Virtual Assistant For Your Business

Virtual Assistant For Your Business

How Virtual Assistants Help Small Businesses to Become Successful

No matter how small your business, it’s often terrible to do everything single-handed. This is particularly true in our era of “multi”:

  • Multi-channel marketing on social media, smartphones, and the web;
  • Multi-channel, two-way communications through phones, texts, online forums, and social media, and;
  • Multi-income streams that make use of point-of-sales apps and tools, online e-commerce, and yes, even checks and cash.

With all these tasks, it’s hard to focus stress on the most important function of your business: serving your clients and customers. How can you spend your energy on that service without leaving the ball on the other stuff? The answer is through hiring virtual assistants.

A step-by-step guide to Virtual Assistant For Your Business

Guide to Virtual Assistant For Your Business
Guide to Virtual Assistant For Your Business (Image credit: pixabay)

What is the Necessity of Virtual Assistant for your Business?

If you’re planning to de-clutter your business life so you can stress on serving your clients and customers, then virtual assistants are the perfect platforms. They are best at the everyday tasks that keep your business running successfully and can also manage the more complex tasks that you’re ready to offer some other person.

If you’re not having an idea of which tasks to outsource, you must take a close look at the below types of works that make up your daily tasks:

  • Repetitive tasks;
  • Specialized tasks; and
  • Expert tasks.

If you don’t like working with other people, you can even check out many digital assistants available today including online and mobile apps as well as chatbots and agents. These “virtual” virtual assistants mainly focus on doing one thing well and, in particular cases, they can even lend a real competitive advantage.

  • With all the choices, it’s can be hard to steer the complex virtual assistant landscape. This guide will help you to some extent:
  • Show you how to appoint and manage human virtual assistants; and
  • Introduce you to the properties and functionality of the increasing number of digital virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants for your Business

Science fiction and future assumption aside, nothing can presently replace a human virtual assistant. This is particularly true for complex tasks that include many areas of expertise and complexity.

The reason these folks are called “virtual” assistants is that several of them work remotely from you, either at their place or from home. They are typically hired as freelancers or on a contract basis and are not full-time employees of your business. This trend has been increasing for years and, their demand itself is an indication, has proven to be a great success for both virtual assistants and the small businesses that need them.

How to Hire Virtual Assistant for your Business?

Before appointing a virtual assistant, check about what you seek from them to do and make sure you know what you need in terms of personal traits, skills, and information.

Once you have analyzed the requirements of your perfect virtual assistant, you can check for them in one (or all) of three places:

  • Online freelance sites;
  • Virtual staffing services; and
  • Via references and referrals from others.

How to Manage Virtual Assistant for your Business?

When you first get a virtual assistant on board, you want to identify that they know what to do primarily. To create a process, plan these tips for onboarding freelancers that apply here as well.

Almost every day, you have to manage your virtual assistant much the same way as a person. Here are some ideas for doing so, both for all types of virtual assistants and tech-oriented virtual assistants in common.

Sometimes things don’t work as planned. If you plan to end a relationship with a personal assistant, don’t allow it to prevent you from hiring another. The initial trouble, lack of focus due to too many tasks, still exists and you still need assistance.

Besides, both before and after hiring a virtual assistant think of these rules to check to learn from each experience so that the next one is best for that job.

Digital Virtual Assistant for your business

In the present year, we have seen the rise of a new type of virtual assistant, the digital virtual assistant.

Consider one part of machine learning and one segment of natural language processing and you obtain something that feels very near to artificial intelligence. Digital virtual assistants rely on company servers, mobile phones, and the web and can take carte many routine tasks along with a growing number of not-so-frequent tasks.

At their inception, these digital assistants mainly consisted of the almost generally disliked yet ubiquitous automated call answering structures. Today, these virtual phone services have established a robust set of parameters that becomes more natural to use daily.

However, the first digital virtual assistant that most people are aware of is Siri, the iPhone’s built-in personal secretary that almost seemed like magic when it was launched. Over the years, however, Siri has evolved, keeping on features and increasing its functionality that makes the digital assistant truly expedient.

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Different types of Digital Virtual Assistant for your Business

After the Siri launch, several Siri look-alikes have been developed and some of which have already been launched and not now seen.

Today, the progression of machine learning technology is forwarding us towards a future where digital virtual assistants will fit very feasibly into our daily routine. Let’s take a tour of few such digital assistants available.

  • Microsoft Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of Siri and, similar to its counterpart, it has evolved and is nowadays more useful to small business entrepreneurs.

  • Facebook M

A digital assistant added into the Messenger app, Facebook M, an application similar to Siri and Cortana, is not yet in all markets.

  • Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo’s digital virtual assistant is also named Alexa and like its counterparts, its features tend to evolve.

  • Other Digital Virtual Assistants

The digital virtual assistant market remains to expand and comprises newcomers such as:

  • Snips – an app that aids monitor all the interactions between your connected devices;
  • ai – an application that can manage all your scheduling communications;
  • Redbooth + Cisco Spark – It is a project management secretary; and
  • Robotbase – a virtual butler and business secretary in a package.

The Rise of Chatbots and Uses of Chatbots for your Business

A guide about virtual assistants would not be accomplished without informing about chatbots.

Chatbots have been here for years however the advance of technology has turned these digital virtual assistants into truly advantageous business tools.

As digital virtual assistants, chatbots can be used as:

  • Customer service;
  • Streamline your online marketing funnel;
  • Publishing content;
  • Facilitate sales processes; and
  • Market your business;
  • Increase online conversions;
  • Even acting as a traditional virtual assistant.

If you’re concerned about all this technology, then verify the PullString for a “no-tech-required” chatbot creator.

The conclusion of Virtual Assistant for your Business

Whether you decide to go human or digital, virtual assistants are treasured aspects of small business success. They help you get past the hectic work so that you can focus on the most essential part of your business, your associates, and customers.


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