Starting Gaming Business In India

Introduction to starting Gaming Business in India

Do you wish to start a business in the video gaming industry? Are you planning for gaming business ideas? Here in this blog, we have listed some top 10 best games-related business ideas for your convenience.

Basically, the video game comes as an electronic game. And any individual can use this game on a computing device. Nowadays, some of the most famous devices are PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones, etc.

A step-by-step guide for starting Gaming Business

Currently, video games are billion-dollar sectors for investment. Additionally, the market is growing at a good pace. Not only the children, but the adults are also the major consumers of various video games. Actually, the fun and mental agility are among the main causes for older gamers who pick this pastime. Sometimes it also a great after-school pastime for the children.

Also, there are many other reasons that boost the sector. Some of the major causes are the rising younger population, higher disposable money, the advent of new gaming genres, and the increasing number of mobile and tablet users. So, this is the perfect time to venture into a profitable business in the gaming industry.

Major requirements for starting Gaming Business in India

Gaming Business needs the following to make it an effective one.

  • An advanced gaming management system
  • Payment options with multi-currency support
  • Large coverage of betting markets
  • Access to a large selection of top international casino games
  • A customizable front-end
  • Customer support

License, permissions, and registrations required for starting Gaming Business in India

Apart from the proprietorship business, you should be in a position to register your organization. On the basis of the managerial pattern, you may opt for your business to register as LLP or Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. Company. You must definitely obtain a Trade License and approach a nearby bank to open a current bank account for financial transactions pertaining to your business.

You must even follow the FPO norms. It is recommended to apply for a NOC. Finally, you must obtain GST registration for tax filing. If you have more than 10 staff members, then you should apply for PF and ESI.

Apart from these you also need to take other licenses such as –

  • Shop Act License
  • ROC compliances
  • Tax Filings
  • GST Filings
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Copy Rights
  • MSME Udhyog Aadhaar Registration

Top ideas for starting Gaming Business in India

Here you will check an inventory of 10 Trending Gaming Business Ideas for Game Lovers

Gaming Cafe

Starting this type of business is comparatively simple. However, you should accommodate some proper space for starting this business. It is recommended to have space near residential areas. Also, this business needs startup investment.

Depending on the space, you must obtain good quality computers and furniture. Also, you must have a high-speed internet connection with uninterrupted service. Generally, this type of cafe will permit people to rent time for games on PCs. And you will gain income on an hourly basis.

Gaming Lounge

Generally, this type of lounges is also well-known as a games arcade. Typically, they offer modern consoles with the most updated games for gamers. These lounges also offer a comfortable ambiance, along with many drinks such as coffee, tea, and sometimes snacks.

Hence, the business demands medium investment. Apart from selling the gaming hour, you must sell other things from the counter to have high profits. You can sell various kinds of small devices, software applications, etc.

Laser Tag Game Center

This is another significant business you can plan with moderate startup capital. Actually, laser tag is a certain type of game and people play using lasers.

It is an action-oriented game. So, teenagers are the major target and potential customers. However, seniors also seek this type of game center occasionally. Other than getting the hourly rent, you can even plan different food items to improve your profit. Also, you can gain revenue from special programs like get together, parties, etc.

Online Video Gaming Center

If you want to begin an online business in the gaming industry, then you can think about it. Initiating this business demands a good retail location in the nearby region. Also, you must create proper infrastructure for setting up the center. Broadly, you will require computers, high-speed internet connection.

Online Video Gaming Center
Online Video Gaming Center ( Pic Source: Pixabay)

Also, the center should have comfortable sitting arrangements for gamers. In this type of center, food is could be optional. However, you can plan for a few beverages or snacks gradually.

Paintball Game Center

Actually, paintball is a special type of game. And here players remove opponents from play by hitting them using a “paintball marker”. Actually, this is a dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs or pellets, usually shot with the help of a carbon dioxide or compressed air (Nitrogen) powered.

This is a very well-known game in almost every region on earth. In starting a paintball game center, you must plan for choosing a proper location smartly.

Video Game Parlor

If you live in a small town and plan to start a gaming business, you can start by opening a video game parlor. However, you should conduct local market research before starting the business. Basically, a video game parlor will host various trending games for the customers. You can charge them monthly or hourly for a certain duration of time.

Video Game Production

If you have an idea for developing various types of attractive games, you can initiate this business. Generally, people become fascinated by games that are highly attractive. And ultimately, those games become very famous. So, if you have that strength and skill, you can start a video game production company of your own on a small scale basis in the beginning.

Video Game Rental Service

This is another very appealing business that you can initiate with low capital. Generally, a brick and mortar store operation aids to cater to nearby customers. However, you can also start this rental service online. In that case, you will try to create the business model properly. Here, you will be having an online page and people will get approval for the games in exchange for particular costs.

Video Game Selling

Practically, there are many ways that you can explore for selling video games. Undoubtedly, video games are getting huge admiration currently. And you can sell the affiliate from your own website or use a social media page. Also, email marketing seems an effective way to attract prospective clients.

Video Game Store

If you are an obsessive video gamer, then you can think about this opportunity. Basically, a video game store will stock video games and other related items and plan to the clients. And you must source the games in large quantities.

Investment required for starting Gaming Business in India

If you plan your Gaming Business at small-scale first, then it costs Rs. 2 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs. This is affordable and you can handle it easily. Later you plan for expanding your business based on your profits.

Profit in Gaming Business in India

Video Gaming Business is extensively popular and profitable industry for skilled gamers. Many people are fond of playing online games, so these people can make their hobby into a profitable one. For this, you can have to open a Gaming Center where you can teach and make the people who wish to learn how to play video games or to become skilled person at gaming or in a particular niche of gaming.

Conclusion for starting Gaming Business in India

The video games industry got a steady growth in the recent past. Also, industry specialists are expecting an entire growth of 4% in the future. From the video game store, you can plan selling physical games, video game accessories, software solutions, online games, used games, etc.

Currently, the Asia Pacific region even in China and the USA stands to be the most booming market in the gaming sector. We hope, this above inclusion of profitable gaming business ideas and offers will assist you in making a firm decision for starting your own gaming business.

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