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Ball Pen Making Project Report – Business Plan

Ball Pen Making Project Report and Business Plan


Hello friends, today we are here with a new topic called “Ball Pen Making Project Report and Business Plan in India”. It is a known fact that pen is a medium of writing but it can also be an opportunity for revenue if you start to manufacture them and sell them in the market. With a very small capital and little area, you can plan your own pen manufacturing business and gain a decent revenue from it. The below-mentioned guide would guide you in beginning your own business.

A step-by-step guide to Ball Pen Making Project Report and Business Plan

Craft a detailed Ball Pen Making Business Plan

A business plan will include what steps will you take to register your business, the investment pattern, expense needed, necessary resources, staff, ROI, risks and problems, etc. A business plan is also useful to attract stockholders and to avail loans for your business. It also helps you while starting your business and keeps on a perfect way to achieve success in your business.

Guide to start Ball Pen Making Business

Let us get into detailed information on how to start your business. To initiate your pen manufacturing business, you will acquire the following things.

  • Raw materials for pen manufacturing
  • Machinery essential for pen manufacturing
  • Location setup your manufacturing unit
  • Funds to purchase such items and lease space for business
  • Staff and pen manufacturing operators
  • Building your network to develop the market for selling products
  • Managing the business and ROI

Raw Materials required to start Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

Some raw materials are necessary to manufacture a pen. We have added some here:

Barrel: A barrel is the chief body of a pen and it is where the ink is included. Currently, pens comprise refills it hence the barrel part remains empty for keeping the refill.

Metal Tip: A metal tip is the main end of a pen through which the ink flows and which is placed on the paper or surface used for writing. A metal tip must have a good quality that will ensure smooth writing. The metal tip is joined with a refill or the barrel to help the flow of ink.

Plastic Adapter: This is made of plastic and useful to join the metal tip with the barrel.

The Cap: A pen cap is an important part that covers the metal tip to prevent non-leakage of ink and to protect the metal tip.

Ink: Ink is the fluid that is filled into the refill that enables scribble on a sheet of paper or a smooth surface. Ink is a very essential part of any pen and must be of good quality. Ink is available in various colors like black, green, blue, or red.

One can purchase these items in bulk or can manufacture a few of them on their own. You can purchase pen ink in bulk that is in liters and can use it to fill the refills of the pen. Barrel, plastic cap, an adapter can be manufactured using standard plastic. For this, you need plastic or recycled plastic.

Machinery required to start Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

There are some machines necessary for the manufacturing of pens. They are listed below:

Punching Machine: To punch the plastic adapter into the barrel from one side punching machine is used.

Stamping Machine: Stamping Machine is meant for printing purposes on the body of the plate for advertising. You can exclude this if you are not interested to advertise or brand it. When you are supplying pens in bulk for some other company then also their stamp could be printed on the pen for various purposes.

Ink Filling Machine: The ink is filled in the refill or the barrel with this machine. Ink should be filled properly and with care and keep other end closed. One should be cautious about the formation of gaps between the inks with air this will hinder the smooth writing.

Centrifuging Machine: This machine is used to clear the air gaps between the metal nip and the barrel. It ensures a smooth flow of ink for a proper writing experience.

Drilled Nozzle Plate: It helps to place the metal nip into the barrel or the refill.

You may also require machines to develop the body of the pen for the barrel, the cap, the metal tip, etc. Even you have the option to buy these items in bulk for your ease.

Area required to setup Ball Pen Manufacturing Unit

You must acquire some space to manufacture pens for operations. The advantage is that you might not require more space for manufacturing. A small room in your house is sufficient for small-scale business and to begin your work.

If you don’t own a house or plan to start from home then you can opt to lease a space for the same. There is a small catch and advantage of an own place because you will save a lot of money. This is not possible and wasted while taking place on lease or for rent.

Manpower required to start Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

You may require the assistance of two or more individuals for your start-up business. Appoint candidates who have experience in multitalented and can do several tasks. For freshers, you have to give them training while operating machines and manufacturing your pens. If your budget allows then you can keep an advisor to your start-up to monitor the accounts.

Investment required to start Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

Ball Pen
Ball Pen (Pic source: pixabay)

Based on the feasibility check statistics and your business plan it is easy to have an estimate of the capital investment that is incurred to begin your business. The expenses of labor, experts, skilled operators, rented area, registering as tax organization, administrative staff, raw material expenses, machinery expenses, and other miscellaneous costs.

To summarize it up you need not spend a large capital for your business but just a few lakhs. You can decrease it by taking essential steps like beginning your business on your location or land. Managing invoices or accounts-related stuff by yourself. Appointing people who are experienced and talented.

Ball Pen Making Project Report/ Economics of Ball Pen Making Business

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Economics of Ball Pen Making Business
Economics of Ball Pen Making Business (image credit: pixabay)

Capital Expenditure

Ball Pen Making Project ReportFixed cost

Land and construction work-shed: Rs. 2,25,000

Total Capital Expenditure: Rs. 2,25,000.

Ball Pen Making Project Report Working Capital

Raw Material Cost: Rs. 96,000

Labels and Packing Material: Rs.75,000

Wages (1-Skilled & 1- Unskilled): Rs. 1,50,000

Salaries (1-Manager): Rs. 1,20,000

Administrative Expenses: Rs. 40,000

Overheads: Rs. 40,000

Miscellaneous Expenses: Rs. 25,000

Depreciation: Rs. 22,000

Insurance: Rs. 2,250

Interest (As per the PLR)

a. C.E.Loan: Rs. 29,250

b. W.C.Loan: Rs. 93,600

Total Interest: Rs. 1,22,850.

Working Capital Requirement

Fixed Cost: Rs. 2,16,500

Variable Cost: Rs. 2,854,600

Requirement of WC per year: Rs. 7,67,775

Total project cost: Rs. 9,92,750

Sales = 5,00,000 pens per year

Each pen sale price: Rs. 2, so for 7,00,000 pens = Rs. 14,00,000

Ball Pen Making Project Report Profit in Ball Pen Making Business in India

Profitability = Sales – total project cost = Rs. 14,00,000 – Rs. 9,92,750 = Rs. 4,07,250.

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Return on Investment (ROI) for Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

Managing your business is an essential segment to obtain good results. From arranging every item to establishing your business and to appointing your staff. All will need a good amount of your efforts. Managing your business with effectiveness will enhance the profit margin and will provide you good gains.

During the initial months of your earnings, the amount will be diverted on the investment you made, and only after that can consider the profit and start calculating returns. Profit margin which is low in this business can be enhanced by increasing the product quality or by doing some innovative marketing strategies and brand awareness campaigns. You can also sell few other products along with this in the same unit such as books, tennis balls, etc.

Marketing strategies for promoting your Ball Pen Brand

You need to develop or explore a market for selling your manufactured product. You have to approach some shopkeepers and many distributors who are associated with the stationary business. Build up your network with them to sell the pens you manufacture.

You can also plan for a retail shop of your own to sell pens to enhance the profit margin. You may also approach some offices or companies who purchase pens and print with their company’s name to spread it within their company or to their clients. Educational institutes or Banking firms are the perfect examples of the same.

Conclusion of Ball Pen Manufacturing Business

Finally, to attain success in your business, planning is very crucial followed by proper action. Always be cautious as a small error may cause big damage to the entire venture and even affect the end product quality. In this competitive era, there is no doubt your smartness will play a key role.

That’s all folks about “Ball Pen Making Project Report and Business Plan”.


  1. Thanks so much for this great article,it really help our understanding and deepen our knowledge about ball pen manufacturing. please we want to start the ball pen manufacturing company here in our country Africa Nigeria.we are looking and seeking for individual or company that can mentor or partner with us to guide us and mentor in the extablisment of the ball pen company.


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