that it would be profitable for both of them.

Generally, the rate would remain the same but alters very little amount every year. There won’t be much difference. It would be better if you directly buy the sugarcanes from framers as you will get it at a little cheaper rate than the normal.

Lemon: Lemon is an excellent source for vitamin C. This when added to sugarcane juice increases its taste and in summer you feel very refreshing If you have sugarcane juice along with lemon. Lemons also boosts your immune system. You can buy the fresh juicy lemons from the market for Rs. 70 to 80 per Kg and remember that the prices vary from state to state. During summers the price of lemon usually high as they will have a great demand in that season.

Peppermint: The peppermint used in sugarcane juice is just to add to the taste for sugarcane juice and also provides a cooling effect. So you need to buy it as the taste is the main factor for this kind of business. The peppermint price of one bundle will cost you Rs 5. If you are going to buy it from the market, then it will cost you less when compared to buying it from other grocery stores. So try to buy all the things from the market, you can avail of it at a cheaper price.

Ginger and mint leaves: Ginger and mint leaves are also used in the sugarcane juice preparation, so you can easily get it from the market which costs around Rs. 120 to Rs. 150.

Ice: Ice keeps the juice chilled. You need to avail of the ice from the proper manufacturing place which is done with drinking water. You can get the ice from the ice-making factory or any other shops. Hence you will need to have a sufficient amount of ice for the customers.

Glass: You need to have glasses for your business, some people use paper glasses as they are used and throw. So you can minimize the expenses for washing the glasses. You can get these glasses in market wholesale shops where you will get it at a cheaper price. The cost you will put for the paper glasses will be more than the normal glasses but these require like liquid soap to clean the utensils. You can also get the jar for storing the juice.

Machinery for a sugarcane juice business

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Profits in the sugarcane juice business.
Profits in the sugarcane juice business.

Sugarcane juice machine: You need to buy the sugarcane juice extracting machine to extract the juice from sugarcane which is operated using electricity. This machine is called an automatic sugarcane juice extracting machine. There is also another machine that runs on battery and you need to spin the wheel to start the machine. This machine is called a semi-automatic sugarcane machine. You can get sugarcane extracting machines easily from the market. You can also purchase the sugarcane extracting machine from online stores.

Sugarcane juice machine price: The sugarcane extracting machine price starts from Rs 15,000 to Rs. 50,000. The price varies based on the efficiency of the machine. If you decide to purchase the automatic sugarcane juice extracting machine then it will be a bit costlier compared to others.

Process of making sugarcane juice

The process of making sugarcane juice is very simple and easy.

  • First, you need to clean the sugarcanes and wash them properly to remove the dirt and dust on it. Next, you need to peel the sugarcane and then you can put them into a machine for extracting the juice.
  • Now start the machine after placing the sugarcane into it. You need to extract the juice by keeping 3 to 5 sugarcanes in it at once and extract the juice.
  • Then you can collect the juice automatically by using the jar at the outlet provided at the bottom of the machine.
  • You can also put lemon, ginger, and peppermint, along with the sugarcanes, or add them after extracting the juice. You also need to add the black salt and garnish with mint leaves.

Price: You can sell each glass of juice for either Rs. 5 or Rs. 10 or Rs.15 or Rs. 20 depending upon the quantity of the juice you sell. You also need to remember that if you can sell the juice for all the above prices then you give a tough competition to others and people also will have the juice based on their requirement.

Place: Location for this business is very important so you need to select an area where it has much crowd like market, schools or colleges, bus station, etc. You can earn huge profits in these areas daily.

How to start a sugarcane juice business

Open your shop: You can start the sugarcane juice business in two ways. You can both rent a shop and place the sugarcane juice extracting machine and other required stuff in your shop and start making and selling the sugarcane juice there.

Street vendor ship: You can even set up a stall on the roadside near the crowded area and start selling the juice. You can avail of the variety of stalls that are available in the market. After getting the stall you can fix the machine. In that stall, you can place all the things like sugarcanes, glasses, and other things in the space provided in the stall.

Cost or investment to start a sugarcane juice business

You need to pay the monthly rent for the shop you rented for. If you rent a shop near the market it would be a bit costlier but if you rent it in a crowded place then you will get it for a cheaper cost. But for this, you need to take permission from the municipality. Remember that if you don’t set-up your stall at one place then you no need to take any permission for your stall. Overall it costs around Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 to start the business. The cost varies because it depends upon the type of machine you chose to buy.

Profits in the sugarcane juice business

If you opt for keeping a shop then it is more profitable as you will not need to change the place again and again. By keeping the shop you can also have benefits like gaining loyal customers.

You can expect huge profits in the summer season. Sugarcane juice profit ranges from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per day in the summer season. In other seasons it might be a bit low. The main secret in this business is creating different tastes with healthy ingredients.

To reduce input costs and increase profits, you can start commercial Sugarcane Farming.


  1. I am much delighted with these ideas given starting with what Sugarcane juice is, requirements, cost of the machine, flavour location, different types of machines, registration and all necessary things to start up the business.

    I need an advice as someone who hopes to start and is dreaming big if all things are equal.

    Even though it depends on ones capability financially, kindly recommend the best machine as a starter, a good mentor, basic course or knowledge, a good make and manufacturer.

    Also if it possible to go in partnership because the Rae materials can be sourced.

    I await your response.


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