Profitable Food Franchise in India Under 10 Lakhs: Low Investment, and High Profits

When you hear the term “franchise,” the first thing that probably comes to your mind is that the venture will need a significant amount of working capital, will finish your savings, and will yield returns only after a significant amount of time has passed. However, the reality is that there are innumerable possibilities to purchase a food franchise in India for less than ten lakhs of rupees. These opportunities can be established in a short amount of time and are followed by rapid profitability.

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Over the last several years, the franchise business has maintained a growth rate that is above average and has afforded thousands of people the chance to be their boss. As a natural consequence of the low entry hurdles in the franchise market, business owners from diverse backgrounds have begun establishing their businesses. The Indian franchise sector has allowed a broad group of people to launch their businesses and make a livelihood look great with their efforts. These people include businesswomen, elderly persons, young entrepreneurs, and owners of small businesses.

Profitable food franchise in India under 10 lakhs

Giani’s franchise

Giani’s has established itself as a prominent brand by opening 60 outlets in five different states, including New Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and M.P. Giani’s Ice Cream is pleased to announce that it will soon be entering its 60th year in business. The International Quality Standards developed the layout of the production facility. The retail locations have a stunning architecture that echoes the high-end quality of the ice creams we serve.

It is a flavor that is so distinctive and unrepeatable that individuals of all ages and areas like it. Not only do consumers of all ages take pleasure in their products, but they also celebrate both major and minor milestones at retail locations. To start a Giani’s franchise, you will require around ten lakhs of rupees.

Mother dairy franchise 

One Indian food franchise, Mother Dairy, was placed 39th on the list of India’s top 100 firms. It is becoming more well-known for the production of dairy and milk-based goods. If you are interested in opening a food franchise business, Mother Dairy might be one of the options for you to consider. Due to the great quality of the company’s products and services, it has locations across India. In addition, the franchisor is not required to make any payments toward the franchise’s royalty fees.

Even though the franchisor requires around 5000 square feet of space to set up a store and at least one employee be employed to manage the business. Therefore, the sum necessary for purchasing this business franchise is around 5–10 lakhs of Indian Rupees. If this condition is not met, the franchisor is responsible for paying the firm a charge. You can anticipate a return on investment of thirty percent during the first calendar year of the venture. Two years from there, you will have reached the point when you can break through.

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Tibbs Frankie franchise

Tibbs Frankie is among India’s top food franchise options, particularly reasonably priced and accessible cuisine options. The name comes from the cricket player Frank Worell, who played for the West Indies. This prominent restaurant business is well-known for serving its patrons meals of the highest quality. Amarjit Singh was the one who established Tibb’s Frankie in the year 1969 in the city of Mumbai.

More than 300 food shops are located in fifteen Indian cities, making it a significant player in the Indian market. Between fifty and one hundred and fifty square meters of land is necessary for a single person to launch their own Tibb’s Frankie production. A group of at least two and no more than five people are required to purchase a Tibbs Frankie franchise. Starting a Tibbs franchise might cost anything from 3 to 5 lakhs of Indian rupees.

Go 69 pizza franchise

Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava established this business in the year 2015 in the city of Lucknow. Go69 Pizza began its nationwide growth in 2016, and since then, they have built more than 65 new stores around the country. Because they don’t charge royalties in the traditional sense, their business approach has been a huge factor in their success. Go69 Pizza collects royalty fees via purchasing raw materials, which each franchisee must acquire directly from the business.

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As a direct result of this adaptability, the total investment required for a Go69 Pizza franchise is less than ten lakhs. Most of the money is spent purchasing workspace and other essential appliances required to make the cuisine. This particular company provides its consumers with a wide selection of other mouth-watering foods, in addition to pizza, including grilled foods, french fries, ice creams, and both cold and hot beverages. Consequently, it will be required to acquire a variety of equipment to prepare meals and drinks properly.

When it comes to the assistance the franchisor provides, an operations manual can be obtained, and training may either happen at the headquarters of the Go 69 Pizza brand or the site of the newly opened franchise. Therefore, franchisees get the essential assistance they need in all facets of the company. The franchise agreement only has to be signed once, but it is valid for a person’s whole life. The overall investment is estimated to be between 5 and 10 lakhs.

Creamy Heaven

The Creamy Heaven ice cream firm creates and offers a wide variety of delicious and sugary ice cream flavors, each of which has a tiny desi twist. As a result of this business’s products’ delightful taste and high standard of excellence, it is rapidly expanding its retail presence throughout India.

The firm concentrates on the conventional scooping method to deliver its one-of-a-kind assortment of 48 flavors. These flavors include natural, mithai, kulfi, dried fruits, and chocolate. Invest between 5 and 10 lakhs; space requirements between 250 and 500 square feet.


Amul, which Anand Milk Producers Union Limited creates, is recognized as a prominent brand in India and worldwide. It is one of India’s most trusted brands since it is one of its major food marketing firms. Consistent and well-planned marketing and advertising activities have contributed to the developing expansion of the brand. Currently, Amul has more than 6000 shops and many parlors throughout 1400 cities and towns in India. Invest between 2 and 5 lakhs; the space must be 250 square feet.

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Lassi corner franchise 

They began operating in 2016, and in the last year, they have expanded their business to more than 115 shops throughout 18 Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. They have been recognized as the Rising Star of India and ranked among the Top 20 Most Promising Fast Food Chain Companies in India by many top magazines and award ceremonies. They have outlets in various sizes and styles, with carpet areas beginning at 90 square feet and going up to 1200 square feet. The necessary investment ranges from 500,000 to 1,000,000 Indian Rupees.

Kathi junction 

One of the well-known quick-service restaurants with a selection of kathi rolls is called Kathi Junction. It is well-known for the tasty and reasonably priced catholic culture that it preserves. The consumption of cuisine of this nature is common in many Indian towns. The passion of Kathi is an excellent match to the preferences of a variety of places and communities; this is one of the reasons why it is so well-liked among the people of India.

The food franchise brand also provides promising prospects for business owners interested in opening their locations by giving them access to cost-effective investment opportunities and specific menu items that don’t require staff to possess specialized skills.

Franks Yummerica Franchise

For fast food, fries are one of the most popular items. Yummerica Fries is a successful food franchise in India that primarily emphasizes giving its clients the best possible quality of fries. These fries have such a unique flavor that they can compete well with the fries produced by other companies. Yummerica Fries began operations in 2017 and has expanded to more than ten locations throughout the globe.

More than one hundred new locations in India and other countries are on the agenda for the company during the next five years. The restaurant serves a wide variety of foods including, but not limited to, french fries, burgers, pancakes, shakes, and waffles. If the individual decides to invest in Yummerica Fries, the firm is prepared to provide complete help in all aspects of the transaction.

Both the franchisee and the firm’s staff get training from the company, in addition to receiving operational instructions from the company. Additionally, the organization assists the franchisee in selecting an appropriate site for the shop. The space requirement ranges from 150 to 250 square feet for a Fries Yummerica restaurant franchisee to operate out of their location. It is estimated that a person would need to pay between 5 and 10 lakh rupees to become the owner of a Yummerica Fries franchise.

This kind of money is required. If this is not the case, the franchisee must pay the corporation a royalty ranging from 4% to 6% of the gross sales. As a result, a return on investment of around 40 percent is anticipated, and it should take a franchisee between one and two years to reach the point where they are profitable again.

Monginis franchise 

Monginis It is widely regarded as one of India’s most promising business prospects available for food franchises. Monginis is a network of Indian bakeries established in 1958 by the Khorakiwala family. The company creates and distributes a variety of baked goods, including pastries, cakes, muffins, and more. More than one thousand of the company’s outlets may be found in different cities throughout India.

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As of 2014, the firm was listed as number 256 on a list of the most trustworthy brands in India. The Monginis brand name’s popularity contributes to the franchise’s success in acquiring new clients. Additionally, the organization helps the franchisee during the whole process of establishing the franchise. The franchisee is given access to the firm’s operating instructions, and the company and its staff participate in training sessions held by the franchisor.

The space requirement for a franchisee looking to operate their own Monginis restaurant is around 250 square feet. To open a Monginis franchise in the early phases, the franchisee must have at least 10 lakh rupees in their bank account. Additionally, the franchisee must pay the firm a refundable security deposit of one lakh rupees as part of the transaction.

In addition, other charges are involved, such as royalties and franchise fees. It is anticipated that Monginis has a profit margin of around 20 percent for each unit of product sold. In about two years, it is anticipated that the franchise will reach the point where it no longer loses money.

Gelato Italiano franchise 

Gelato Italiano It is one of the most well-known brands of gelato in India and a prominent leader in the food franchise industry in India. The retail chain has over 78 outlets throughout seven of India’s major cities. However, instead of the typical healthier ice cream, the firm offers healthier, low-air ice cream with 40% air content instead of the standard ice cream, which has 100% air content.

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The space requirement for opening a Gelato Italiano franchise is between 50 and 300 square feet and must be fulfilled by an individual. Investing 5 to 10 lakh rupees in Gelato Italiano and being a franchisee is something they could be interested in doing on their own. When a franchisee begins operations, they should anticipate earning back the amount of their initial investment between 13 to 18 months.

Rolla costa franchise 

In the recent past, Rolla Costa has emerged as a prominent brand in the industry due to its quick expansion as a franchised Indian restaurant chain. Rolla Costa is a business that opened its first location in 2012 and has since expanded to regularly provide sanitary and tasty rolls and shawarma to its consumers. On its menu, in addition to rolls and shawarmas, Costa Roll offers spaghetti, sandwiches, biryani, and so on.

The business is included on a list of India’s top one hundred franchise possibilities. The firm already operates retail outlets in more than 15 cities throughout India and has ambitions to build an additional 100 retail locations over the next five years. The franchisee receives guidance and direction from Rolla Costa during the whole process of establishing the business and is guided through it step by step. The firm also provides training for the store’s staff and the franchisee who owns the business.

The Rolla costa franchise requires a space of two hundred square feet to create a kiosk type. About 9 lakh rupees is the sum the franchisee must put aside to open a Rolla costa franchise kiosk. In addition, the franchisee must pay the firm a security deposit of one lakh of rupees before they can start operating their business. Depending on the product, the Costa Roll profit margin varies from 40 to 60 percent, and the franchisee is anticipated to recoup their investment within 12 to 18 months of beginning operations.


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