Top 17 Automobile Business Ideas To Start

Top 17 automobile business ideas to start in India, how to start: Would you like to start a new business venture in the automobile sector but aren’t sure where to begin? Do not worry, we are here to help. The automobile industry has flourished lately and is expected to reach 18.18 trillion by 2026. In other words, if you are in search of real automobile business ideas to make profit margins with a suitable investment, you have come to the right place.

Therefore, let’s dig into the details one by one and examine the potential automobile business ideas.

A guide to Top 17 automobile business ideas to start In India

Automobile spare parts business

There is a high-profit potential in this automobile spare parts business. Furthermore, for entrepreneurs who are interested in the retail industry within the automobile sector, this can be a perfect option for them, given the number of vehicles and repair shops in a city.

The retail store of auto spare parts carries all the parts and tools that customers may need for their vehicles. In India, there is a need for approximately $30 to $40 lakhs of finance for this business. An automobile business idea like this can be very profitable with a proper business plan and strategic investment.

Used car dealership

A car is typically sold two or three times during its lifetime. Automobile dealers have a wide range of customers to serve. People prefer buying a second-hand car instead of buying a brand new one, so it has excellent potential.

A used car is bought from an owner in exchange for money in this plan. To operate the business, you will need to follow numerous legal steps. In general, buying used cars from previous owners requires about *10-15 lakhs as an investment. With this plan, you can service and repair used cars with a relatively modest capital investment. 

Automobile oil change services

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Oil Change Business
Oil Change Business (pic credit: pixabay)

An oil change involves changing the used and filtered oil in the engine of an automobile. New and clean oil replaces the old oil.

The proper functioning of vehicles and automobiles relies on lubrication oil as much as fuel oil. Since people are more interested in owning automobiles, the scope of this industry is vast.

Auto repair and mechanic services

Repair and mechanic services have become necessary with the proliferation of two- and four-wheelers. An automobile business such as this will remain in demand for years to come. Thus, opening the business with spare parts and tools in an urban area can result in enormous profits. This automobile business idea does, however, require qualified technicians, an appropriate business location, and a high capital investment to get started.

As a business owner, you need to invest about 30 to 35 lakhs in equipment, tools, and employees to launch your service company.

Car washing services for automobiles

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Car Washing Business Idea To Start in India
Car Washing Business Idea To Start (pic source: pixabay)

Low capital investment and limited risks make this business idea suitable for those looking for a low-risk investment opportunity. Compared to other business ideas for automobiles, managing a car washing business is easy. There is, however, the need for proper planning in terms of space and technical washing equipment. Setting up a car washing service in an Indian city would cost you around 15 to 25 lakhs.

Automotive paint and branding

Many people use their vehicles as a symbol of status in addition to traveling. Consequently, people like to make their cars and bikes stylish with customized services. This is where automotive paint and branding come into play, offering a wide range of colors and designs. With attractive graphics or auto wraps, the vehicle would stand out on the road. It is also possible to brand automobiles by painting them in a particular style or logo.

Export of automotive parts and tools

Among the top countries for supplying spare parts internationally is India. Manufacturers abroad rely on Indian exporters to make their automotive products more efficient. Exporting automotive spare parts could be another option. Investments would range from *15 lakh to *20 lakh. The investment may differ depending on the type of automobiles, such as two-wheelers and four-wheelers.     

Starting an electric automobile charging station

EVs or electric automobiles have become a reality in developing countries like India. Additionally, electric vehicles are receiving significant support worldwide.

E-vehicles are becoming more popular due to rising gasoline and diesel prices and environmental concerns. With strategic planning and investment, establishing electric charging stations can be regarded as a highly profitable automotive business idea.

Car and automobile magazine

The purpose of providing a complete manual on automobiles is to target an interested audience. As a result, publishing magazines about automobiles can be one of the most effective ideas for automobile businesses. Providing appropriate editorial and marketing leads with knowledge and information through this innovative plan can help the business succeed.

Automobiles review vlogging and blogging

On the internet, blogging and vlogging are currently the hottest trends. Bloggers and vloggers are often used by people to conduct detailed research before purchasing a vehicle. This automobile business idea requires little investment and requires more effort.

Establishing a parking lot

Setting up this business plan in a large metropolitan city is one of the easiest things to do. Every day there are more and more vehicles, resulting in a shortage of parking spaces. Managing a parking lot can thus generate high-profit margins with a cost-effective investment. A good operating labor force and a location in an urban area or city are all it takes for this business to function.

Electric vehicle charging station

EVs or electric vehicles are rapidly gaining in popularity. As well, the manufacturing of electric vehicles has all the support of the world in order to bid farewell to our cursed carbon footprint and usher in a sustainable future. In terms of cost and pollution, electric vehicles would definitely be cleaner, but they also need proper charging stations to be successful. Anyone looking to start an automobile-related business can, therefore, make money by creating or investing in charging stations for electric vehicles.

Automobile franchises

Despite the increasing number of automobiles on the road, the automotive industry is booming at an alarming rate and automobile franchises are becoming increasingly popular. In other words, if you’re looking to start with a car business idea, then an automobile franchise is a safe and profitable choice.

Automobile spraying & branding workshop

Automobiles are not only regarded as useful travel companions, but also as symbols of class and status, and should always be maintained properly to get the services they require. In addition, everybody wants their cars to look dapper and unique on the road, which is the main reason many people opt for vehicle spraying services, which make their vehicles stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can brand automobiles by spraying them with the colors of your brand. Setting up a spraying and branding workshop might be a good idea if you are interested in automobiles and want to generate lucrative business ideas in this industry.

Sale of motor vehicle insurance

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Auto Insurance
Auto Insurance (pic source: pixabay)

If there are vehicles, there must be effective ways to protect their owners from thefts, accidents, or damages. In addition, automobiles are quite expensive for them not to have specialized insurance policies. People can create fortunes out of the sale of motor vehicle insurance policies, as insurance policies not only benefit the owners but also those who sell them.

Tire store retail business

Tire store business opportunities require full inventory control and an understanding of different types of tires, each of which has its own unique number. Starting a business like this can be done in a small town or in a big city.

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Tire Store
Tire Store pic source: pixabay)

Vehicle licensing brokerage service

No matter where you live or what kind of vehicle you have, you must possess a vehicle license. Furthermore, you can earn a lot of money by having a license. Are you aware that the licensing of vehicles is a whole industry?

As a business idea for the automotive industry, you can also consider selling vehicle licensing and brokerage services, if the industry is experiencing recent growth in demand.


Entrepreneurs and startups have extraordinary opportunities in the automobile industry, which is currently booming. Therefore, an automobile business idea can be highly profitable. With our list of profitable automobile business ideas, you can choose wisely and invest wisely.


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