Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh Investment in India

In today’s rapidly evolving world, entrepreneurship has emerged as a pivotal force, driving economic growth and job creation across the globe. India, with its vast population and booming economy, presents an ideal landscape for entrepreneurial activities. In particular, the startup ecosystem in India has seen significant growth over the past decade.

A startup is a brand-new business started by one or more entrepreneurs to create and sell a special product or service. Usually, startups are small and funded by the founders themselves or a small group of people. A startup’s main goal is to meet a need in the market by providing something new and exciting that hasn’t been seen before or by doing it better and faster than anyone else, just as the founders had imagined.

Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh Investment in India

Low-investment business ideas, as the term implies, are business ideas that require minimal financial input to get started and keep running. These are particularly appealing to budding entrepreneurs who have limited resources at their disposal. Even with a budget of just 1 lakh, many potential business ideas can be explored in India. It’s crucial to note that the key to success in these ventures is not merely the initial investment. What’s equally, if not more important, is a robust business model, unyielding dedication, and efficient execution.

Digital Marketing Agency

With rapid digitalization and a surge in internet users in India, starting a digital marketing agency can be a lucrative business idea with an investment of less than 1 lakh. As a digital marketing agency, your role would be to help businesses establish an online presence, run advertising campaigns, manage social media accounts, and optimize their websites for search engines. You don’t need much money to run this because you only need a computer, the internet, and some knowledge about digital marketing tools and strategies.

Digital Marketing Agency

Food Truck/Cart

Food is an industry that will never go out of business. You can begin a small food truck or cart selling unique and delicious food with a starting investment of under 1 lakh. The opportunities are endless, whether a quick-service food cart in a bustling area or a specialized food truck serving gourmet cuisine. What’s required is an in-depth understanding of the local palate, quality control, and exceptional service.

Home-based Catering

This business idea doesn’t require a lot of money to get started and can include providing meals for individuals or small events. You just require a few simple tools and ingredients found in your kitchen. To be successful, it’s important to consistently deliver delicious food, offer a variety of dishes, and provide timely service.

Event Planning

Event planning is another potential low-investment business idea. With the increasing trend of outsourced planning for both corporate events and private functions, there is a growing demand for professional event planners. Your responsibilities include planning, organizing, and executing events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, and more. 

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Event Planning

To achieve your goals, it’s important to establish a group of trustworthy vendors and contractors whom you can rely on. Still, the bulk of your work – coordination and planning – would be service-based, which doesn’t require significant capital investment. Creativity, meticulous planning, and excellent organizational skills are the key to success in this field.

Consultancy Services

If you are very knowledgeable and skilled in a particular field, you could think about sharing your expertise as a consultant. A consultant provides expert advice professionally. The fields in which consultancy services can be offered are diverse – from management and business to education and law. This business idea requires minimal investment as it is primarily knowledge-based. Your success depends largely on your reputation, so you must focus on providing superior service and establishing a strong client base

Fitness Trainer

Many individuals now prioritize their health and well-being, leading to a greater need for personal fitness trainers. You could start a fitness training business if you have the skills and passion for fitness. Depending on your expertise, you could offer various services like yoga training, aerobics classes, or personalized workout sessions. You can even conduct these sessions online, reducing the need for physical space and lowering investment costs. You must invest in some basic equipment and certifications to build credibility.

E-commerce Reselling

In India, e-commerce has completely changed the way business is conducted. By 2026, it is estimated that the Indian e-commerce industry will reach a value of $200 billion, a significant increase from its worth of $38.5 billion in 2017. With such tremendous growth, one can start a business by reselling products online. Many online platforms allow you to sell products without worrying about inventory or shipping. You must choose the right products, list them in your store, and start selling.


Dropshipping is an online selling method where the store doesn’t keep the products in stock. The store acts as a middleman instead of stocking and selling products directly. When a customer buys something, the store purchases the item from another company and ships it directly to the buyer.

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The key difference between dropshipping and regular retail is that the store doesn’t have to store or own any inventory. Instead, it buys products from a third party only when there are orders to fulfill. This is a favorable business idea with minimal investment since it doesn’t require a physical store or related expenses. All you need is a reliable online selling platform and trustworthy suppliers.


In conclusion, there are numerous business ideas under a 1 lakh investment that you can explore in India. But don’t forget, starting a business doesn’t always need a big bag of money. To make it big, you must be committed, never give up, and truly know who you’re aiming for. It’s very important to thoroughly study the market, create a solid business plan, and be ready to adjust to changes in the market. Starting a business can be difficult, but having a good idea and executing it well can also bring great satisfaction.


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