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Sample Project Report for Bank Loan, Model Report

Introduction to Sample Project Report for Bank Loan: Finance is the livelihood of any business, no matter you’re starting a new business or a project or expanding an existing business. If you have an excellent idea but lack sufficient funds to execute it, banks and financial institutions may be able to provide a loan to you.

A number of financing & loan schemes have also been introduced by the government for various businesses, especially MSMEs. Here’s a list of the benefits an MSME can enjoy.

Bank loans have many requirements. These requirements to obtain a loan vary from bank to bank and depend on the amount and type of loan you intend to obtain. In this article, we will address how a project report can be prepared for loan application purposes.

A guide to Model or Sample Project Report for Bank Loan

Model Project Report for Bank Loan
Model Project Report for Bank Loan (Image source: pixabay)

To obtain a business loan from a bank, a borrower must present a project report detailing the startup’s business plan. All mandatory requirements and official documents must accompany project reports. An effective project report is one that evokes the essence of the business idea and can be easily understood by the reader.

What do you need to include in a project report?

Let’s discuss how to develop a standard format for business projects that seek bank loans.

Introductory page

  • This page should contain an introduction to your new business.
  • In this part of the introduction, you should mention the objective of your business, why you chose it for that purpose, and on what basis you selected it.
  • The project summary
  • The project summary should contain a general outline of the project’s status.
  • A period of time consumed in working or manufacturing something must be mentioned.
  • Additionally, the overall budget for the whole business should be mentioned.

Scope of the project

A clear description of the scope of your business must be mentioned.

  • It should include the percentage of project work that has been completed as well as the percentage of project work that are still pending.
  • Inclusion of a brief overview of the results and planning of the next steps is recommended.

The promoters’ details

  • Promoters act as mediators for the business, which helps with the promotion of that business.
  • Details regarding the promoters’ educational backgrounds, work experience, etc. should be included in the report as well.

Details of Employees

Detailed information about the employees working in the business should be provided

  • In addition, their educational background should be mentioned.
  • Detailed information about the top management and work experiences should also be included.
  • Infrastructure Facilities
  • Information about infrastructure facilities should also be included, such as whether or not tools have already been deployed.
  • Describe the conditions of the operational premises and what all is used
  • The types of machines used by the business should also be mentioned.

Customer Details

  • Customer information should be well written, such as what type of customers you intend to target for the sale of your products or services.
  • A prospective customer’s details should also be included, such as if they are from a big organization and what their capacity is for purchasing goods in this business.

Regional Operations

  • In many cases, a company will open branches in different parts of the country. As per the requirements, branches may be established both nationally and internationally.
  • In a project report, you must describe which setups you made across which regions, as well as which teams are responsible for the operation.

Fiscal Acquisitions and Tie-ups

The project report must contain all details about any tie-ups or stock acquisitions you have made, including who the tie-up is with.

Means of Financing

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4 8
Bank loan (pic source: pixabay)

Financing can be provided by the financial corporation, the business partner, or somewhere else. So, it is important to mention the sources of funding in the report so that the report is clear on this.

Balance Sheets

Balance sheets provide information about how money is being spent.

  • The areas and fields in which the spending has been done are also outlined. Therefore, this balance sheet will show all the accounts the business has
  • You should show the bank your company’s balance sheets, as well as include them in the report.

Profit and Loss Statements

  • The report must state how much profit the company will make and how much profit the business is making.
  • The bank should see the financial statements and also be included in the report regardless of whether the business is profitable or not. 

Fund Flow Statement

Any funding was given by a corporation or government, where it is being used, and in what fields of business the funding is flowing should be described in the project report.

Evaluation of break-even points

  • Describe your whole business in even points and give an evaluation of your entire project report.
  • Project Feasibility Ratio: Determining the ratio of cost, discounts, and revenue. 


Your entire report should be contained in a short paragraph of not more than two pages.

Project Feasibility Ratio

A project feasibility ratio is simply a way to determine the cost, discount, and revenue ratio for an enterprise. An attractive graph can be created by discussing the year-over-year comparison between revenue and expense. Additionally, the project report should include a graph showing how expenses were split up.

Below are the components of the Project Feasibility Ratio that are required to be displayed as per a year-over-year comparison:

  • Current ratio
  • Quick ratio
  • Interest coverage ratio
  • Debt equity ratio
  • Gross profit Sales Percentage
  • Net profit Sales Percentage
  • Return On Capital Employed
  • Scope of the project

The project scope should include the following details:

  • Promoter(s) details
  • Product / services & process
  • Plant & machinery / equipment
  • Market potential & strategy
  • Manpower requirements
  • Risks & Mitigation strategy

What is the best way to write a business plan to start your own business?

How about this: Paper Tea Cup Project Report.

Business plan for bank loan
Business plan for bank loan (Pic credit: pixabay)

Business plans have always been a confusing topic for many firms and organizations. An excellent business plan can be very beneficial for the growth of any firm or company. Research and detailed planning are crucial for developing a business plan, which involves multiple stages that overlap and are interrelated. Whether you are creating a business plan from scratch, using a predefined template, or working with a business plan writer or consultant, you will find these steps along the way:

  • Research: Research: Detailed research includes digging out information about customers, competitors and a detailed report about the working capital cost of the business. A variety of methods can be used to find the following data; the data can be extracted from a variety of methods ranging from articles and databases to even interview with other entrepreneurs and possibly potential customers. Research has to be organized and documented carefully with all the information gathered. Document the source of information along with the information, as the source has to be noted in the business plan.
  • Strategizing: It is important that the information you have collected is used appropriately to back up your business plan. Based on the information you gathered, revise your business strategy. A thorough and precise analysis of the market, the activities of the business, or the firm are vital to your marketing and operations decisions. It must be mentioned at what rate the company will employ for five years. A good strategy pulls out the best practices from the current marketing scenario. Businesses use this data to build a plan that incorporates various activities that give the company an advantage over its competitors.
  • Calculation: The activities and improvements generated by the strategy will incur some cost and generate some revenue. Long-term profitability and cost of execution must be taken into account when making a strategy. If you want to succeed, you have to build your strategy upon the assumption that your profits will cover all your expenses. Prepare a financial model incorporating your start-up cost and financial assumptions, which will provide you with a detailed look at the flow of cash in your business for the first year and provide an idea of the funds the business will need at the beginning of operations.
  • Draft: After you have an idea of the strategy and have an estimate of what you need, you can start drafting a business plan. The drafting work is the easiest part in the creation of a business plan when all the research and calculations have been completed properly. In the case that it is difficult to come up with convincing prose, it may be worth consulting or hiring a business plan writer who can help you create a business plan.
  • Revision and proofreading: A thorough review of the entire business plan will ensure you have not overlooked an idea or strategy that was to be added during the drafting process. Check your business plans to ensure no confusion is caused by the words used. It is important to remove repetitive, irrelevant, and redundant points or replace them with ideas that better suit the business plan. In the end, proofread the business plan for mistakes in grammar, spelling, and formatting.


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