Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000 In India

Introduction to business ideas under Rs. 5,000 : Starting a business with as little as Rs. 5,000 can be done by enterprising individuals who are willing to work hard and succeed. Here are a few ideas for getting started.

The men in the family do jobs or business outside the home while the women tend to the house as housewives. However, in today’s world, when inflation is constantly increasing, women need to earn money. We will show women how to earn good money from these small businesses at home in this article.

In addition to significant time and energy investments, starting and running a business often takes a lot of money and time. Some passionate entrepreneurs, however, will never let a lack of money stop them.

A guide to Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000 In India

Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000 In India
Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000 In India (Image source: pixabay)

The majority of businesses begin small and then gradually grow. Your motivation and effort determine how successful your business will be. An entrepreneur who loves their idea can work around the clock without any issues.

Investment in business: Staying at home allows women to start these businesses very easily. It is possible to start these businesses for just Rs 5,000 and make very good profits every day.

A business can be started with as little as Rs 5000 if one has the dedication and the passion. You must be driven to succeed and succeed big.

Business startups are easier than ever in today’s environment. The internet provides easy access to information, cheap data rates, affordable technology, and more funding avenues than ever before, allowing entrepreneurs to establish their businesses more quickly than ever.

Entrepreneurs can start these business ideas with a budget as low as Rs 5000.

Perfume making business

Everybody wants to look attractive and smell good. Hence, perfumes are used to achieve this goal. Starting a small business idea of making perfume for women will be advantageous in such a situation. Furthermore, it can be easily made. Using the internet, women can start making perfumes and earn good money.

Curtain stitching business

If you enjoy stitching, then this business could be a great way of earning for you. Sewing curtains from home is a great small business idea for women. It requires little investment and brings in good profits. Curtains enhance the beauty of your house. Why not try this business and make good money?

Bread making Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000

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(pic credit: pixabay)
Bread making (pic credit: pixabay)

Bread is consumed in some form or another by all of us. Therefore, it has a higher demand and a higher return on investment. It is also very common in this country to make bread on a large scale. Therefore, it would be beneficial for women in such a situation to start making bread. At a low cost, it is possible to start this business from home.

Thrift store Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000

Thrift stores are all the rage in North America and Europe, but they’re gaining ground in India too, as several startups are experimenting with circular economies. Several conscious consumers are also turning to thrift stores as more and more research is coming out regarding the effect of fast fashion. If you want to start a thrift store, you will need to start collecting clothes from your own closet and from people you know. Putting the clothes up for sale is as simple as a little dry cleaning. Uploading photos of the products you wish to sell on Facebook or Instagram will allow you to start a thrift page. You can certainly spread the word more effectively if you have many friends and acquaintances.

Eco-friendly newspaper bags

Stores are switching to cloth and paper bags in response to state governments banning single-use plastic. One can start a small business making sturdy newspaper bags and selling them to stores or directly to customers with an increase in demand for such alternatives. You can start at your friendly neighborhood shop or among your neighbors in your gated communities. Here is where you will find your first customers.

Ironing service

In today’s hectic world, ironing services are in great demand because people don’t have time to do their laundry themselves. You can start this kind of service from the comfort of your home. In neighborhoods where there are many residential areas, you’ll have no problem finding customers nearby. The only thing you’ll need is a pair of sturdy irons, and an assistant if the job is too large for one person.

Art, Music and Dance classes

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Music class (pic source: pixabay)
Music class (pic source: pixabay)

You can tutor children and adults in art, music, or dance if you are a creative soul who has art skills. Tutoring requires little investment, and the return on investment is greater than the cost. In addition, it is also possible to organize a group class for several people, do two or more batches a day, and thus maximize profits.

Home Organising

Organizing and creativity are required to start up this business. Many people want such services before big events thanks to the rise of home organizers as a trendy business model. There are always people who need home organizing before festivals and big events since spring cleaning usually comes before these events. With small projects under your belt, you can expand your team and take on bigger projects once revenue starts to come in.

Paying guest accommodation

If you own a house and have a soft spot for hospitality, rent out a few spare rooms to students or office workers, and you will have some company as well. Guest accommodations can be set up easily and at a reasonable cost. Offering clean facilities and food can create a comfortable and welcoming environment for your guests without spending a lot of money. You don’t have to pay for advertising, and you can easily be reached by guests if you choose an AirBnB-style service. The quality of hospitality is extremely important.

Pet sitting Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000

The perfect gift for all pet lovers who aren’t content with just one pet. When pet owners are away, working late, or having guests, they are always searching for people who can take care of their animals. It is possible to have your business and enjoy pets simultaneously if you invest in pet food, toys, and safety measures.

Pest control Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000

In the past few decades, this trade was rather rudimentary. Pest control has become increasingly sophisticated and requires specialized equipment as well as a variety of pesticides capable of effectively destroying anything from mice to termites. In addition, you will need skilled workers.

Communication equipment store

All GPS equipment, satellite radios, satellite phones, and wireless sets can be sold in India provided the government grants the necessary licenses. A license is required for the ownership of such communication equipment by individuals and companies. A large investment is required for the business. Before selling any communications equipment to clients, make sure they are legitimate.

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines are made by around two dozen companies in India. It is, however, impossible for them all to meet customer needs due to the size of the market in India. A new company that makes Ayurvedic medicines is relatively easy to start now that the Ministry of Ayush has been created. However, it requires considerable investment.

Iodized salt

Groundwater can be easily retrieved from sources near the Indian coast for salt extraction. Fortifying salt powder with iodine and fluorine, however, requires expensive equipment. Even so, iodized salt is a product that can be produced for a large market in a safe manner.

Financial advisory

Providing people with information about investments in shares, health insurance, banking products, and other financial services is something you may consider if you know enough about this area. In order to run this business, you will need several licenses as well as spacious offices. Your financial background should also be solid.

Computer classes

There is a shortage of computer classes in the city, as they are always in demand. Indians are becoming increasingly computer-literate as a result of this trend. To open computer classes for specific skills, take advantage of Skills India schemes.

Bio-fertilizer factory

It is easy to make bio-fertilizers on a small scale, and various subsidies and benefits are available from the Indian government. You can create a bio-fertilizer from organic waste, making it a small business idea with little investment.

Handicraft showroom

The country produces more handicrafts than any other in the world due to the rich culture and traditions of its states. Nevertheless, the products cannot all be found under one roof. Selling popular and offbeat handicrafts from all over India is possible.

Bicycle rides Business Ideas Under Rs. 5,000

Is there anyone who does not love cycling? There is a growing interest in bicycling to nearby places in cities, while in rural areas there are no other means of transportation. It is possible to exploit this large market by making bicycles for everyone, from kids to adults, to athletes to mail carriers.


Make a list of 1-2 ideas that you might start in the next few days from the list of ideas that you liked. We will try to give you a solution through a comment if you have a question about any business ideas.


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