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Introduction to Dona Pattal Project Report, Manufacturing Process, Business Plan: Starting a new business is a big decision and it is important to know how to make money from it and how you can do so. There is a wide range of options where you can earn a good profit by investing little capital. This type of business is known as a flat business. Before you start investing in Dona Pattal, make sure to learn about the business’ details and ensure to invest in an appropriate manner so that you can make a profit out of it. Continue reading for other relevant details of the business of Dona Pattal outlined in the next section of this article.

A guide to Dona Pattal Project Report, Manufacturing Process, Business Plan

Dona Pattal Manufacturing Process
Dona Pattal

Details about Dona Pattal Manufacturing Business

There is a widespread practice of serving food on disposable plastic plates, and it is commonly witnessed in public functions such as wedding parties and other gatherings. Plastic or thermocol items are used to make these plates. Prior to the present, plates were traditionally made from leaves, but now they are made of plastic or thermocol material. Traditional Dona Pattals were made by chopping banana and sargi shrub leaves and using bamboo sticks for support. As a result of the way the plates and bowl are manufactured, it is easy to use and discard. The thermocol and plastic plates used in modern times are harder to destroy than these. This way you can find out more details about how to start a business that makes Dona Pattals without negatively impacting the environment.

Business plan for Dona Pattal Manufacturing

You need to gain the necessary knowledge about Dona Pattal before you embark on this business. If you are starting a business for the first time, you should seek the assistance of an expert. It is the experienced artisans who will help you begin a successful business by guiding you through the making of Dona Pattal. Using the right technique will help you run your business efficiently.

If you want to start a successful business, you should choose the right location for it. Make sure that you select the right factory place for the business in a manner that prevents dirt from spreading around. It is also important to build the business area in a place where it can be completely isolated from the crowds of pedestrians so its operation doesn’t disturb them in any way. Furthermore, the location should be easily accessible by public transportation and should be an open area. Additionally, it will facilitate the movement of the suppliers to the factory. A properly designed setup should make it possible for the business to run effectively and earn profit in a short amount of time.

Market Potential of Dona Pattal Manufacturing Business

There are two types of plates commonly used: thermocol and plastic. The two plates are both harmful to nature. Public places such as hotels, restaurants, dhabas, and railways commonly use the plates. As a result, plates made from leaves as well as papers made from leaves can also be used without harm. After using the Dona Pattal, which is made from leaves of tree leaves, it can easily be eliminated. As long as the demand for the Dona Pattal product is high enough, it will be appropriate to continue the business.

Registration and licenses required for Dona Pattal Manufacturing Business in India

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Licenses required for Dona Pattal Manufacturing
Licenses required for Dona Pattal Manufacturing

No matter what kind of business you wish to start, you need to be registered. By doing so, we will avoid any unwanted issues in the future. In order for your flat business to operate, a registration procedure must be completed since it is not a long process. It is imperative to register the business before you begin no matter what its size is. The following list shows the legal registrations for a business.

As a first step toward business registration, choose a name for your company with which you can identify your brand. Consider giving a unique name as opposed to the others in the market.

You must visit the municipality of the local area in which you will set up the business before starting one. A legal license must be obtained from there.

You will receive the legal license for your business immediately if there are no errors with the license you applied for. 

It is not illegal to make Dona Pattal, but you must obtain a license from the Pollution Control Board along with a NOC. 

Consider MSME as an industry base for the business. Visit the local industry in your district for this purpose.

To have the rented shop connected to electricity, you need to find a power source. Regardless of how much space you have, setting up an electricity connection is a necessity. To do this, you will need to install a professional meter in the room and get approval from the State Electric Board. Therefore, you won’t experience any power problems.

In order to appoint labor in your business, ensure that you obey the labor laws and do not underpay the employee.

Raw material required for Dona Pattal Manufacturing Business

Dona pattal is made entirely from leaves as its only raw material. If you have a small room available, you can install a plate-making machine and start the business. Making a profit in the business can be achieved by choosing the right raw materials. Trees and leaves are the two main items needed for the making of dona pattal. A banana tree leaf, or even a slightly larger leaf, is also common in this business.

Machinery and tools required to start Dona Pattal Manufacturing Business

You can make the plates without using a machine. However, if a machine is employed, a greater number of plates can be produced faster than ever. Single-die machines can perform the same function as manual presses.

Alternatively, a hand press double die machine can be utilized to produce plates using two different kinds of dye. This helps to give the plates their desired shape.

In addition to the equipment, a cup-making machine has also been installed that helps in making the plates.

In the process of making plates, different types of dye and modes are used, as well as raw leaves, which help to give the plates their distinctive shapes.

It is necessary to buy office furniture in order for the colleagues to be able to work without any inconveniences when setting up the plate making factory.

Manufacturing process of Dona Pattal

The task of making a Dona Pattal is easy if you know how to do it properly. Beginners might find it daunting. For the best outcome, it is best if you are well trained in the process of making the Dona Pattal before you start the work. Here are some steps in the manufacturing process.

To make the Dona Pattal, the leaves must be large enough to form the plates.

In order to make the leaves, cleaning the leaf beforehand is necessary before cutting them. Leaves should be cleaned of all dirt before being inserted into the machine.

After cleaning and shaping the leaves, they must be inserted into a machine to make the Dona Pattal.

It isn’t difficult to make a Dona Pattal with leaves; however, you need a little training in order not to mess up.

It is important to ensure the quality of the Dona Pattal in addition to making it in the right shape. In this way, you are able to ensure that you provide the customer with good quality Dona Pattal.

Once you have checked the quality of the pattal, give it an appealing packaging before you prepare it for sale.

Dona Pattal Project Report/ Economics of Dona Pattal Manufacturing Business

In terms of materials required for the business, the costs are very low, since only leaves are needed. You can use plants and trees for this purpose. Also, you can figure out how much the machine that makes the dona and pattal will cost. However, you should allocate a minimum of rupees Rs. 5,00,000 to 6,00,000 in order to purchase the machine. It would be best to start out by starting a small business and then expanding once you start making a profit.

Fixed capital

Plant and Machinery: Rs. 6,00,150

Working capital: Rs. 6,50,000

Total: Rs. 12,50,000

Total Project cost: Rs. 12,50,000

Promoter contribution 10%: Rs. 1,25,000

Total: Rs. 11,25,000

Finance required from the Bank: Rs. 11,25,000/-.

Cost of production per annum

Total recurring cost: Rs. 36,33,000

Interest on Bank Loan @12.5%: Rs. 1,46,250

Total Depreciation on Machinery & Stabilizer @15%: Rs. 90,000

Total Depreciation on furniture’s and other equipment’s @ 20%: Rs.5,000

Total: Rs. 38,75,150.

Turnover Per Annum

By sale of 1,20,00,000 nos. of Donna Pattal @ Rs. 0.39: Rs. 46,80,000.

Profit Per Annum

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Profit in Dona Pattal Manufacturing
Profit in Dona Pattal Manufacturing (Pic credit: pixabay)

Turnover – Cost of Production = Rs. 46,80,000 – Rs. 38,75,150 = Rs. 8,04,850.

Rate of Return

Rate of Return = Profit per annum x 100/Total Capital investment = 61.91%.

Break Even Analysis

Fixed expenditure per annum:

Interest on Loan: Rs. 1,46,250

Total Depreciation: Rs. 95,000

40% of salary and wages: Rs. 1,46,280

40% of other expenses and Utilities: Rs. 1,82,800

Total: Rs. 4,70,330 

Break Even Point = Fixed Cost per annum x 100/fixed cost per annum + Profit per annum =  36.79%.

Where and how to sell Dona Pattal?

It is essential to discover beforehand whether Dona Pattals are in demand in the marketplace before you start the business. From this, you can determine where to sell Dona Pattals. Identify potential suppliers for the Dona Pattal. Additionally, you should talk to shopkeepers in the market who can help you with the sale of Dona Pattal. Customers will eventually buy more Dona Pattal from the storekeepers when they begin to like the Dona Pattal. You will have the opportunity to earn more money when you sell more pattals to the shopkeepers this way.     

Conclusion of Dona Pattal Manufacturing

Planting the trees is easy and the leaves are the primary raw material for making the Dona Pattal. As a result, you will be able to earn good profits with low investment if you use the leaves to make the Dona Pattal and sell them in the market. Having a small-scale business requires less time and investment than starting a larger scale business. Therefore, one can expect to receive a reasonable profit from such a business.

We would like to conclude by saying that it is possible to run a business of two leaves of leaves made of trees if you have chosen a successful career or you have been working in a business, which does not require much capital at all.


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