Earning 7 Lakhs from Gym Business: An Entrepreneur Success Story in India

In this article, we will learn the success story of Mr. Nagendhar, who started his gum and now earns lakhs of rupees. Below we will see how he took his business off the ground, his experiences, management details, and the investment and profits involved. 

Earning 7 Lakhs from Gym Business
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Earning 7 lakhs from gym business

How much does it cost to open a gym in India?

The cost of opening a fitness center in India depends on the facility’s size, equipment, and trainers’ qualifications. Here’s how it all works out: More individuals will frequent a gym if it has enough space. Therefore, a space of at least 10,000 square feet is necessary. A rental fee for a room of size can be as high as Rs. 5,000,00, depending on its location.

A good fitness center must have various machines to accommodate many people at once. If you’re just starting, you should expect to spend roughly Rs. 5,00,000 on the very minimum of equipment. However, a top-notch gym with state-of-the-art machinery can cost over Rs. 50,00,000. You must create an elegant ambiance within your establishment to draw clientele from the more affluent neighborhoods.

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Earning 7 Lakhs from Gym Business An Entrepreneur Success Story in India2
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The interior design price might be anything from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. The cost of employing maintenance workers, including a front desk receptionist, might range from 30,000 to 60,000 rupees per month. Appropriately skilled trainers might be expensive to employ. Depending on how many workers you have, it could cost more than Rs. 1,00,000.

Is opening a gym profitable in India?

Starting your gym can be a profitable business venture, but there are several factors to consider first. Statistics from November 2020 show that 68 percent of fitness centers operating for more than eight years are profitable. For fitness centers that have been around for less than three years, that figure plummeted to 52%. So, yes, it’s possible to make money as a gym owner, but it can take a while. To make money, a gym owner has to have a complete picture of their financial situation, both now and in the future.

Acquiring new leads is fantastic and converting them into paying customers is even better in the fitness sector. But retaining them is considerably more critical to the health of your gyms. Membership fees affect your bottom line. You’ll face competition in the internet fitness industry just like you would in your brick-and-mortar facility. In this competitive fitness industry, highlighting what makes your club unique is more important than ever.

How can I start my gym in India?

When deciding where to open his Gym Business in India, the entrepreneur should consider the results of his market analysis. It’s crucial to consider who can be a client or target consumer in that location, given that no gym serves the neighborhood and its residents will have a say in the gym’s service offerings. The gym should be on the main road or at a widely visible site, and people have no problem approaching the gym. 

The business will grow slowly since opening a gym takes more room than opening other types of businesses, even if the entrepreneur has serviced or set up according to the preference of people in his gym. As a result, it’s reasonable to expect a larger monthly payment for the space. On the other hand, many massive fitness centers also franchise. If the business owner can’t get investors, he can buy a franchise or go into business with a partner.

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Earning 7 Lakhs from Gym Business An Entrepreneur Success Story in India3
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The next step for an entrepreneur looking to open a gym in India is to create a detailed business plan, including everything from the gym’s initial setup and initial investment to long-term goals and projected profits. This strategy will let the business owner assess his business in light of objective data, and he will always be aware of whether or not the company is being propelled ahead. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to know what to keep in mind while writing a business plan, read the post we just released.

To establish a gym company, There is a need for various fitness tools in India, including weights, treadmills, exercise bikes, and even Zumba mats and tumbling ropes if you plan on opening a gym catering to the local Indian entrepreneurial community. The entrepreneur’s prior research should guide his choice of equipment. Due to purchasing various equipment, the entrepreneur may expand the investment in the gym company.

How can I register for my gym in India?

Your fitness center must be officially recognized as a Limited Liability Company or a Private Limited Company. If you cannot run the gym efficiently, you can sell it or transfer it to someone else. You will first be handed a provisional registration certificate. It’s only good for a limited time, but you can register after getting the necessary approvals.

Getting your fitness center’s Shops and Establishment registration in order is mandatory before opening for business in India. This registration aims to establish rules on workers’ and employers’ working conditions and rights in a previously unregulated industry. The Indian government now requires fitness centers with a yearly revenue of more than ten lakhs to pay a service tax.

The service tax should be applied to your gym membership monthly or periodic portion. Before opening a gym or fitness center, you will need permission from the local police. Apply for a loan from a bank or other financial organization if you need money for a private purpose or to expand your business. Before addressing them, you need to have a well-thought-out business strategy.

The success story of Mr. Nagendhar

Mr. Nagendhar is from Nalgonda district, Telangana, and is now based in Hyderabad. He is just 29 years old. In his late teens, Mr. Nagendhar came to Hyderabad for his education, nearly in 2011. After intermediate, he wanted to perceive a degree, so he came to Hyderabad to join a college. While he was attending college, he used to work as an office boy in a gym. This was his first work. This helped him cover his costs in Hyderabad. From there, he worked in different gyms as an office boy while he was studying at the same time.

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After his education, he always wanted to run a business. From his knowledge and expertise, he decided to invest in the fitness business. This was his first step toward success. In 2021 he opened his gym, and it was a huge success. Even though there were many hurdles due to the pandemic, he still didn’t lose hope and is now earning lakhs per month. Below we will see Mr. Nagendhar’s gym details, how he started his gym, his experiences, and the profits and investments in the Fitness business. 

Why Mr. Nagendhar chose to start a Gym?

Regular exercise may help your body, mind, and spirit, says Mr. Nagendhar. You’ll feel better overall, live longer, have more stamina, build more muscle, and reduce your risk of certain diseases and health problems by exercising regularly. After the pandemic, the need for the fitness industry has increased even more. 

One of the most crucial considerations for those who either have or are considering getting a gym membership is the need actually to use the membership, says Mr. Nagendhar. Gym exercises offer several benefits, including various training options, so regular gym visits don’t become dull. These training options can get you many profits as these are very useful for the customers in losing or gaining weight.

Management details of Mr. Nagendhar’s gym

While he was working as an office boy, he used to take a salary of 2500 rupees, says Mr. Nagendhar. Currently, in his gym, 2500 rupees is the minimum amount charged per person per month, and that too is only for basic training. The carpet area of Mr. Nagendhar’s gym is nearly 5,200 sqft, while the common area is 5,500 sqft. Mr. Nagendhar pays nearly 1.1 lakh rupees as rent for his gym, and he also has an advance of 5 months, which is nearly 5.5 lakh.

For commercial spaces, owners charging advances are a common thing, that too in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad. Overall, Mr. Nagendhar invested nearly 1.2 crore rupees in starting his gym. This includes the equipment, advance, styling interiors, and other miscellaneous costs. He invested majorly in equipment. This is because all his machinery was imported from the U.S., covering all the trade licenses, customs charges, etc. 

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Earning 7 Lakhs from Gym Business An Entrepreneur Success Story in India5
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In his gym, Mr. Nagendhar provides various weight loss programs, weight gain programs, yoga classes, Zumba classes, body massages, outdoor cycling, cafeteria, squash courts, kickboxing sessions, steam baths, and also diet management programs. The price he charges for these programs is separately dependent on the programs. But for a normal fitness service charge per month is 2,500 rupees per individual. 

He also made his gym so convenient for his customers. As most of his customers are software employees, he provides changing rooms with bathrooms, geysers, temporary lockers, and steam baths for stress relaxation. Most importantly, he keeps his gym clean and sanitized. This can help the corporate employees leave the office directly from the gym by bathing and changing clothes.

Regarding trainers, Mr. Nagendhar employed six trainers in his gym; three members work in the morning and the remaining three work in the evening. He says that all his trainers are certified trainers and provides personal trainers for customers if they want, with a little additional charge. In addition, for security purposes, Mr. Nagendhar installed biometric entry for his customers, which helps only gym members to enter the gym.

This is crucial, says Mr. Nagendhar, as they have to restrict unauthorized people who are not members of the gym and should also prevent them from making people uncomfortable. This is a significant privacy element, he added. Mr. Nagendhar’s gym runs daily for 18 hours, i.e., from 5 am to 10 pm. On Sundays, as it’s a half day, the gym will be open from 6 am to 12 pm. 

When it comes to staff, you will need receptionists, trainers, sales managers, office boys, cleaning boys, and a manager if the owner is not present. A minimum of 10 members are required to run a gym, says Mr. Nagendhar. In his gym, there are nearly more than 250 customers. Too, many people in that count are getting trained under different programs. Aside from these 250 active customers, he says he has more than 1000 people who have bought the membership but won’t attend the gym.

In his experience, Mr. Nagendhar says they must give special care to each fitness business customer. They have to give their 100 percent for their part in the day-to-day care for their customers. This helps to maintain their customer count constantly. If they motivate their customers to attend the gym daily, the business will boom, says Mr. Nagendhar. 

He says he did not depend on any loans as he was confident that his business would rise. Regarding marketing, Mr. Nagendhar spends nearly 30,000 rupees per month on marketing. He says that marketing is critical for the fitness industry to thrive. He says he markets his gym through social media platforms, theatre ads, paper ads, pamphlets, etc. He also discounts various packages at certain times of the year to attract his customers.

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Earning 7 Lakhs from Gym Business An Entrepreneur Success Story in India6
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Investment and profit analysis of Mr. Nagendhar’s fitness business

When it comes to running investment, Mr. Nagendhar says that he invests nearly 3.25 lakhs per month in his gym. He says the power bill is nearly 50 to 60 thousand rupees per month. For staff, he spends nearly 1.2 lakh rupees per month, and the monthly rent is 1.1 lakh. When including everything and all the other miscellaneous costs, it costs him nearly 3.25 lakhs per month, says Mr. Nagendhar. When it comes to income, he says that he would get nearly 10 to 12 lakh rupees per month from his gym. 

When we erase his income from his investment, his average net profit would be nearly seven lakhs per month. This is the average profit he could get from his gym. This is huge for a business entrepreneur. He advises young entrepreneurs to follow their passion and don’t quit easily. Mr. Nagendhar says he is very happy that he started this business and is looking forward to opening another branch in Hyderabad. In this way, Mr. Nagendhar made his dream come true. He has succeeded from a gym office boy to a gym owner who earns huge profits.  


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