School Bag Project Report, Business Plan

School Bag Project Report and Making Business Plan


Hello friends, today we are here with a new topic called “School Bag Project Report“. Did you ever plan on starting a school bag-making business? It’s a lucrative idea to become an owner for any business? Mainly it has the option to work from home. The school bag is an essential item for any student either for college or of school level. Currently, it is also seen in the office going people shoulders and travelers because of its reasonable cost and durability. Even the production process is simple because of the machinery used in the school bag manufacturing business.

School bags manufactured nowadays are of various sizes and with extraordinary design. They are used by students from an early age to colleges. Cloth and other material are deciding factors for a quality bag and it will also determine the cost of the product. Now, let us get into the details of the school bag making business and the school bag project report.

A step-by-step guide to School Bag Project Report and Making Business Plan

School Bag
School Bag (Image credit: pixabay)

Market potential of School Bag Making Business in India

In a country like India, with a population of more than 120 crores, the population of students in every region is very high. Apart from that, the increased awareness among the parents to educate their kids have resulted to have students from rural areas and villages too. Thereby, increasing the requirement of school bags in urban areas and rural areas annually. It is projected to have a great scope and demand in the future as well for the school bag-making business.

Previously there was only particular material for school bags and were made manually. But nowadays, with the technological advancement of semi-automatic heavy-duty sewing machines, the bag manufacturing process has been simple and not a labor-intensive business. This indicated that the school bag making a profitable small-scale business idea as a start-up.

Market demand of School Bag Making Business

Since all students require bags, therefore a requirement of these bags exists in several areas. As per projection, each district could have almost 100000-120000 pupils in total and they need almost a bag in two years. Besides bags for school-going children, bags are needed for travelers as well. Hence, the total demand for bags is much more and one unit can be held in a district.

Procedure to start School Bag Making Business

Every business demands proper planning and execution of steps promptly and you must follow the same for this business too. Therefore, to begin with, this business should smartly plan the various steps properly and avoid making any mistakes. Below you will find the basic steps that are necessary for starting a bag-making business.

Market research for School Bag Making Business

Thorough research is mandatory for this business. You have to figure out the different aspects of the business in a comprehensive manner. Check out the reliable supplier of raw materials who can provide materials at a reasonable cost without compromising on their quality, get the information about the various steps involved in the manufacturing process and the essential equipment and the required infrastructure. All this will finally help you figure out the complete capital requirement for the business and then you can plan to look for the correct investor who can support your business. In case you have a friend or any relative associated with the same type of business it will be useful to know the various problems that evolve in the business and you can overcome that in your business in the starting itself.

Business plan for School Bag Manufacturing Unit

A business plan very significant element that contributes to the proper initiation of any business and even crucial to the success of a business idea. It must include detailed content about the steps and marketing ideas on how you cost-effectively operate the business and even project how you plan to expand the business in the future.

Financial arrangement for starting School Bag Making Business

When you perform a proper analysis of the business, you will estimate the total expenses of the project and will know how much you have to spend for beginning this business. Capital can be secured either from banks as start-up loans or from some financers or capitalists available nearby. Currently, we have some schemes to assist the start-ups without collateral deposits. However, a perfect business plan must be crafted with all the financial and technical aspects taking into consideration.

Registration, license, and permissions required for starting School Bag Making Business in India

Plan for an appealing brand name for your product and it is even significant to make your company registered through ROC. The legal process and approvals are not so much difficult nowadays. You may verify the specific guidelines of your state and act accordingly.

  • Get the essential and mandatory GST Number
  • UAM Registration (
  • Company Registration with ROC
  • Trade License
  • Factory License
  • Drugs and Cosmetics License
  • BIS Certification
  • MSME registration
  • Shop and Establishment Act permission
  • No Objection Certificate
  • Shop Act License

Location or area required to start School Bag Making Business

You may begin the school bag-making business from home only if you have the appropriate area. It will reduce the costs associated with rental charges or taking an area on lease. The home-based manufacturing will help you in reducing the staff as the family members will also help you in the operations and work will be distributed.

Machinery and equipment required to start School Bag Making Business

The School bag production mainly requires an industrial sewing machine and tape braiding machine. The other machinery is working tables, hammers, scissors, etc.

  • Industrial sewing machine, Semi-automatic, single needle.
  • Hand tools for button/revert fixing
  • Cutting tables
  • Screen printing and label printing machine
  • Heavy-duty craftsmen sewing machine
  • Tape braiding machine
  • Cutting tools like knife cutter, angle scales, Aluminium sheets, Cutting strips, pattern sheets, etc.

Raw materials required to start School Bag Manufacturing Business

To reach the changing requirements of the people, a variety of fabrics for instance polyethylene, nylon, or canvas are used to manufacture school bags of various designs. Yarns and other materials like chains, buck lace, stickers, eye lace, ribbons, and buttons are also even essential. Few materials are listed below.

  • Nylon or canvas fabric 
  • Buckles
  • Nylon Viscose tape
  • Locks
  • Sewing thread
  • Vellcrow
  • Slide Fasteners
  • Foundation Material

Manufacturing process in School Bag Making Business

In the starting, bag fabric is properly cut into three parts i.e. top flap, front, back, and gusset. The front segment is attached with a patch pocket for accommodating small items After that, all the pieces are stitched with a machine keeping around 10 mm wide piping at the pocket, top edges, and the sides. Two buckles and straps are provided to the bag. It is neatly completed after the addition of stickers, buck lace chains, etc.

School Bag Project Report/Economics of School Bag Making Business in India

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backpack 159417 1280 1
School Bag Project Report (pic source: pixabay)

Machinery and equipment:

Stitching Machine – 3: Rs. 30,000

Working Tables – 2: Rs. 15,000

Hand Tools: Rs. 15,000

Sales Tax, Insurance etc.: Rs. 7,000

Total: Rs. 77,000.

Raw material (per month)

Regzine Cloth: Rs. 30,000

Thread and other consumables: Rs. 2,000

Total: Rs. 32,000

Staff and labor salaries per month: Rs. 20,800.

Other expenses (per month)

Rent of Land & Building: Rs. 1,000

Electricity Charges: Rs. 250

Advertisement & Travelling: Rs. 1,000

Transport: Rs. 1,000

Consumable & stores etc.: Rs. 1,000

Potage expenses/ telephones: Rs. 250

Stationery: Rs. 250

Repairs & Maintenance’s: Rs. 250

Total: Rs. 5,000.

School bag project report Working capital (for one month)

Raw material: Rs. 32,000

Salaries & Wages: Rs. 20,800

Other Expenses: Rs. 5,000

Total: Rs. 57,800.

Total capital investment

Building & Other Civil Works: NA

Machinery & Equipment: Rs. 77,000

Working capital for one month: Rs. 57,800

Total: Rs. 1,34,800.

Cost of production (per annum)

Total recurring cost per year: Rs. 6,93,600

Depreciation on machinery & equipment: Rs. 8,000

Interest on total investment @ 10%: Rs. 13,000

Total: Rs. 7,14,600.

Sales proceeds (per annum)

School Bags (12,000): Rs. 11,40,000

School bag project reportProfit in School Bag Making Business

Annual Gross Profit: Rs. 1,85,400

Percentage of Profit on Sales: 20.60%.

Break Even Point

Annual Fixed Cost: Rs. 3,09,600

Annual Sales: Rs. 11,40,000

Annual Variable Cost: Rs. 3,84,000

BEP = Annual fixed cost  x 100 / Annual sales – Annual variable costs

= Rs. 3,09,600 x 100 / Rs. 11,40,000 = Rs. 3,84,000 = 60%.

Marketing strategies to promote your School Bag product

Marketing and promotion are crucial aspects that determine the success of your venture. Take various steps to advertise the business so that every potential customer of the school bag is aware of your business.

Key points to make your School Bag Making Business a successful one

There are numerous materials available now in the market that gives a huge scope to manufacture a high-standard and durable end product. Sustain the quality of the product and sell it in a nearby market at a reasonable price and you will attain success in a few years.

That’s all folks about school bag project report and business plan in India.



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