Starting Xerox Shop Business – In India, Investment, Profit, License

Introduction to starting Xerox Shop business in India

 Xerox or photocopying with allied services like lamination and bookbinding is an attractive business in India. Here in this blog, we intend to explain how to start a low-cost xerox shop business with a lamination and bookbinding business. Any individual can begin this business with a small startup capital investment. This business is thought of as one of the best low-cost self-employment prospects for youth.

Compared to other retail businesses, the xerox shop requires very small space to run. Even you can begin with a 6′ X 6′ space. This most attractive segment is this business doesn’t require any high amount of working capital cost. With a small xerox shop and lamination shop, you can also sell school or office associated stationery items. It will upsurge the profit margin of your store.

A step-by-step guide to starting Xerox Shop business in India

Market research for starting Xerox Shop business

As with other business thoughts, you require to study the marketplace before you initiate your business. Figure out who your local competitiveness. In the case of a stationery shop, the target market is more or less fixed to teenagers, children, and a few seniors whose interests may comprise usage of stationery. You must visit your competitor shops and must see that their goods and try to find a gap in the marketplace which can be filled by you. Target all probable markets such as hospitals, government institutions, etc. apart from the offices and schools.

Location for starting Xerox Shop business

One should carefully consider while selecting a location. A stationery shop should be located more or less in a partly-residential area that must be accessible and noticeable to people who are probably your possible consumers. You can also open a store in a shopping mall, which raises your chances of deals as even window shoppers may be interested to wander in and resolve to buy stationery on desire.

Business Plan for starting Xerox Shop business

Business Plan for starting Xerox Shop business
Business Plan for starting Xerox Shop business (image credit: Pixabay)

It is important to have a business plan in the beginning. Decide whether you will own or rent the space. Analyze the local market. Determine what type of xerox machine is appropriate for your store. These all will aid you in crafting a financial plan. This is very significant and it will also help to know the expected ROI. Plan your marketing strategies for the business.

Investment required for starting Xerox Shop business

In this business, one must spend on two aspects mainly. One is the area and another is the machine. You should purchase a xerox machine, lamination machine, and binding machine. In the case of purchased space, your capital will be higher. When you start the business using a rental area, your startup cost will be minimized. However, you will need to pay the rent every month which is a recurring investment. Ink, paper, toner, and electricity are the major working capital cost for xerox store. If you wish to run the store with employees, then you must add the salary in working capital expenditure. You must also get the Trade License from the local authority.

Area requirement for starting Xerox Shop business

This is a retail business. The location is a prime aspect. You must choose a location nearby schools, universities, colleges, or offices. Court compounds, bank areas, secretariat building region are also the appropriate place to select for this business.

Small towns, villages, and Suburban areas are also appropriate regions for this business. It is prudent to select a location where people need a normal requirement of copying, lamination, or binding purpose. Nowadays, students also have to need various project report binding services.

Registration and licenses required for starting Xerox Shop business

It is very important to register your business similar to any other trade either as a sole proprietorship, or LLC. You must obtain essential trade registrations and stationery shop business licenses for example the Shop and Establishment Act license. Also, if you plan to sell computer software, some important licenses should be applied. You shall apply for PAN and TAN and must register for suitable taxes such as GST, Vat, etc. Take legal assistance for these as in India, bureaucratic matters do not customarily run effortlessly.

Suppliers and Vendors for Xerox Shop business

In any retail trade, supply and distribution generally go hand in hand. Being a retailer, it is required to maintain a healthy relationship with your vendors and suppliers. You must buy at wholesale prices to maintain your chosen profit margin. Hence, while selecting your supplier, make your choice based on the finest deal delivered but also keep a note on the good’s quality. Also, an extensive share of your turnover could be attained by allotting bulk supplies to schools and offices.

In today’s scenario, the majority of the crowd prefers online shopping to visit it directly in the daily hustle and bustle lifestyle. In this case, you must note the logistics involved in delivering to individuals who book through your e-commerce website and also delivering materials for institutional and offices. A noteworthy cost must be included in this scenario in the budget. This cost could be minimized if you can sell your products to popular e-commerce shopping sites such as Amazon, Myntra, eBay, Flipkart, etc. to for your clients and it will lessen your cost as well as the cost of the logistics associated with direct deliveries from your side.

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Machinery required for starting Xerox Shop business

You can start a xerox shop business using an old machine. However, a new machine is preferred for better service. The cost of different types of xerox machines begins from Rs. 10,000/-. Whereas high-end quality machines are also procured in the price range of Rs. 1,00,000/- and more.

You can buy a lamination machine for Rs. 2,000/- and above. The most essential consideration is the cost per page copying. While obtaining the machine you should know the cost of per page printing from that particular machine. Here we have mentioned some of the well-known xerox machines with their features.

  • Canon Xerox Machine – MF3010
  • Memory – 64 MB
  • Max Paper Size – A4
  • Copy/Print Speed – 18/19 copy/m
  • Warm-Up Time – 10secs. or less
  • First Copy Output Time – 12/11.8secs
  • Dimensions WxDxH – 372x276x254mm
  • Canon Xerox machine – MF4870dn
  • Memory – 128 MB
  • Copy/Print Speed – 25 copy/m
  • Max Paper Size – A4
  • First Copy Output Time – 9s
  • Warm-Up Time – 13.5s or less
  • Dimensions WxDxH – 390x362x301mm
  • 3. Canon Xerox Machine IR-3300
  • Memory – 128 MB
  • Weight – 80Kg
  • Max Paper Size – A3
  • Dimensions(mm) – 1,020x 565 x 678
  • Max Power Consumption – 120VAC, 60Hz, 15A
  • Copy/Print Speed – 33ppm
  • 4. Canon Xerox Machine IR 5050
  • Speed – 50 Pages Per Minute in B/W
  • Dimensions hxwxd – 47″x25″x29″
  • Power Requirements – 120v,20a
  • Weight – 474lbs
  • First Copy Time – 3sec
  • Toner Yield – 48000
  • Xerox Phaser 3010
  • Printer Type: Monochrome Laser
  • First Copy Out Time ( Fcot): 8 Seconds
  • Black Print Speed (Ppm): 20 Ppm
  • Builtin Ram Upgradable: 64 Mb
  • Xerox Phaser 8860DN
  • Printer type: colour laser
  • First copy out time( fcot): 5 seconds
  • Black print speed (ppm): 30 ppm
  • Input (plain paper): 100

An individual can purchase a lamination machine with a binder provision. In India, lamination machine cost starts from Rupees 2,000/- and so on. Generally, you will have two types of lamination machine – cold and thermal. Overall, we can inform you that xerox shop is a simple business, to begin with, a small investment in India.

Profit in Xerox Shop business in India

The sources of income includes:

  • Office supplies and other related products such as Pens – blue, black, red, green, and highlighter stationery for small or home office
  • Markers and Permanent markers
  • Pencil and pencil sharpener
  • Colored pencils, pens, and markers
  • Eraser, Correction tape/fluid/Liquid Paper, and whitener
  • Mechanical pencil and spare leads
  • Plain paper – A4 size papers, A3 size papers, etc.
  • Notebooks, ruled paper, binder books, scrapbook, art book, ruler, glue, hot glue, sticky tape, and dispenser
  • Packing tape and dispenser, Bulldog/Foldback clips
  • Stapler and staple pins
  • Rubber bands, hole puncher, paper clips, drawing pins, and board pins
  • Different types of folders
  • Folder dividers, hanging files, sticky labels, filing trays, and yellow sticky notes
  • Index cards, label maker and spare tape, scissors, box cutter or utility knife or Stanley knife
  • Calculator, tissues, paper towel, wipes, postage stamps, and stickers
  • An envelope, rubber stamps, laminators, and pouches, etc.
  • USB memory sticks
  • Batteries (for electronic equipment, for wireless keyboard and mouse), calendar, wall planner, and desk pad
  • Blu-tack /green tack, wall hooks, whiteboard/dry erase markers, whiteboard eraser and cleaning fluid, etc).

You can earn Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 3,000 daily from Xerox Shop business.

Marketing strategies to promote your Xerox Shop business

The key role to make your photocopy and printing business successful is to offer at a better price than other competitors. The best marketing strategy is to provide xerox at much lower prices to attract students and other potential customers. Stay dynamic on the social networks, posting pictures of your item on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Make the arrangement of your store visually appealing and comfortable to traverse around. It should also be neat and tidy. Target all customers and establish few shops in areas like hospitals, government institutions, etc. apart from the offices and schools.


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