Top 10 Best Franchises Under 50,000 Rupees In India

Introduction to Top 10 Best Franchises Under 50,000 Rupees in India: Are you willing to start a business under Rs? 50,000 as an investment. Then why don’t you try with Franchise business?

Here are the business opportunities that you can try with low-cost and high-profit within rupees 50,000.  The following list provides you with a list of top franchise opportunities that are currently available under 50k in India.

Despite the low investment of this franchise and distribution business opportunity, it has a high-profit potential if the franchisee works hard in their business.

It is a common misconception that starting your own business requires enormous investment. Nowadays, there are many affordable opportunities on the market, such as low-cost franchises. The cost of opening a franchise includes fees paid to the franchisor, expenses to purchase furniture, equipment, inventory, supplies, signs, and staff salaries, and rental fees.

The cost of rent and labour in India is lower than in other countries, which makes it less expensive to start your own business in India. Additionally, franchisors have many business formats to choose from, some of which don’t require any franchise fees or royalties. Other franchises operate online, meaning they require no equipment, furniture, rent, etc.

Franchisees can operate them at a lower cost because there is no need to buy equipment. Low-cost franchise opportunities are available in India primarily in retail, education, cafes, health care, and entertainment.‌ A franchise of any price can be scalable and grow into a profitable business.

A guide to Top 10 Best Franchises Under 50,000 Rupees in India

A list of 10 franchise opportunities in India that are currently trending and popular. For beginners, the franchise is comparatively a better option. Additionally, franchises also offer an aspiring entrepreneur the chance to try out entrepreneurship with little risk (capital investment).

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Top 10 Best Franchises in India
Top 10 Best Franchises (Image source: pixabay)

We have provided franchises on this list that both have low startup costs and high investment requirements. There is no doubt that you should choose a franchise according to your location and investment capacity.

Why start a Franchise business?

Do you wonder why foreign brands are so prevalent in the Indian market? Franchise businesses are the answer. Businesses and brands from abroad have leveraged it to gain a foothold in the Indian market. Franchisors (franchise brands) provide franchisees (franchise outlet owners) with concept, structure, legal, and training support in exchange for an upfront fee and royalty payments. Franchise owners and franchisees both gain profits from owning and selling a franchise. With the franchisee’s access to the brand’s loyal consumer base, as well as creative and legal support, and training support, the franchisor can further expand the market share and revenues of the business.

It’s vital for investors and businesses to delve into this model thoroughly before signing any contracts. Investing in established names and brands is probably safer.

According to rumors, franchise models require huge investments. Let’s dispel this myth. There is no doubt that franchising is one of the most viable and profitable business options available; one just needs to learn how to obtain one. A franchise can easily be started for INR 50,000.

On the global market, India ranks as the third-largest consumer of goods and services. Franchises in India are a tried-and-tested approach to starting one’s own business. Automobiles, beauty, fast food, education, healthcare, postal delivery, and fashion are some of the most popular verticals for franchising. In India, brands have adopted franchise business models to expand. One can choose from a variety of low-cost franchise opportunities.

Franchise businesses in India are among the most profitable in the world. In the country, franchise setup is growing rapidly. Franchisors and franchisees both benefit from it by achieving their specific objectives. Instead of struggling with cringe business ideas, many successful entrepreneurs have opted for franchising. Perhaps you want to know, “What is the most profitable franchise to own?”? In this post, we discuss the 10 most profitable franchises in India.

Top 10 Franchise Opportunities in India Under 50,000 Rupees

Here is the list of the top 10 highly profitable franchise business ideas where you can start by just investing Rs. 50,000.

1. Remax India

As one of the largest real estate brokerage networks in the world, REMAX is a well-known name. RE/MAX India joins the global network of RE/MAX International as the 73rd country. With over 7000 franchise offices, the company is present in over 20 states.

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Real estate franchise in India
Real estate franchise ( Image credit: pixabay)

Category: Real Estate

Area Required: 1500 – 2000 Sq.ft

Investment: 50,000 Rupees Onwards.

2. All India IT Association

AITA is one of India’s pioneers in IT education and training. Through its tailor-made computer courses, AIITA aims to promote and equip computer literacy.

Category: Education and Training

Area Required: 600 Sq.ft

Investment: 10000 – 50000 Rupees

3. MindTech

The Mind Tech Group is an organization composed of professionals from different fields who are collaborating in spreading the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test and Mid Brain Activation concept in India. Founded in 2010, Mind Tech is based in Surat.

Category: Education & Training

Area Required: 100 – 500 Sq.ft

Investment: 10000 – 50000 Rupees

4. Medlife

India’s largest online pharmacy and service provider is Medlife. The company is based in Bengaluru and is a healthcare technology company.

Category: Education & Training

Area Required: 120 Sq.ft

Investment: 10000 – 50000 Rupees

5. Wellness Pathcare

By using advanced technology and delivering accurate, timely reports, Wellness Pathcare provides world-class diagnostic services. Established in 2010, the company operates mainly in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab & Rajasthan and employs a chain of advanced diagnostic centers.

Category: Pathological labs

Area Required: 250 – 2000 Sq.ft

Investment: 10000 – 50000 Rupees

6. BlueExpress

Blue Express Courier & Cargo Services is one of the fastest and best express courier services in the country with a statewide and nationwide coverage network.

Category: Courier Services

Area Required: 200  – 500 Sq.ft

Investment: 50000 Rupees Onwards.

7.  Plancess

A leading company in the preparation of entrance tests in India is Plancess EduSolutions Pvt. Ltd. You can sell EdTech products to thousands of students across India by starting a business with them.

Category: Education & Training

Area Required: Nil, Home Based

Investment: 50000 Rupees Onwards.

8. Topper Learning

The use of visual and interactive technology in education is already transforming the way students learn and benefit from their classes. TOPPER is a pioneer in India of this international trend. Developed by Greycells18 Media Limited, India’s largest media conglomerate, and Educomp, one of the country’s leading technology-based education companies, this educational resource is designed by Network 18 and Educomp.

Education franchise in India
Education (Pic credit: pixabay)

Category: Education & Training

Area Required: Nil, Home Based

Investment: 32000 Rupees Onwards.

9. SmartSchool

The SmartSchool platform is powered by SmartSchool Education Pvt Ltd. A team of alumni from IIT, IIM, and DCE founded the company in Delhi with a backend office in the US. A portfolio of K-12 education products makes it the fastest growing education company in India. The organization has an active presence in 12 countries worldwide.

Category: Education & Training

Area Required: Nil, Home Based

Investment: 10000 – 50000 Rupees

10. Kids Age

One of the most innovative and widely read Children’s Newspapers in India is Kids Age. It was founded in 2006, and since then it has become a very popular newspaper among children.

Category: Reseller

Area Required: Nil, Home Based

Investment: 50000 Rupees Onwards.

We hope this list of franchise opportunities below 50000 Rupees will help you in getting the right direction towards starting a new business.


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