Welding and Fabrication Business – Plan, Ideas In India

Top List of Small Welding and Fabrication Business Ideas


Do you plan to start a small welding and fabrication business? If yes, check out a basic list of the most profitable business opportunities in the welding and fabrication segment.

Usually, welding and fabrication are classified under the light engineering segment. And with proper awareness and required skill, any individual can initiate a small business in this industry. Moreover, an advantage of this business in this segment is possible with small capital investment.

A step-by-step guide for starting Welding and Fabrication Business in India

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Guide for starting Welding and Fabrication Business in India (Pic source: Pixabay)

Market potential of Welding and Fabrication Business

According to industry experts, the global welding market is forecast to increase at a CAGR of 5.3% to reach USD 19.76 billion by 2025. And there are adequate causes behind it. These are fast urbanization and infrastructure growth, especially from emerging economies of countries like China, India, and others. The Asia Pacific and Europe together have more than 53% of the global market size.

Apart from infrastructure, the automobile industry even has an ample share. And the rapid technological progressions in the automotive industry boosts the demand further.

Regularly, the automotive industry practices welds for joining two constituents in the production of vehicle components and other things. However, the choice of welding material depends upon the type of end-use. So, the reputed welding company brands in the business commence itself to provide a wide range of business opportunities for developing welding experts and entrepreneurs.

License, registration, and permission required to start Welding or Fabrication business in India

Permission required to start Welding or Fabrication business
Permission required to start Welding or Fabrication business ( Image source: Pixabay)

Registration of company: The first step to begin your low investment business is to register your company with ROC (register of companies).

SSI unit registrations: To have SSI unit to the product you must take SSI to unit registration (not mandatory).

Trade license: The local authorities will permit the trade license to operate your business.

GST registration: GST registration is very mandatory for any business which includes the listing of business with the government to obtain GST number.

BIS quality standard: It marks the quality and standard for the specification and dimension of the material needed for fabrication.

IS (1948-1961): It is the specification of the fabrication or welding that deals with the aluminium that is utilized in construction industries.

Pollution control certificate: The manufacturing unit liberate some gasses that might be hazardous to the environment and thus leads to pollution, so it is recommended to have the consent to function through the Pollution Control board is necessary by obtaining Pollution Control Certificate you can run your business without any interruptions.

MSME/SSI registrations: MSME/SSI Registration aids to seek the subsidies that are provided by the government.

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List of Welding and Fabrication business ideas to earn money in India

  • Aluminum Door Window Manufacturing

If you wish to start a small business in this industry, then you can plan an aluminum door window manufacturing business. Presently, the demand for aluminum fabricated materials is increasing rapidly. And some of the most famous items are the door, window, handrails, glass window frames, stairs, etc. By acquiring a small space, you can begin this business.

  • Aluminum Ladder Manufacturing

The aluminum ladder has a market in both domestic and industrial places. The aluminum ladder manufacturing process is not tedious. And you need a moderate space for functioning. However, the business demands much more working capital. Hence, you must be ready to invest in procuring raw materials from the beginning.

  • Canopy Structure Service

An aluminum canopy is a small arrangement fastened on the exterior of a door or window. Also, sometimes it is placed over a terrace to get protection during various seasons from rain, wind, or sun. Sometimes the entire unit is made of aluminum, or it may have an aluminum frame holding a protective element of fabric, glass, or polycarbonate.

You can initiate a canopy structure providing service from your place. Simply, the business needs a mobile welding machine and few other essential tools.

  • MIG Supply Service

MIG refers to metal inert gas. Generally, highly experienced welders have this type of welding. Usually, the process refers to the use of electricity to melt and join broken pieces of metal together. Out of the various welding styles, MIG is probably the most primary one. So, you can begin a MIG supply service business for your local welders it could gain profits.

  •  Mobile Welding Service

If you want to start a business without setting up a unit, then proceed with a mobile welding service business as a perfect opportunity. Generally, a mobile weld professional provides the service at the customer’s end. Therefore, the business allows you to provide a home-based operation. However, you must have a vehicle for traveling and for easy transport.

  • Ornamental Gate Making

An ornamental decorative gate enhances the aesthetics of the entire property. So, in most cases, people acquire this type of gate for their home, garden, or backyard. Moreover, you will find an ornamental gate in the commercial buildings as well. Starting this type of business needs good creativity and little architectural ideas.

  • Steel Furniture Making

Nowadays, steel furniture items are gaining popularity. Because of their lightweight, high shelf life, and cost-effectivity, people opt to buy this kind of furniture. A steel furniture-making business needs expertise in steel fabrication. Some of the most famous steel furniture items are table, Almirah, chair, and racks, etc.

  • Welding Equipment Selling

Even if you are not a welding expert, you can start the plan for this business. Nowadays, there are several ways you can get an idea about beginning a welding equipment selling business. You can start a brick and mortar store for selling the things.

Also, you can consider selling online from your website. Some of the basic welding equipment includes stick welders, TIG welders, MIG welders, multi-process welders, advanced process welders, etc.

  • Welding Machine Selling

If you are proficient and know the pros and cons of different types of welding machines then you can plan it as a business. The business is all about vending tools and equipment to other fabrication ventures.

Numerous machine manufacturers seek distributors or retailers locality wise. You can check the opportunity and plan for a business deal with a popular welding machine brand. For every machine you sell, you will receive a commission.

  • Wrought Iron Furniture Making

If you desire to initiate with a low-cost business in the welding and fabrication segment, then you can consider a wrought iron furniture-making business. Nowadays, this specific type of furniture is gaining incredible popularity. Not only in urban places but also in suburban and small villages they have a big market.

The longevity of this product is also high and the product remains elegant and beautiful for a longer duration. Moreover, this furniture can carry any weight and size and it is not destroyed easily.

Any individual can begin a welding and fabrication business with minimum investment. However, it demands some skill, expertise, and specific idea about the industry.

Where to sell fabrication

The marketing of your business depends on the budget you have for advertising purposes.

Local market

Marketing your business: You can showcase your business by using local advertisements using print media like using newspapers and other magazines.

Online market

Currently, most people are searching for any products online thus an online presence will improve your business as it makes your business even more visible. You can be transparent enough to display your work and costs online and by seeing that customers can directly contact you regarding your business.

B2B websites: If you are interested in having orders in bulk then by registering your business on B2B websites like Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Exportersindia, is significant.

Brand and uniqueness

Sales department: If your capital permits, you can appoint a sales team to promote your fabrication business in different places. You can also advertise and promote your brand through the recurring clients and request them to spread it to your local customers which will help you to get a few more customers.


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