Starting A Post Office Franchise In India

Starting a post office franchise in India (Procedure to Apply)

The Indian postal department has determined to give its franchisee. It has given an announcement through notification for the same. However, as per the post, any Indian is eligible to apply for opening the Franchisee business. This way, they can begin the post office in their state or city. For this, the desired candidate must apply in the post office franchisee. The franchisee will be given only to the chosen candidates after the selection procedure. However, the procedure will take place on the basis of guidelines and qualifications that are laid by the post office franchisee.

A step by step guide to starting a post office franchise in India

It is essential to set up postal service in each city and it should be initiated by the department of the post from the associated states. There are two types of post office franchise. One will be the franchise with courier service associated with the post office and the other one is the postal agency. However, the postal department has planned for different department and eligibility to undertake the functioning of the franchises which are involving in the business of starting post office.

Market research for starting the post office franchise in India

With respect to this post office business, the courier service franchise will be offered only to the people where it is not feasible to set up the post office by the postal department. There are many cities and states where the postal services are not possible due to the lack of offices in the region. It is necessary to start post office outlets mainly in remote areas with the help of the Indian postal department. Then, the people dwelling in the remote area will be able to avail of the postal service.  

Important features to starting the post office franchise

The franchise opened by the postal department will get provisions of courier service. The task of distribution and transmission will be carried out by the postal department itself.

The franchise will get approval only in the developing cities like the big metros and town. It will help in fast delivery and providing service to common people.

The postal department will be accountable to inspect the functioning of the franchise’s around two times in a year. The postal department will check it after the first six months of starting the postal office. After this time, if the functioning of the franchise is found to be properly done during the final review, the review duration could be extended.

The earning commission will be based on the outlet franchise. However, your earning will be laid as per the rules of the commission. The price of the goods that you will sell will be provided to you only. The profit that you gain from the selling will be your money.

Goods to sell in post office outlets

From the post office outlets, you are allowed to sell the following items and gain money.

  • E-governance project
  • Registered article
  • Stamp and stationery goods
  • Bill and tax collection work
  • Postal life insurance business
  • Speed ​​post article
  • Payment services business

Eligibility criteria to apply for the Indian postal department

The eligibility to begin the post office franchise business is 18 years whereas, the maximum age is not there. The candidates have to provide relevant documents during the time of registration for the business.

The applicant must have minimum education of eighth grade for beginning this post office franchise business. The minimum level of education will aid the person to carry out the business easily.

If a person is already in any business, they can even begin the post office franchise business. These franchises will be operated in the rural, urban, and the newly coming urban townships.

Even students studying in different universities, colleges, polytechnics, and professional courses are eligible to start with this form of business. They must perform proper arrangements before starting with the business.

If any of your family members are already in the Indian postal department, they are not qualified to start the franchise business. Thus, each person must provide appropriate documents during registration for the business. This will aid the higher authority to examine whether the applicant is capable of initiating the business or not. Moreover, even organizations have the opportunity for applying to this franchise business. In such a scenario, the agreement must be prepared with the head of the organization.

Procedure to apply for the post office franchise

For beginning the franchise business, you must apply through the offline mode. For this, you should fill in the application form and submit it to the concerned authorities. However, for the application form, you must visit the official portal of the department of posts. After that, by clicking on it you can download it. In another way, you can approach the postal divisional office and obtain the application form to apply your franchise.       

The process of filling up the form for starting the post office franchise

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Starting a post office franchise in India.
Starting a post office franchise in India.

When determined to apply for the franchise of post office service, you have to check this site: India Post.

Following this, you should download the agreement form after clicking it on its right link and then properly fill it.

The person who is interested to start with the post office franchise business should provide relevant details in the application form for instance as the location of franchise, nationality, along with his home address details. After the person completely fills up the application form, he/she should submit the same in the department of post office and superintendent of the particular area where you desire to open the post office franchise service.

Documents required for starting the post office franchise in India

When you are submitting the application for opening a post office franchise, you must submit important documents for example PAN card along with residential details and birth date proof. Along with filling up the application form, you must keep a photocopy of essential documents that you should submit along with the application form of the franchise. 

Training required for starting the post office franchise

Individuals who obtain permission for franchises of starting post office will be given appropriate training that will aid them to operate the business easily in a proper manner. Whoever takes the responsibility of running the business will be provided with suitable training.

Some important details for example duration of training, place, time, selection procedure will be directed by the postal department. In case, the training takes place in a different state, the cost of traveling to the city and accommodation over there is not supported by the department of posts. The sub-divisional field inspector will be giving the training. In case any person’s behavior is not correct in relation to opening the franchise, then the agreement of the franchise is bound to terminate soon. Therefore, the person interested to open the franchise business must prove themselves with decent performance during the training schedule.

The training period will impart the individual on how to operate the post office properly. Additionally, they will be taught about maintaining the products, services, and maintaining the properties.

Only after getting the complete training session and qualifying, the franchiser can initiate the business. The training will be conducted by the department of posts from time to time for supporting the business persons.

Eligibility criteria of the postal agent

Any individual can select the option to become a postal agent. However, the selected person will be provided with a photo identity card that they should produce at the time of initiating the business as a postal agent.

  • For working as a postal agent, the lower age limit is 18 years. However, as per the guidelines of the scheme, the maximum limits of the scheme are not given.
  • By any chance any of the family members are working in the postal department, the candidate is not allowed to start the business of the post office franchise. Hence are not permitted to work in the postal department.
  • There is no such minimum educational qualification which is set up by the postal department for the agents who are willing to start the business. Even an illiterate is eligible to apply for the scheme.

The duration of the license for establishing post office franchise in India

The postal agent will acquire the license of one year from the postal department of India. However, the license period might be extended depending on the conduct of the work of the postal agent in its first tenure of the license.

After completion of the first year, the license could be prolonged for another three years. Later on, after the accomplishment of three years, the license can be renewed in case the agent has been efficacious in maintaining good behavior of running the post office franchise during the last three years. The license can be terminated at any point of time based on the quality of the work that the postal agent does. His way of functioning of the business will decide whether he is qualified to avail extension on his license or not.

Application procedure details for extending the post office franchise license

If you are willing to become a postal agent, you have to check this: India Post.

 By going through the link, you can download the application form which is known as postal agent contract. 

  • After this, you must fill-up the form and then you have to submit the same to the nearest postal department for the next process of reviewing the application procedure.
  • Alternatively, you can also submit the form from the office by purchasing it.
  • Actually, the form is available in the Hindi language. However, you can also acquire form in the language you prefer. This shall aid you in filling the form easily.
  • After you submit the form, when you are selected as a postal agent, you will be notified about the same along with other required information. Hence, if you desire to work with the postal department and start working as a postal agent by opening a post office franchise, then you must follow the above-mentioned steps. If someone in your area has already applied for this type of business, your postal department franchise can be approved easily.


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