Profits in Tent House Business in India (Cost to Start)

Introduction to profits in the tent house business in India (Cost to Start)

Even it is a small event like that of a birthday or like a wedding ceremony or any different occasion, wherein some people are invited to your home. To make some arrangements, some items are needed, and some of them are a fan, tent, light, chair, and others. You can rent these articles for some days or even more. Here, the tent house is a basic item that is often borrowed for making additional arrangements at home during festivals and occasions.

Ideas to start and make profits in the tent house business in India

If you are willing to start a business, initiating a tent house business is a decent business idea. With this business of tent house, you will have orders for wedding occasions or any events. But before you initiate the business, you must be aware of its necessities. The blog will guide you with the basic things that will help you on how to start the tent house business.

The market potential for tent house business in India

The tent house business is continuously in demand in a country such as India. People are always in a mood to celebrate and make preparations at their home for occasions. With the growing income level of people, for even small gatherings they are making arrangements at their residence itself. Thus the demand for tent house business persists continuously. Even if you have some thoughts regarding the prospect of this business, there are several options for expanding this business. It has been reported the present 65% of the population which constitutes youngsters while getting married could approach tent house business after a few more years. It will be needed for making various arrangements on marriage occasions. The renting for tent houses has become popular both in urban and rural regions for various occasions. Earlier this trend was not seen at least in villages. As functions and gatherings are organized in rural regions too, the tent house business has become widespread now.

The market potential for tent house business.
The market potential for tent house business.

Materials required for tent house business

To start the tent house business, some essential items are necessary which are notified in the following part of the blog.

  • First of all, you must have tents in various attractive designs. It should comprise bamboo, iron pipe, wooden pole, and other items to set up the tents at the location. The quality of tent house material is also important.
  • After the tents are ready, the guests can better meet and relax happily in the tents. Additionally, you must procure chairs, fans, lights, staying arrangements of guests and other people in the tents. Also, sheets and bed linens may be needed. So, you must purchase these items and stock them so that you do not have any trouble supplying them whenever needed.
  • Even you should arrange for making food and serving them to the customer’s guests if you plan this in the tent house business. So, it is essential to obtain a large gas stove in which the food will be cooked. In addition to this, there must be the availability of sufficient drinking water for the guests. Hence, you must even arrange large drums for storing the water.

For decoration purposes, you must prepare things such as carpet, music system, varieties of lights and flowers for decorations. If the decoration is attractive you will satisfy the clients and then they will also refer some customers to you in the future.

However, other than the things mentioned till now, some unimportant things are needed often in this tent house business. So, you must arrange for those things and use them according to your requirements.

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Where can you avail required things for initiating tent house business?

After you have a thorough idea about all you need to buy, you must know the stores from where you can get the things. After you obtain the tent, you must try to obtain items from the wholesaler so that you could manage the expenses of the items properly. The wholesaler will offer you items at reasonable prices. To know wholesaler markets and details of the competition in the market, you can have an idea from the ones who are effectively operating this tent house business in the market. Besides, you must know the necessities of the market and consequently provide provision to clients. You should have suitable items in your shop that are necessary for the decoration purpose of the tent. So, with the details of the right shop to purchase items it will be a piece of cake for you to acquire them at a reasonable cost.

Investment details of tent house business

In this kind of tent house business, you need not invest frequently. Once you completely invest in the starting, you are ready to proceed with it for about 5 to 10 years. You only should take a large number of items simultaneously. Make sure when service is provided there should not be any limitation of any items whether it is under food arrangement or regarding decoration segment. So, if you are beginning with this business, you must spend around 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees initially. But if you can invest more and want to start at a large scale, you must pay about rupees 5 to 6 lakh for the business. Besides, many other extra expenditures are included in the tent house business.

Loan details for starting a tent house business

For the ones who have a problem in beginning a tent house business and worried about obtaining a loan, services have been developed by the government for encouraging employment opportunities by lending loans. The new generation is supported by the government with specific schemes as well. However, in this context, the government has directed certain guidelines to the financial organization to offer easy loan services to entrepreneurs who approach for loans for beginning this tent house business. In this manner, they can create employment and gain some money for upholding the better livelihood for themselves and their families. Thus, while starting this tent house business, when you check out banks for loans, you must not worry or face any trouble in acquiring the loans.

Profits in the tent house business

You can earn a good amount of profits in the tent house business in India. As there will be functions organized frequently. So, the main thing is that you need to make your materials available at a reasonable price to all the class people. You will get more offers from middle-class people. You also need to advertise by using different marketing strategies for promoting the tent house business. You can earn Rs. 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs per year.

Marketing strategies for your tent house business

Marketing for any business is very essential and it is also significant when you initiate a tent house business. For effective execution of marketing, the information of your business must reach the specific crowd. Moreover, you must properly identify your target group and plan out techniques so that the news of the new business reaches the target group properly. By local radio channels, the television you can spread the news of your business easily thus you can enlarge it and get more clients for your business and gain income well. Therefore, try to have various promoting ideas to run your business successfully.

Benefits for starting a tent house business in India

The percentage of benefits that you will receive from the business is based on how far the business has developed. Besides, it is also based on how many people are aware of your business. So, the more people is having an idea about your business, you can expect to get more profit from your business. In a month, you can get about 25 to 30 thousand rupees. But the earnings depend during the wedding season. The demand for this tent house business is great during the peak of wedding seasons. The tents are rapidly booked and there is a high requirement for tents. So, you can estimate about rupees 1 lakh during this marriage season. After you arrange your business properly, it can improve gradually and in this manner, you can imagine getting high profits once it starts increasing. However, in his business, you will have earnings from the starting of the business.

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