Education-related Business Ideas for Beginners

Introduction to education-related business ideas

Hi friends! Today we will here to let you know about the business ideas in the education industry. Education is the key to growth and success. Due to the awareness about education and an increase in the income level of people, it is one field that will never witness a recession. The business opportunities in the education industry are tremendous and climbing. You can leverage opportunities available to attain a good profit.

Education is a part and parcel of our being. Nowadays, with a constant emphasis on the need for students and adults to improve their education, a need for innovative ideas for the education system has also surfaced. Now, it’s true that the education business has become one of the largest industries globally.

This article suggests education business ideas with low investment. You should first review all these ideas, shortlist based on your interest, and invest what you can do before thinking about how to make money in the education business.

Here is the list of profitable education business ideas list that does not require much capital investment. Let’s get started!

App-based online learning

These days you can get all your answers on online learning apps. These apps are in high demand and the income is significantly high. You can start an online learning app in the desired field and that’s it, your business is all set. However, remember that the business can be successful only if the quality of your video and the knowledge you share is up to the mark. The apps work simple, you can earn money through advertisement, student registration, etc.

Start an educational blog

If you are a teacher or an expert on a specific field, starting an educational blog is worth considering. If you can find the right niche and provide them with the right resources, there is a good chance of making good money on the side from blogging. This is one of the best online education business ideas that require less investment.

An education blog is created solely for educational purposes. There is no shortage of people looking forward to learning new skills and activities. You can create a blog where you can share your hobbies online and teach students.

Open a private secondary school

Another profitable education business idea for an entrepreneur who is interested in investing in the education industry is to open a private (high school) secondary school. The school could be a boarding house, a day school, or a combination of both. In most countries of the world, before an entrepreneur can be allowed to open a private secondary school, they are required to obtain a license and accreditation from the departments/ministry of education.

Opening a play school

This is one of the best and profitable education-related business ideas in India.  Opening a playschool is another lucrative education business idea.  It requires moderate to little high investment. You can take franchisee of any famous playschool or obtain a license from the government for opening playschool. With hard work and dedication, you can soon achieve success in this line. This is one of the best school-related business to start with low investment.

Start an animation and graphic school

Starting an animation and graphic school is a highly profitable business. Nowadays the demand for animation and graphic school is increasing. If you take your time to conduct a survey, you will be amazed at the number of people who may be interested in enrolling in animation and graphic school to learn graphics and animation. So, if you have talent in graphics and animation and you can share knowledge, then you should consider starting an animation and graphic school. Additionally, you can start the business with moderate capital investment.

Skill development center

This is one of the best education-related business ideas for beginners. The quality of education and the level of infrastructure are quite significant when starting a skill development center. The commencing investment is high, but the returns are attractive. Additional manpower may also be required. The skill development center can be for both men and women in their respective fields.

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You can open a versatile bookstore that keeps books for every grade, and of every type. You can also keep second-hand books. It is important to conduct thorough market research before commencing this business. Moreover, the location of the store and your promotional strategy will also play an important role.

Spoken English classes

The importance of the English language cannot be underestimated and with good English-speaking skills you always have a niche over others. If you are very fluent in speaking English, you can take a spoken English class. This business can be initiated from home also without any investment. The success of this business depends upon your expertise and marketing skills.

Online library business

It is another platform where individuals have technologically advanced learning on different subjects at a reasonable fee. E-library is a resource where students can study from anywhere at any time as long as you have an internet possessing device like smartphones, computers, etc.

For this business, you need to convert all physical books into electronic format. You have to give library membership with subscription amount to the interested readers. It is a growing business option with good potential.

Academic coaching classes

These days’ students of all age groups prefer going to coaching classes. Therefore, academic coaching classes are on a rise. There is low or no investment involved in this business however you can earn a good profit from it. It all depends on how many classes can be taken in a day and the level of education you provide.

Business school

One of the good ideas for education startups is starting a business school, is a big business. Additionally, it demands strategic planning and substantial capital investment. Generally, business schools offer different business management courses. Additionally, you will need to have the affiliation from the recognized universities too.

Education day camps

Sometimes known as summer camps or holiday camps, these camps offer day-long activities during the weekends or for a few days during the summers or during holidays. It is related to games and studies. It is based more on learning through teamwork, coordination, and co-operation.

Tutor finder app

It’s a modern-day profitable education business idea. Not only students but even parents are keen on seeking online experts through tutor finding the app. If you are talented enough to code and develop a website you can make one such app and then your business is on the roll. If not, you can promote some of the existing apps and earn a good income from the same.

Career counseling

Career counseling is a self-rewarding business. Every student after higher school education looks for this type of service. You can start the business both offline and online. Career counselors charge fixed money for providing guidance. This business can be started without any investment. However, you must have a marketing strategy.

YouTube channel as an education instructor

This is one of the most profitable education-related business ideas for anyone. If you are very good at explaining things and possess expert knowledge about a certain subject, you can become a YouTube star by starting your education channel. You need to make videos and help children in understanding the topics related to the subject. To gain popularity you can apply for a channel partner program for showing advertisements on your videos.

Pre-school franchise

Preschool is now a booming business in the education sector because of the demand for quality preschool is increasing. Schools have become a real business and the revenues are high. However, these days’ parents are educated enough to understand the importance of education in their child’s life and hence a lot of people are entering the school franchise business. The technique is simple as you need to get a franchise of some reputed preschool and set up the things for the kids. It needs high investment but the returns are good over the year. Also, the fee is very high in such schools.

Software training institute

The computer training institute is an ideal business opportunity in the education industry for aspiring computer-savvy professionals. These days there are thousands of engineering graduates who are passing out, but not able to get the jobs. This is due to the skillset gap between what is expected and what is being taught in the colleges. You can open a software training institute and provide courses for hot skills, this can turn out to be one of the most profitable education business ideas in developing countries like India. The only thing is you have to be knowledgeable enough about computers and the internet.

Content writing

Content writing is one of the most trending business ideas in the education industry nowadays. One can earn a lot of money from writing content from the comfort of his or her home. There are many websites, magazines, and blogs that look for expert writers. However, you must have a keen interest in writing and knowledge on at least a specific subject.

Career magazine

As compared to other businesses career magazine is a little tricky. It must contain the details of career and in-depth information regarding it. These magazines are very famous because they have the information on how to apply, what to study, fees, course structure, etc. it’s like a student counseling.

As it is a student counseling matter, the facts and information must be accurate for your magazine to prosper.

E-book writing

If you are looking for innovative ideas in the education field, this business idea might help you. If you have an expertise in writing on how to write an e-book, you can develop your own e-book writing business from home. You can write in the e-book of your own or can do this job for others. More people preferring eBooks than printed books as they can be downloaded at ease and easier to get access to read.

Proofreading service

This service requires one of the least possible investments. Proofreading is nothing but reading and correcting articles, books to make them error-free. You can start this business at home and earn income online by proofreading. With time, you can outsource the work too and earn a handsome profit. The nature of this type of business makes it easier to work from home and for clients who are thousands of kilometers away from your country.

Foreign language classes

If you are well-versed in any foreign language, you can start teaching it to the interested students. Many students are interested in learning foreign languages. This business requires minimal capital investment, but you should be very proficient with your language knowledge. All you need to do is to start a foreign language class in a location where you can easily attract people who are interested in learning foreign languages.


E-teaching is one of the most trending and popular educational business ideas nowadays. The demand is also increasing. Any individual who is an expert in a certain field can initiate this venture without any investment. You just need to have a computer system and a good internet connection for this. The teaching profession can initiate this venture in two ways. Either by registering on an online tutoring marketplace or building his/her own online teaching business. It requires no travel time, and it allows you to add additional features to ensure your clients get the value for their money.

Education project business

College students are often piled up with projects to be done. If you are innovative and ready to help students, you can start your education project business. It may be some writing project or some practical model work. An example is about helping engineering students with project work ideas. It is a very good lucrative business option. 

Consultancy services

One of the most profitable education business ideas is consultancy services. You can start a consultancy firm and tie-up with corporate and big companies who are looking to hire professionals. All you need is the bio-data of the students and the skills that the company is looking for. The payments are very high if the resource is selected. You can make several bucks from consultancy services. Usually, money is offered by the hiring company.

Employee training

It is an effective way of enhancing the productivity of the employees of an organization. So, the demand for this type of service is still very high. If you are an expert in this area, you can start this business even from home. The investment requirement is based on the scale of your project. Best quality teaching and prompt services are the success mantra of this business.

Many people have the opinion that the money will start to pour immediately after starting as a business and turning their computer on. But the secret of success is knowing that business ventures take time to succeed. The tips for starting a successful educational business:

  • Get organized
  • Analyze your competition
  • Understand the risks and rewards
  • Stay focused and be creative
  • Provide great service and be consistent

Education startups will affect the global education industry by many folds. The interactions between teachers and students have become more advanced due to the technologically advanced education startups. Colleges and universities are now facing competition from startups that are bent on delivering identical products more affordably and productively.

So, if you have a highly profitable and unique education business ideas, it is time for you to start the business and let the world know about it.

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