Rose Water Project Report, Manufacturing Plan

Introduction to Rose Water Project Report, Manufacturing Business Plan: Have you ever felt the smell while walking in a garden, or attracted for its aroma, its delicate and revitalizing scent, and thought of the business opportunities which this small-decorative-red-flower has for an individual looking for some potential business?

In this article, you will have all the important facts and essential aspects for gaining knowledge in starting this Rosewater making business.

A guide to Rose Water Project Report, Manufacturing Business Plan, Making Process

Rose Water Manufacturing Process
Rose Water (Image source: pixabay)

Uses of Rose Water: Rosewater is basically a flavored water prepared by using steeping rose petals with water. It has antibacterial, inflammatory, moisture retention characteristics that is driving its application in different areas.

Apart from this, the potential of Rosewater based on the variety of rose used in industrial rose water making, the kind of rose water product required, and the applications of the rose water by different set of consumers in the global and Indian markets.

The types of Roses used in Rose Water

  • Red rose of France
  • Rose Demasina ( sucha gulab )
  • Rosa centifolia
  • Grass-en-tapliz

Essentials for preparing different rosewater products

  • Rose perfume: rose oil
  • In mouth wash: rose water and rose oil
  • Rosewater: rose petals and rose water
  • In face creams: rose petals and rose water
  • Rose jam: rose petals and rose water

Uses of rosewater can be seen in the following precisely

  • In flavor food
  • While performing religious rituals
  • In cosmetics as face toner
  • For making scents
  • In preparing flavored beverages
  • For preparing some medicines
  • In skin therapies such as for inflating and blemishing pimples and acne scars.

Business plan for starting Rose Water Manufacturing

First you to craft a perfect business plan for starting any kind of business unit which includes:

  • Market potential of Rose Water Manufacturing Business
  • Implementation schedule of Rose Water Manufacturing Business
  • List of approvals required of Rose Water Manufacturing Business
  • Area required for starting Rose Water Manufacturing Business
  • Raw materials required for starting Rose Water Manufacturing Business
  • List of machinery required for starting Rose Water Manufacturing Business
  • Manufacturing process of Rose Water
  • Project economics of Rose Water Manufacturing Business in India
  • Profitability in Rose Water Manufacturing Business

Implementation schedule of Rose Water Manufacturing Business

  • Market analysis and demand, applying for loan 0 – 1 month
  • Preparation of business plan 1 – 2 months
  • Financial support or investment 2– 4 months
  • Selection of location and establishment of unit 3 – 4 months
  • Power and water connection facility: 4 – 5 months
  • Building construction and shed development 5 – 6 months
  • Machinery and equipment purchase 6 – 7 months
  • Procuring raw materials and recruiting of manpower 8 – 9 months
  • Trial operations 10th month

Market potential of Rose Water Manufacturing Business

The soil conditions and weather in Iran is appropriate for the most authentically produced rosewater and next is seen in few places in India. This product has been governing various markets because of its wide applications from skincare to recipes several and religious rites as well.

This product is highly seen in various places in world and 1.2 USD million worth rose water is exported by India to almost 110 countries water during 2019-2020.

The market potential for the Rosewater making business is so high that Repots have stated that due to the high market potential of Rosewater making business, India produced about 675630 MMT in 2018.

Benefits of Rose Water Manufacturing Business

The business model of a rosewater making business is illustrated with 4 variants

  • Value proposition: The value proposition which the rosewater business is predicted to provide to you is.
  • The raw materials are available easily and the cost for manufacturing is less but the sales are expected to be high.
  • The extensive applications of rose water in different areas and products.

List of registration and license required for Rose Water Manufacturing Business in India

For starting a Rose Water Manufacturing unit without any legal issues, one should obtain some important permissions and licenses from the government authorities. It varies depending on the specific region where the unit will be located. Additionally, if are willing to manufacture cosmetic items then you must apply for even more particular licenses. Here, we have mentioned some significant requisites for the processing of concentrated Rose Water using Rose petals.

First of all, you the business must have registration. According to the management pattern, select the right pattern of business.

Moreover, it is important to apply for a trade license and professional tax application.

  • Apply for Pan Card.
  • Approach nearby bank to open a current account
  • Next, get the MSME Udyog Aadhaar registration done through an online platform
  • Apply for factory license by approaching state authority.
  • Importantly, you must avail of ‘NOC’ from the State PCB (Pollution Control Board).
  • Finally, see the tax obligations and yearly compliance charges.
  • Register your business identity
  • GST registration
  • ROC
  • Get the PAN Card
  • Registration of firm
  • Shop Act License
  • IEC Code
  • Export License
  • Fire and Safety
  • ESI
  • PF
  • No Objection Certificate from pollution board
  • Trade license from local municipal authority

Area required to start Rose Water Manufacturing Business

Approximately 200 sq. ft.  area is sufficient for Rose water Manufacturing Business.

Raw materials required to start Rose Water Manufacturing Business

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Rose Flower
Rose Flower (Pic source: pixabay)

The raw materials necessary for beginning a Rosewater Manufacturing Business are

  • Rose petals
  • RO water
  • Water
  • LPG
  • Carton boxes
  • Packaging bottles

Machinery required for starting Rose Water Manufacturing Business

The important machinery required for establishing this business is

  • Pressure cooker
  • Weighing machine
  • Boiler 

Manpower required to start Rose Water making Business

The staff chiefly needed for arranging the rosewater making business is

  • 1-skilled people
  • 2-unskilled candidates

Moreover, appropriate training to these workers has to be given in the following aspects.

  • Usage of Machinery
  • Equipment operation
  • Safety and precautionary measures

Rose Water Project Report/Economics of Rose Water Manufacturing Business

Fixed Capital

a. Land & Building: 600 Sq ft @ Rs. 10,000 Rented

b. Machinery and Equipment: Rs. 4,25,000.

Working Capital

A. Staff and Labor: Rs. 1,72,000

B. Raw material per month: Rs. 1,76,675

C. Utilities per month: Rs. 8,000

D. Other Contingent Expenses per Month: Rs. 1,75,000

Total Working Capital per month = A + B + C + D = 1,72,000 + 1,76,675 + 8,000 + 1,75,000 = Rs. 5,31,675.

Total Capital Investment

Fixed capital = Rs. 4,25,000

Working Capital (on 3 months basis) = Rs. 15,95,025

Total = Rs. 20,20,025.

Financial analysis of Rose Water Manufacturing Business

a. Cost of Production (Per Year): Rs. 66,24,603

b. Turnover (Per Annum): Rs. 72,00,000

c. Net Profit Per Annum:

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Profits in Rose Water Manufacturing Business
Profits (Pic credit: pixabay)

Net Profit = Turnover per Year – Cost of Production = 72,00,000 – 66,24,603 = Rs. 5,75,397

d. Net Profit Ratio = (Net Profit per year / Turnover per Year) X 100 = (575397 / 7200000) X 100 =     7%

e. Rate of Return = (Net Profit per year / Total Investment) X 100 = (575397 / 2020025) X 100 = 28.48%.

Break-Even Point (B.E.P.)

Interest on investment @ 10%: Rs. 2,02,003

40% of wages and salaries: Rs. 68,800

40% of other expenses (except rent): Rs. 70,000

Rent: Rs. 1,20,000

Total: Rs. 4,60,803

Break- Even Point (B.E.P.) = [Fixed Cost/ (Fixed cost + Profit)] X 100 = 460803/ (460803+575397) X 100 = 460803 / 1036200 X 100 = 44.47%.

Marketing strategies to promote your Rose Water product

You can promote your Rose Water through B2B and B2C websites:

B2B websites: The websites like – 

  • Alibaba,
  • Indiamart,
  • Tradeindia,
  • ExportsIndia will take the bulk orders for your Rose Water.

B2C websites: To sell the products directly to the customer, you may also market in the well-established websites like–

  • Amazon,
  • Snapdeal,
  • Flipkart, etc. 


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