Earning 27 Lakhs from Edible Biscuit Tea Cup Making Business: The Success Story of a Woman Entrepreneur in India

In this article, we will study a woman who made a unique idea into a successful business. Below we will learn about Mrs. Jayalaxmi’s successful edible tea cup-making business, the production details, her experiences, and the investments and profits involved. 

Earning 27 lakhs from edible biscuit tea cup making business

What are edible tea cups?

The cup is entirely edible, as the name implies. The cup works well for serving hot milk, coffee, or tea. The fact that humans can consume it sets it apart from similar products. Generally, this item refers to packaging for storing and transporting consumable liquids. Specifically, this invention pertains to a consumable cup used for long periods to retain and contain liquids with low viscosity, such as tea, coffee, soda pop, and milk.

Containers made of edible materials are often used to transport and serve solid and very viscous liquid goods. Wafer and sugar cones are often used for serving ice cream, and both may be eaten. To make these culinary containers, either liquid waffle batter is poured into a mold or a flat sheet of dough is shaped into a cone.

Why are edible cups important?

A new day always begins with a cup of tea in every part of India, from the countryside to the cities. Whether they are adults or adolescents, almost everyone would benefit from drinking tea more often. Every city street in India has at least one tea vendor, a symbol of the beverage’s popularity and the tea industry’s success there. Statistics show that each Indian consumes around 1 kilogram of tea every month.

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In the world’s biggest democratic nation, it’s impossible to know how much tea or coffee is eaten at a tea stand daily. However, let’s consider the medium in which tea is often consumed. One can use a CUP or a plastic container. Customers in the Indian market have acquired a reflex to litter due to the widespread use of plastic. It’s important to recognize the drawbacks of this method:

Using these plastic cups to sip hot beverages is very unhealthy. One such effect is that plastics are not good for the environment since they are not biodegradable. When exposed to hot tea, they produce harmful chemicals at high temperatures. The expense of recycling is substantial. Collecting and recycling every single plastic tea cup in India would be impossible. Our garbage, trash, and litter make the area seem terrible.

What is the scope of edible tea cups?

“In India, you can easily get tea at any of the many street vendors. The price range of 5 rupees to 7 rupees for a cup of tea is mostly determined by factors like quality and size. The””Tea board of India” conducts studies showing that the average monthly per capita tea consumption in kg rises to .8 Kg. Compared to the amount of tea produced, this is a staggering figure. The trend line indicates a steady 21.5% yearly growth in tea consumption.”In India, you can easily get tea at any of the many street vendors. The price range of 5 rupees to 7 rupees for a cup of tea is mostly determined by factors like quality and size. The “Tea board of India” conducts studies showing that the average monthly per capita tea consumption in kg rises to .8 Kg. Compared to the amount of tea produced, this is a staggering figure. The trend line indicates a steady 21.5% yearly growth in tea consumption.

This product’s innovative spirit is inspired by a high-minded goal of promoting technological progress and ecological sustainability. Just add some fresh thinking to reintroduce the product with new and exciting features. However, this highly depends on the market’s response to the new venture.

The success story of Mrs. Jayalaxmi 

Mrs. Jayalaxmi used to be a private school teacher before the pandemic. She belongs to a middle-class family and used to be always busy in her line of work. Suddenly, when the pandemic started, her husband was attacked by the coronavirus and underwent treatment for almost a year. She also lost her job as a result of the pandemic. Suddenly, her family went through a deep financial and emotional crisis.

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There was no income for the family. At this time, Mrs. Jayalaxmi wanted to start a business to pull them out of the bad financial situation. When searching the internet, she came across a unique idea: the edible tea cups business. This sounded very interesting to her as you can eat the tea cup while sipping the tea. She immediately took a loan by pledging gold in the bank to gather capital.

She also learned how to make those tea cups and what machinery to buy. She started her venture and now earns lakhs of rupees as monthly profits. Now let us get into the details of Mrs. Jayalaxmi’s edible tea cup-making business, learn about her experiences, and will also know the investment and profit returns in her business. 

Why Mrs. Jayalaxmi chose the edible tea cups making business?

Mrs. Jayalaxmi says that before starting this business, she thought it was useful for people and environmentally safe. She says that biscuit tea cups have the potential to replace plastic tea cups. Many tea cups in many tea stalls are going to waste after drinking in them. This will create much plastic waste across the country. Especially as India is a tea-loving country, this business has huge market potential, says Mr. Jayalaxmi.

Also, Mrs. Jayalaxmi wanted the teacups to be biscuits. We know that anyone who loves chai loves a biscuit with it, too, and when we provide the biscuit as a teacup with the chai, it can cut off the plastic and act as a biscuit at the same time. A person buying chai will get both chai and a biscuit at a cost lower than if he bought them separately. Mrs. Jayalaxmi thought this idea was really creative and would also cut off much plastic, so we can save the environment each time we buy tea with this cup.

Also, many children would be very excited to drink tea and milk in these cups as it’s a brand-new concept. Unlike others, Mrs. Jayalaxmi doesn’t use Maida flour. Even considering the health of her customers, she uses ragi and rice flour in her tea cups. This makes her tea cups very healthy and can also be used for serving tea to older people. Considering all these reasons, Mrs. Jayalaxmi started her venture. 

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Biscuit tea cups production details, in Mrs. Jayalaxmi’s words

Initially, when starting her business, she didn’t know where to buy the machinery. It took much time for her to buy machinery. Eventually, she bought machinery, which was very weak, and the parts were coming off one by one in no time. She has already invested nearly ten lakhs for everything, including machinery. Also, as there was no market, as most people didn’t know, she was unaware of how to market the product. So she took a month’s gap, retook a loan, and started from scratch. 

She went to buy machinery again, but now with a proper understanding of how her machines should be. He could tell the difference between a good and a bad machine. Eventually, she bought the right machinery and started her business. Before starting her business, she even took care of marketing. She learned that there was a certain demand for these tea cups in some of Hyderabad, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. She contacted the dealers and made a deal.

Then she started working continuously; she was able to produce nearly 5000 to 6000 cups per day and was also able to sell them effortlessly. This made her gain so much confidence in no time. Mrs. Jayalaxmi says she uses only ragi (ginger millet) and rice flour for making the teacups. She doesn’t use maida as it is not helpful for anyone’s health. These two flours are properly mixed with honey, sugar, salt, and water. Also, these ingredients should be mixed in proper proportions, which is crucial.

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When these are not mixed in proper proportions, they can get broken easily or sometimes will melt when you pour the tea in. So she says that the proportions are very important in this mixture. These ingredients are then mixed in a mixer. You can leave them for 4 to 5 minutes and add water. Once you get the mixture out of the mixer, be sure to taste it, as it will taste the same as your cups. If you feel like it is less of an ingredient, add the right amount again in the mixer.

All the mixture is taken into a container and ready to get into the biscuit cup-making machine. You have to fill the mixture into the holes of this machine, and when the machine heat-press them till they become solid. For the cup to process, you have to fill the holes again after the first heat press and should heat press it again. This whole process will take 6 minutes. One machine can make nearly 32 cups every 6 minutes. Mrs. Jayalaxmi has four machines and can produce nearly 6000 biscuit cups daily.

Investment and profit analysis of Mr. Jayalaxmi’s edible/biscuit tea cups business

Mrs. Jayalaxmi sells 80 ml cups at 3 rupees per each and 60 ml cups at 2 rupees per each. She sells nearly 3000 cups daily, meaning her daily income is nearly 9,000 rupees. This makes her yearly income nearly 32 lakhs. Even if you take off five lakhs as a running investment, she gets a profit of 27 lakh rupees per year. This analysis is the minimum amount you can get from this business. However, if your product is excellent and very good at marketing, you can get almost double the above profits. 

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Profit Analysis
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If we consider a one-time investment, it took her nearly 15 lakh rupees as a one-time investment, says Mr. Jayalaxmi. She recovered this within one year of her business success. Mrs. Jayalaxmi says that she is very happy that she started this venture, and now she is financially sound and is thinking of expanding her business to another commercial level. 


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