Earn Money from Medical Distribution Business

Introduction to earn money from medical distribution business

In India, the medical sector has witnessed to have tremendous growth. This growth provided opportunities for many who are willing to start their business as a manufacturer, medical supply distributor, retailer, wholesaler., the medical industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Now, let us get into the details of the medical distribution business to earn good money.

A guide to earn money from medical distribution

To start a career in this one must be able to select the right product or right company to which he is related.

Who is a medical Distributor?

The products are manufactured by manufacturers and sell them to retailers. In between both the key operator is considered as a  distributor. The distributors are the second link in the drug supply chain. The role of the medical distributors is to purchase medicines and other medical products from manufacturers or retailers and provide them to the end-users(consumers). They can be treated as a wholesale distributor if the supply is directly from manufacturers. The distributor’s work is to serve hospitals, medical care units, pharmacies, clinics with the stock of medications and required medicines that place a huge demand.

How to become a medical distributor?

To be a distributor in this fastest growing trend of the medical industry, he/she must possess at least a basic understanding of the medical field. They need to turn according to the market. They must know the types of distributors and sellers in the medical industry. The business must be registered with the government. There are three options that a distributor can choose for doing medical distributor business.

  1. Collaborating with the existing drug manufacturers.
  2. Starting the business by directly having contact with the manufacturing unit.
  3. Marketing the new brand and supplying medicines and medical equipment.

Skills to be possessed by the distributor:

  • Detailed information about the product
  • Marketing skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Understanding the customer and acting accordingly
  • Professional ethics and behavior

Types of medical distributors or wholesalers

The medical industry has different types of wholesalers and distributors on its own.

They are mentioned below:

  • Merchant distributors or wholesalers:

Medical resale consists of a list of products that are difficult to sell in a particular area or region. These type of products earns a higher profit for these distributors.

  • Brokers

Based on areas and people, they have different needs. To fulfill those needs pharmaceutical companies enter into an agreement with these agents and brokers. In the agreement, they fix the commission rate to be fixed.

  • Producer distributors

The distributors and wholesalers usually work in centrally located business areas. So that they can attract customers with the best offers and discounts.

Guide to start a medical supplier business

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Guide to start a medical supply business.
Guide to start a medical supply business.

The pharmaceutical business can be registered as a company or partnership firm based on reliability. But many prefer to establish a limited liability corporation(LLC) than a company due to complex filing procedures.

Any business related to the medical field should register as per Drug and cosmetics rule 1945.

Here is a step-by-step guide to starting a pharmaceutical business

  • Legal formalities

As per provisions of The Drugs and CosmeticsAct,1945.

The drugs have been classified under given schedules. One must obtain a license from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization or State Drugs Standard Control Body under form No. 19.

  • Documentation

The following documents must be submitted to obtain a license:

  1. The fee deposited of proof challan.
  2. Application form with required details and format prescribed.
  3. Declaration form
  4. The premises blueprint.
  5. Proof of ownership if premises is owned
  6. Proof of lease if premises is rented.
  7. In what form business is registered whether company or partnership.
  8. Proof of incorporation of Company/Memorandum of Association(MOA)/Articles of Association(AOA) or partnership deed
  9. Declaration gave by partners/Directors/proprietors that they are not convicted under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1945.
  10. The affidavit of a full-time registered pharmacist.
  • Premises

It is mandatory to register the premises of the business. The area, where the business is located, should have all the required equipment to store medical supplies and many more. The storage facility must be clean and dust-free to prevent drugs from contamination.

  • Goods and service tax(GST) if applicable
  • FSSAIFood Safety Standards Authority of India registration( if food and dietary supplement distribution is done)
  • Shop registration at local authorities if applicable
  • Create a potential business plan

How to apply for a drug license?

  • After collecting all the documents mentioned above And any other required documents if needed should be taken.
  • Visit licensing authority officer and submit the file.
  • Generally, these can be submitted online but in many areas, due to fewer resources, they submit manually.
  • After submission, the licensing authority will mention the inspection date, time, and place accordingly
  • Inspection is done by a senior drug inspector or any person appointed by the state government for granting a drug license.
  • If everything is satisfactory then they will issue a wholesale drug license. Any default in submission or process drug inspector will cancel and order to resubmit the file.

Budget to set up a wholesale pharmaceutical business

The start-up business initially requires a huge investment. The route a distributor chooses totally depends upon the budget and business goals. Buying medicines and drugs, documentation, filing, etc., include here:

  • License and documentation

Approximately Rs. 30,000 which includes the registration fee.

  • Premises

Rented Rs. 1,00,000 – 1,50,000.

  • Office space

Rs. 30,000- Rs. 50,000.

  • Lab equipment
  • Furniture

Refrigerators, air coolers, lockers, etc., cost around 2,50,000-3,00,000.

  • Working staff

At least, 2 employees can be employed with an average salary of 10,000 per month.

  • Stock required for the business

It may costRs.30,00,000- Rs. 40,00,000.

  • Website

Rs.5,000- 6,000.

  • Any other miscellaneous expenses if required.

Marketing tips for medical distributor business

To be a successful entrepreneur in the medical industry advertising and marketing play a vital role. This can take to a closer level of reaching the business goal. Having an efficient team can create a long-term business with a handful of profits.

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  1. The dealer has to come up with exciting offers to attract consumers.
  2. Taking steps to develop a wider market should be the primary motive.
  3. Collaboration with hospitals, local clinics, health institutes, etc., is required.
  4. Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies require better quality of stock. It should be sold at an offered price to make a wider market.
  5. The step took by competitors should be noted and if require a team up to be more efficient than them.
  6. A medical campaign will help to reach more clients.
  7. Usage of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram helps to advertise the products and company.
  8. Focus on consumer requirements.

How medical distributors make money or how to earn money from the medical distribution business.

As the medical industry is the fastest-growing sector one can earn profits within a short period of time. These medical distributors earn money by way of commissions or profits. The price of medical stock varies from manufacturing units. Distributors purchase bulk stock from manufacturers and sell it at a profit which is a high market price. The difference between the selling price and the purchase price is a way of income for the distributor. In the end pharmacies, hospitals, medical units, or end-users sell the stock at the same price which is quoted by the distributor.

Another way of earning income is by charging commissions. The commission charges vary with various factors like the final price of the product, countries legislation, agreed amount of charge, etc., The product is sold to regular customers for a fixed price. The company or manufacturing unit of the product pay the commission money for the sales made. Instead of health care units, many choose to buy medical supplies from the wholesale market. If there is a set up of wholesale distribution company this can have fruitful profits.

How medical distributors influence health systems?

It is important to cover all the areas of the medical industry where influence outcomes. The key area to concentrate is on the supply chain. This supply chain consists of distributorship. By closely working with business partners ensures you have an expandable outcome. This ensures the satisfaction of the patient in providing the needs.

How end-users are benefited from the wholesale distribution of medical supplies?

  1. They provide savings on various medical supplies. Since distributors make direct contact with manufacturers cost can be reduced.
  2. They help to attract end-users by fixing reasonable-priced-users products.
  3. The price-related issues can be fixed by following measures which are advised by distributors.
  4. The medical units can also negotiate with distributors in expanding their services.
  5. To meet the requirements of clients and customers wholesale distribution plays a vital role.
  6. Supply of nutritional supplements is done by distributors. This is a high source of income nowadays. The patient needs these supplements on a regular basis. Wholesale distributors made this successful by efficiently participating in selling and marketing at nearby slots.

List of few wholesale medical distributors are:

  1. Prakash pharma distribution
  2. Drug mart
  3. MF pharma distributors
  4. United pharma medical and surgical distributors
  5. Avis labs pharmaceutical and surgical distributors

Calculation of distributors margin

The difference between cost price and selling price is the margin that should be considered. The margin for distributors may range from 4% to 35% of the sales price. This margin totally depends upon the marketing and type of the product. The main assets of the distributor are transportation means, storage, and his sales force.

The distributor should be able to cover the costs incurred to attain margin. The activities included in the distribution should be listed and value is added. The activities include:

  1. Marketing
  2. Financing
  3. Transportation
  4. Storage
  5. Packaging etc.,

The pharmaceutical franchise company provides maximum profits as marketing and advertisement are done by pharma distributors. It manages to provide around 30%-35% of the profit margin.

Role of the retailer in the medical distribution business

Retailers are the ones who sell products in small quantities. They can be in the form of health care units, outlets, pharmacies’ business last in the distribution chain. He has the best information about the sale price so maximization of the price of the product is done by the retailer is acceptable.

How profitable is wholesale distribution?

It is not easy to incur profits at an early stage of formation. As the market is high and you are one of the competitors, should come out with an efficient business plan.

To run a profitable business it needs distributorship from at least 20-25 companies. The companies must invest the average minimum amount based on distributors. This industry has substantial growth one distributors and incurs profits. But it needs patience and professional ethics to be in relation to customers.

This business is risk-oriented and needs huge investment, so one must risk their alternatives to succeed in this medical industry.

Does this simple supply chain lead to drug shortage?

The supply chain looks like


Does drug shortage occur due to this simple supply chain?

Yes, the following points to be noted

  • The distribution centers are huge and deal with many contracts. These centers can run out of stock for a particular product due to many reasons. This leads to a shortage and can’t able to supply to medical centers.
  • An agreement with one of the reputed distributor companies may also lead to a shortage of the drug. The company may not try to create a contract with the manufacturer could be the reason.

Conclusion to earn money from medical distribution business

So here in the medical field, one can start their career as a distributor and earn huge profits. 

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