Social Media Marketing for your Business

Tips to start Social Media Marketing for your Business


As the years as passing, technology has been evolving at a pace wherein we cannot spare a day without using technology in our day-to-day life. Daily we see a hell of a lot of applications that help us better than before ones. Many owners have become successful with the technology and associated social media features because of their benefits. As a small business owner, it can be tedious to market your brand and product one by one, however, social media can be your best tool to market and contact people about your brand even by sitting at your home.

A step-by-step guide to tips and ideas of Social Media Marketing for your Business

Tips and ideas of Social Media Marketing
Tips and ideas of Social Media Marketing (Image credit: Pixabay)

What do you mean Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing as the term indicates is the use of social media platforms and websites to market a product or service.’ Various social media applications like Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter can aid you to support and maintain your presence online, and also support you connect with your target audience as well as existing customers with no extra expenses for marketing.

How can you uprate your business through Social Media Marketing?

Nowadays, any industry is exciting and hard to cope up because of the existing competition. Many businesses have moved to Social Media marketing, thereby promoting their products through the same. In case you still adopt the old-style method, in the long run, your business may have reduced exposure and in the worst situation, compelling you to shut down your business.

Readymade Audience

You have a plethora of audience out there who use social media accounts, and hence you have a readymade audience or your prospect who could view your business ad, or post about your product while surfing through the feed and might plan for purchasing your product.


With Social Media platforms, you will have the visibility that you need for your business. Just think, in case you do not have any social media usage, would you find any new customers every day? Or approach with new offers to all of your present customers? Of course not, but Social Media has the power to offer the visibility needed, thereby giving extensive business exposure to other people too.


Planning for an online business or keeping your business on online platforms is currently a trend and a mark of professionalism. It makes people rely on your brand and enhances the chances of purchase or using a service. It also allows you to showcase your product’s unique characteristics and also show some professionalism. 

How to start Social Media Marketing for your business?

The first order of business should be to choose the platforms where you should uphold your presence. They are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, or even YouTube. After identifying your platforms, you can start construction of your profile, ask your close ones to connect or follow you on those platforms, and preferably even transmit the word about the same.

Identify and build your audience based on the type of business

The first step should be to recognize the type of audience who would be willing to avail of the products that you are providing. Once you are clear about your target spectators, you can feasibly concentrate on the marketing segment. You can check the pages or groups that would have most of your target audience, and know about their likings. You can also build good communication with your audience by posting attractive articles that would be cherished by your audience, thus generating some association.

Posting timely and attractive content

After creating your profile on various platforms, you may have some followers and people who would have shown interest in your page. Getting likes on your page or the following means that people plan to see your content in the future, which is why you could fix a specific time of posting content on your feed. You can keep it to either twice or thrice a week. Make sure the posted content should also be striking to your target audience.

Using Hashtags 

Hashtags are a very significant tool that you can add to your social media posts. Hashtags aid you to gain better acquaintance from people who are not connected to you. Proper and appropriate use of hashtags would also aid you to sort your post in the right segment, hence putting it in front of the right type of viewers, who would be concerned about your product is essential.

Marketing Ads

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Soical media Marketing
Soical media Marketing (pic source: pixabay)

Paid promotions are the perfect and trending ways on social media for trading. We shall categorize the Marketing Ads according to all the platforms existing or used on a large scale.

A. Facebook Ads

Facebook is almost famous for all ages and stands as one of the highly used platforms associated with social media. With so many active people browsing daily through their feed, your business will gain some exposure if targeted to the proper people. An added feature in Facebook is that when you place any promotional ad, Facebook will offer you to select your type of audience and only place the ads in the feed of people who could feel attracted in your posts. Make sure being a user-friendly platform, your posts should not be business-oriented directly or friendly. 

B. Instagram Ads

Another extensively used platform after Facebook is Instagram. One of the current tactics on Instagram is the use of the Hashtag option. The Best part is that many businesses are already endorsing on Instagram, and hence you can post content that is professional and appropriate to your business. Instagram ads work best with Visuals, attractive visuals in stories or posts would do the trick and grab your audience’s insight. You can post regularly on Instagram, to gain more followers.

C. LinkedIn Marketing 

LinkedIn is a professional database where all individuals you come across would reply to decent posts and professional posts. It is a platform where most individuals are showcasing their profile and talent for either getting opportunities, freelancing, or collaborations in terms of business. expansions Here, you can obtain professional ideas about your business and valuable criticism, that may benefit you. You can post 2 times a week, but your content must be professional and also relevant for the people connected with you.  

Conclusion of Social Media Marketing 

Having a Small business may need much exposure, and prominence; social media can perform to be a mediator between you and your potential customer. Social Media Marketing aids to develop your brand and collaborate with your audience. A few aspects for small businesses to initiate social media marketing are, recognizing and grabbing your audience, posting timely and nice-looking content, use of hashtags, using Facebook and Instagram Advertisements, and marketing with LinkedIn.


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