Top 10 Business Ideas For Women, List Guide

Introduction to Top 10 Business Ideas for Women: Entrepreneurial women can also experience difficulty choosing the right business venture. For many new business owners, ideas flow freely but fail to materialize. For others, ideas remain vague so will never be fully explored. The key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is having the right business idea, as well as getting guidance from startup advisors. There is no shortage of business ideas for women if you want to become self-employed but aren’t sure what type of business you’d like to start. From small manufacturing businesses to global businesses, there are many options.  We outlined a few business ideas in this blog post.

List of Top 10 Business Ideas for Women

Top 10 Business Ideas For Women
Top 10 Business Ideas For Women (Image source: pixabay)

After you decide to start your own business, and you’re still unsure what to do, just take a look at the following list. Maybe it will help you make a decision.

The following are the top small business ideas for women:

Sell traditional sarees online

Housewives can look up to selling traditional sarees online as a lucrative business opportunity. We love and adore traditional sarees in India. They are a treasure trove of beauty. The popularity of Indian sarees has led to them becoming an excellent business idea for women worldwide. In addition, you can also open a saree retail store or choose to sell sarees on popular e-commerce marketplaces to reach out to a global customer base. Housewives are able to make money online by selling sarees.

Custom jewellery business

There is also a huge demand for cool, chic corporate jewellery which will never go out of style in the big cities. This is an excellent idea for women to run a small business from home, isn’t it? As a profitable online business, many have turned to sell custom-made corporate jewellery. Generally, the more unique the design, the higher the demand. Jewellery like this is versatile, making you look great at work and while doing WFH, uplifting your mood at the same time.

Turn your free time into Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising performance-based marketing strategy in which companies compensate publishers for generating traffic and leads to their products and services. Affiliates of third-party companies find and promote products, then earn a percentage of the sale profits. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most popular methods by which people make money online, and it can become a passive income once established. The earnings from affiliate marketing can be over USD 50K per year.

Appy Pie has an affiliate program that is among the most lucrative. With the program, affiliate marketers can earn as much as they work because they get rewarded for every sale. You can get started making money right away by joining Appy Pie’s affiliate program!

Why not social media influencers?

Influencers in social media are users who have established a reputation in a specific field. Social media influencers have access to a large number of audiences and can influence others due to their authenticity and reach.

They do this by maintaining an active online presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and various blogs. On average, social influencers earn USD 1,000 per 100,000 followers.

Earn money by selling products on Amazon

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Sell products on Amazon
Sell products on Amazon (pic source: pixabay)

An Amazon shop can be opened by anyone. Despite feeling complicated, the process is straightforward and straightforward. At offline or physical stores, you can find good deals on products and resell them on Amazon for a higher price. Internet sales have grown significantly in recent years. Approximately US$10 million is made annually by Amazon sellers.

We have the perfect solution for you if you’re struggling to get started on Amazon. You can enroll in a free course at Appy Pie Academy to learn how to start an e-commerce business.

Owning rental properties

Renting out properties for passive income is a great business idea. Among the rental properties available are houses, cars, furniture, air conditioners, crockery, quilts, chairs, repair equipment, party supplies, and electronics. Choosing products that you’re interested in is best.

For this business to succeed, it is very important to have an organized structure, and creating an app is the most effective way to accomplish this. It’s possible to create listings using directory features, or even create an online store for your properties and let your app users choose what to rent!

Put your creativity as interior designer

A profitable business idea for you could be interior design if you are a creative person who loves to decorate rooms. An interior designer makes indoor spaces both functional and beautiful. Designing an interior starts with determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. Interior designers must be able to sketch and read blueprints. Your location-based office will allow you to talk with your clients, show them your sample book fabrics, and show them examples of your work. Interior designers make an average salary of USD 51,000.

Get into never-ending food service business

Women can start a food service business as one of the best businesses for them. Anyone can become a food entrepreneur if they love to cook. As long as you are not planning on having a mobile food service, all you need is a place to cook and serve. Anything that is in demand can be cooked. Carts, kiosks, and food trucks are all popular these days. Nutrition-conscious customers can also be catered to by procuring fresh, locally sourced food with low-fat content. The average annual salary of a food service manager is US $54,000.

If you choose to operate a restaurant or a service that delivers food on-demand, you can develop an app that adds a professional touch and offers convenience to your loyal customers.

Best earning opportunity with running daycare center

The childcare center is also known as a nursery school or daycare center and provides childcare for infants and young children during the daytime, so their parents can work. You have the opportunity to start a childcare business in your own home if you love children. You could charge USD 30 per child per day, which works out to USD 600 for each child per month, depending on where you live.  A single-day fee, a weekly fee, or a monthly fee are all available. A nurse on call should be hired and you should be registered with a hospital in case of an emergency.

Be fit, make fit as fitness trainer

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Fitness training
Fitness training (pic credit: pixabay)

Keeping fit is important to many people. Exercise enthusiasts who want to become fitness trainers may find it satisfying. Women who want to become trainers can start their own businesses. As a trainer, you not only make money but also stay healthy. In order to be self-employed as a personal trainer, you will need a degree, a license, and some experience. When you start exercising, you won’t make much money at first. However, you’ll also get sponsorship once you’ve found a good amount of students. The hourly rate of a fitness trainer typically ranges between USD 10 and USD 50.

It’s not necessary for you to limit yourself to only those clients who can visit your gym, your home, or any other preferred venue as a fitness trainer. Creating a fitness app allows you to provide fitness services to people who cannot leave their homes, are in another country, or just cannot meet your schedule. With Appy Pie, you can create your own fitness app without knowing any coding!

Show your thoughts with wedding planning

Planning a wedding is a fun and exciting field. However, it may take experience and good startup capital to succeed in this field. You will need a number of employees to begin your own business. There may be different traditions involved in the weddings, and the timelines for these will need to be created and managed by you and your team. You will eventually be able to get more and more wedding events to plan once you have a few contacts in your portfolio. Your online portfolio will help you attract new clients. Wedding planners make an average salary of USD 41,076 per year.

A violin-shaped cake won’t look right at a sports wedding if you’re planning multiple weddings! Appy Pie can help you create the wedding app you’ve always wanted.

Health care for the elderly

You can either do it yourself or ask for assistance from some trustworthy friends. Older people often require someone to look after them. Sometimes, they just need someone to chat with, gossip with, or help them around the house. In other words, elderly people seek daytime companions and caregivers. Let the local community know about your services.

Why not soap making

Living a healthier lifestyle means choosing organic products. With the popularity of organic products increasing, people are confused about what is authentic and what is not. Therefore, it is best to learn how to make soap and get started. It takes time to build a part-time or full-time business. Money is necessary as well. For soap-making entrepreneurs to be successful, they must have a clear plan. A handmade soap business will require state permits and licenses, so be sure to obtain them. An average soapmaker earns USD 22,000 to USD 38,000 a year.

Bake your ideas with cake making

Cake making is a good business idea if you are a good cook who loves to bake. If you are dedicated to your career in food, you will be able to excel. Halloween and Christmas are typically times when cakes are in high demand. This means you can make a lot of money during these holidays. Because birthdays happen every month, the cake demand will not fall during the off-season, guaranteeing you a steady income throughout the year. Bakeries earn an average of USD 25,000 a year.

There is, however, more to this business than just baking. Managing logistics, tracking orders, and keeping track of deliveries would also be required. Make sure that a bachelorette party cake does not get mixed up with a baby shower cake by creating an Appy Pie!

Sell your crafts online

It is a great idea to sell crafts online to start off safe and stay afloat in the current economic climate. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many businesses were devastated, but if you were one of those with the foresight to pivot or launch your business online during that time, you should celebrate! Because people are more likely to buy products from companies that they can access via their computer or smartphone than from traditional retail stores that only exist offline, you may still be in business today.


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