How to Get Amul Franchise Business in India

Introduction to get Amul franchise business in India

Hello readers! Are you thinking to start the Amul franchise business in India? Amul the taste of life is very famous among dairy products in India. This blog provides all the information required to start the Amul franchise business. Amul is a famous brand among dairy products, it has a backup of greater than 3.7 million milk producers in the overall country, and India stands as the largest producer for the milk, hence, Amul has played an essential role in India, with a great supply of the dairy product.

Ideas to get and make money from Amul franchise business in India

Market potential of Amul franchise business

Amul is having greater than 85% shares for the butter production market and around 67% accounts in the cheese production market, which indicates how Amul brand is popular all over the world. If you are interested to become the part of Amul, we have listed everything that you must know about Amul franchise business opportunity.

Type of establishment

Amul preferred outlet/Amul railway parlor/Amul Kiosk

Ventures of this type can be established with a small capital of around Rs. 2 lakhs. To be clear and simplify, the person must remit non-refundable security of Rs. 25,000; next for renovation and equipment which may cost about Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 70,000 approximately. The products sold are milk products, pouch milk, and ice cream. The business can be established in an area of around 100-150 sq. ft.

Requirements to become a franchise of Amul parlor at the railway station

You need to arrange the entire things Amul parlor menu. 

  • Refundable security deposit: Rs. 1, 00,000/-
  • Stall deposit (refundable) or kiosk installation
  • Approximate cost of stall: Rs.2.5 to Rs.4 lacs
  • Equipment (approximate cost is Rs.50, 000)
  • Deep freezer (for ice-cream)
  • Visicooler (for dairy products)
  • Operator’s liability:
  • Payment of security deposit license charges
  • To railways on behalf of GCMMF
  • Payment of other operating expenses
Advantages to the franchisee 
  • Good business platform
  • The entire range will be supplied
  • GCMMF will provide backlit / led signage
  • Subsidy on all equipment and branding
  • Inauguration support
  • Additional purchase discount
  • Special offers
  • No profit-sharing / no royalty

Parlors at the Centre of Excellence (COE) will be done after getting permission from important institutions, organizations, Government organizations, Municipal Corporation, etc.

Amul ice-cream scooping parlor

Scooping parlors can be arranged if one can fund a sum of around Rs.6 lakhs; which can be spent in this way. The amount of Rs. 50,000 as non-refundable brand security, then Rs. 4, 00,000 towards renovation, and Rs. 1,50,000 as for other set-up purposes. The products that can be sold in these outlets are recipe based ice cream scoops, floats, sundaes, shakes, sandwiches, baked pizzas, cheese slice burgers, hot chocolate drinks, garlic bread, pre-packed ice-creams, and the others. For the establishment of an ice-cream franchise in India, it needs a space of about 300 square feet.

Requirements to become Amul scooping parlor franchise 
  • Refundable security deposit: Rs.50, 000
  • Shop area (own/rented): 250 sq. ft to 400
  • Do not include a deposit for shop & rent
  • Renovation & interiors as per standard
  • Approx. Cost Rs.3, 00,000/-
  • Equipments (approx. Cost – Rs.1, 50,000)
  • Scooping cabinet with SS bowls (for ice packs)
  • Deep freezer (for ice-cream)
  • Visicooler (for dairy products)
  • Pizza oven (for frozen pizza)
  • Mixer or grinder
  • Waffle cone machine
  • Cone holder or topping tray for placing sauces
  • POS machine
Benefits to the franchisee
  • GCMMF will provide led signage
  • Subsidy on all equipment and branding
  • Inauguration support
  • Additional purchase discount
  • Special consumer offers
  • No profit-sharing / no royalty
  • Sundae recipes will be provided

Important information to start the Amul franchise in India

Anyone with very less investment capacity and good business insight can become the franchisee. It needs very low investment and working capital. They also provide additional retail margins, exclusive consumer offers, equipment purchase supports, store inauguration supports, free brand signage, etc. You need to be in regular contact with Amul sales and distribution management for increasing your business.

All recurring costs like employee cost, shop rentals, electricity charges, etc. would be borne by the franchisee out of the gross retail margins received.

Procedure to apply for the Amul franchise business in India

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Procedure to apply for Amul franchise business.
Procedure to apply for the Amul franchise business.

You can go for the application by the following process:

Step 1: Official website

You can go through the official website – for more details to apply for the franchise.

Step 2: Amul parlor

Pick the option “Amul Parlours.” It can be found at the bottom right corner of the main website. The following page will give you all the necessary information on the initiative.

Step 3: Online form

You can go through the online form for Amul parlor, arrange all the documents required before filling the form.

Step 4: Complete the form

Complete the online form for Amul parlor by filling up the essential details and then submit the form.

That accomplishes the registration procedure.

Amul main office address and contact number

For being the part of this dairy brand Amul, you can even contact their main office at the address mentioned below:

Main office address:

Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation,

PO Box 10, Amul Dairy Road, Anand 388 001, Gujarat, India

Amul consumer helpline: 1800-258-3333

Amul franchise investment

Amul franchises do not incur a charge for the royalty, thus you need not pay for any shares to Amul, the franchise holder must invest around 1.5-30 lakhs depending on the franchises business model which you had chosen. The investment will vary from the place to place, according to reports Amul claims that the franchisee holder can feasibly gain 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs every month.

Profit margin in Amul franchise in India

Amul is one of the oldest and reliable brands in the dairy product they have upheld their product quality and brand value since 1932; Amul franchise is cost-effective if you can supply the different products retaining a wide variety. Yes, it is obvious that you might get a question in your mind: ‘is Amul franchise profitable?’ There is no doubt that the Amul franchise business in India is really profitable.

Amul has supported the traditional food culture of India since establishment and you being a franchisee will be able to work together with the biggest dairy food brand that will support you to add your brand value. Amul product is best usable dairy products in India, as Amul has preserved their product value so the clients repeatedly gain the trust over the Amul products, so you need not worry about the sale of the Amul products. The market prospects of the Amul brand are huge, so if you are forecasting to start the Amul franchises then it will be a money-making business opportunity.

The wholesale agents of Amul will supply the entire range of products produced/manufactured by the company. Amul’svariety of products are classified into three major categories; they are ice-creams, dairy products, and pouch milk.

The margin of the products differs from each other. The organization has stated that the owner will gain a profit with a margin of 2.5% for pouch milk, 20% on ice cream, 10% for milk products, and around 50% on recipe based categories such as ice cream scoops, sandwiches, baked pizza, hot chocolate drinks, etc.

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