Sanitary Pads Making Business – How To Start In India

Introduction to Starting a Sanitary Napkin/Pads Making Business in India

If you are interested to start a Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Business, then you can obtain a lot of information here in this article as we will provide a detailed guide about how to start a sanitary napkin business.

Sanitary napkin manufacturing is a profitable business that is initiated using low capital; it is a great business option for now those who want to begin any small-scale manufacturing business. Sanitary napkins are the essential item for ladies’ health and hygiene; every woman at one stage of her life requires sanitary pads. Therefore it is always seen in the shopping list of every woman; the sanitary napkin has good demand in both urban and rural markets.

A step by step guide to starting Sanitary Pads making business in India

Sanitary napkin is the absorbent product for absorbing the fluid without leakage so the user will be comfortable and dry, sanitary napkins have the absorbent pad placed centrally to two cotton fabric sheet.

The competition in this business is huge because the popular sanitary brand has already captured the market; therefore you need to invest much in the sanitary marketing strategy and publicity of the Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Business. In this blog, we give an idea of the business plan structure for the sanitary napkin manufacturing business which will aid you to start the business.

Market potential for Starting Sanitary Pads making business

Sanitary napkin is a woman hygienic product; the sanitary napkin is a rising industry in India. The demand for sanitary napkin is growing day by day.

Woman are aware of their hygiene, therefore, the demand for the sanitary napkin is always there in the market, therefore, must not worry about the market demand, consumers are already aware of the product you should only introduce your sanitary pad product in an efficient way of marketing.

Beginning a sanitary napkin manufacturing business is a great business, which gives you good income

Registration, license, and permissions required for Sanitary Pads making business

Before initiating Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Business you must deal with the registration and licenses, it is recommended to check the state government law associated with the business, the registration and licenses essential for the sanitary napkin business may vary with the state.

List of licenses required For Sanitary Pads making business

1. Registration of Firm: You may begin as a small to medium business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

If you are starting this business as Single owner Company, then you have to register your firm like a proprietorship firm.

For Partnership operation, you should register as a limited liability partnership (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Company with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

2. BIS certification:  BIS has laid a particular quality standard for Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Business. The ISI specification for the sanitary napkin is IS 5405:1980.

3. GST Registration: It is important to get GST registration which is essential to run a business.

4. Trade License: Apply for the Trade License through the local Municipal Authority.

5. MSME/SSI Registration: MSME/SSI Registration will support by providing government scheme and facility regarding sanitary pad business.

6. Trademark: To secure your brand, it is important to get trademark registration.

7. IEC code: IEC code is important if you plan to export the product

Area required for starting Sanitary pads maiking business plant unit

  • The selection of the proper locations is a crucial step in every business. You need to be careful while selecting the location for a sanitary napkin manufacturing business as well.
  • You can start the Sanitary Napkins Production Plant within about 1000 sq. ft area; make sure that the area should have the provision of water supply, drainage, and power connection.
  • The location must be easily accessible to the target market and the raw material should be available on the location.
  • You can split the area into different segments based on the operations perspective such as a production section, a storage section, and a packaging section.

Raw material required for Sanitary Napkin making business

The raw material is a significant aspect that indirectly influences the business to reach its success, therefore while choosing the raw material you must be careful. Search for the raw material supplier who can deliver you a good quality raw material at an inexpensive price.

List of basic raw materials required for Sanitary Napkin making business

  • Hot Melt Positioning Seal
  • Hot Melt Seal
  • Non-Woven Fabric
  • Polypropylene Back Sheet
  • Pulp (Cellulose Pulp)
  • Silicon Paper of 25 Micron (45gsm)
  • Special Absorbent Polymer

Machinery required for Sanitary Pads making business

There are two types of Sanitary Pads Making machines, one is semi-automatic sanitary pads manufacturing machine and the next one is a fully automatic sanitary pad manufacturing machine.

You need to select the right machinery according to the budget and production output based on the demand for the sanitary pad.

List of machines Sanitary Pads making business:

  • Gumming Machine
  • Mixer With Pulverizer
  • Napkin Press Machine
  • Packaging Unit
  • Sealing Machine
  • UV Treated Sterilizer

Procedure to make Sanitary Pads making business

Procedure to make Sanitary Pads making business
Procedure to make Sanitary Pads making business (Pic Source : Pixabay)

The sanitary napkin manufacturing process comprises some simple steps that are detailed below. 5 Steps process For Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Process

Step 1: Pulp Making

Soft pulp is available in a sheet form that you can buy directly from the market. Or you can prepare the soft pulp using a pulverizing machine.

Step 2: De-Fiberated

The wood pulp is then de-fiberated with a carbon steel blade that de-fibrates the wood pulp to a required filament size.

Step 3: Materialization of Pad

Once the wood pulp is done with de-fiberation, it’s then fed to the core-forming machine where the pulp is crushed into the required shape of the napkin.

Step 4: Seal the sides

The formed wood pulp cores are wrapped using a non-woven fabric and are then sealed by a using sensitive impulse sealing method.

Nichrome alloy filament is used during the construction of the sealing pads.

Add the gumming sheet at the back of the sanitary pad.

Step 5: Packaging of Sanitary Napkins

Carefully pack the napkins using moisture-proof packets.

How to sell Sanitary Napkins

In this business some famous brands are already established in the market; therefore you need to come to some different marketing strategies.

  • Sanitary Napkins in Local Market
  • Check out some nearby markets and areas where you can offer your sanitary pads.
  • Look in your neighborhood medical shops, clinics, or hospitals, and contact other woman health-related organizations or centers, and publicize your sanitary pads.
  • Sanitary Napkins in the Wholesale Market
  • You can sell sanitary napkins in your city wholesale market for bulk orders.

Investment required to start Sanitary Pads making business

You can start this business with little investment as the process is simple and requires only minimum amount. If you have a minimum of Rs. 3,00,000 then you can start the business immediately at a small-scale.

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Profit margin in Sanitary Pads making business

You can expect a minimum of 30-35% of profit margin in Sanitary Pad making business if you start the business at a smaller scale. For a commercial scale, the profit goes up to 50%.

How to Sell Sanitary Napkins Online

B2B Websites:

Register your napkin manufacturing business on B2B websites such as Alibaba, Exportersindia, Tradeindia, Indiamart, and so on.

B2C Websites:

Register your napkin manufacturing business on B2C websites such as Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc to sell your product directly to the customer.

Establishing your product branding and uniqueness

While sanitary pad marketing the business you can examine your competitors, analyze the competition, and plan for some strategy for promoting your brand.

You can approach medical stores, attend the women’s health-related programs and other events to promote your sanitary napkin brand, and even offer them a free sample.

Leave the Sanitary pad promoting material with your contact information on the event region so anyone can get informed about your sanitary product and if they feel like purchasing your product by calling you.

Apart from all traditional ways of promoting; online promotion is great and proven very effective when you launch your brand. You can open even an online shop where you can sell your sanitary product, or you collaborate with another hosting site that will aid to sell and introduce your product to the people.


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