How to Make Money from Bindi Making Business 

How to Make Money from Bindi Making Business 

Bindi is always in one of the items in the makeup list of every Indian woman and mostly young girls use this item so the idea about bindi making is a decent option to begin your business. You can make a variety of bindi with small investments and tag their prices according to their demand and your product appearance and quality. Now, let’s get into the details of Bindi making business to make good money.

A guide on how to make money from Bindi making business

People mostly see the attractive features and designs of bindi and don’t worry about the cost of bindi while buying which is the important aspect that helps to decide the price for the businessmen. You may begin bindi making business with less space from home and this aspect also aids to save some investment that you could have been used for rental places for business. While beginning this business you must know about a few points that are mentioned below in this blog.  

Licenses required for Bindi manufacturing business 

Registration of Firm: This Bindi making business even as a proprietorship firm or like Partnership Company. For Partnership operations, you must opt for registering as an LLP-Limited Liability Partnership or Pvt. Ltd. company with Registrar of Companies (ROC). 

GST registration: It is recommended to apply for the GST Number that has been made is mandatory after the GST rule. 

Trade License:  The trade license for your business can be availed from local authorities. 

Pollution Certificate: In order to avoid any problems after beginning your firm it is necessary to have a pollution control certificate from the concerned department. 

Trademark: In order to secure the company brand it is suggested to have a trademark registration.

Make sure you register for the SSI unit and then open a bank account for your business with the name of your bindi making a brand for the purpose of sales tax.

Area required for Bindi making unit

As it is already known fact that bindi making is a home-based business, you can begin it from home that allows you to save some money which could be used for other miscellaneous costs rather than for rental places for business. It is estimated that around 500 sq. ft area is need for the Bindi-making business. So it is better to have your business at your own place rather than using the rent area. This will also be useful as the family members will assist you in some processes without the requirement to hire manpower from outside. This is an added benefit because the family members will be trustworthy and money will be with thin the family itself.

There are some limitations from the government to initiate bindi making a business from home but that is ignorable. Apart from this, the main benefit of a home-based business is you can manage your time family, and business at your convenience.

Bindi making raw material

The basic material for bindi making business is velvet cloth and stick material which is present behind the bindi. Other raw materials needed to bindi making are precious stone, adhesive, beads, glue, and others.

An adhesive is a type of coating present on the other side of the bindi. The generally used adhesive is majorly dextrin.

After the bindi is complete you must have a paper sheet to place the Bindi over it later on this complete thing must be packed using packaging material.

This is the list of bindi making raw materials are mentioned below

  • Velvet cloth
  • Adhesive dextrin
  • Precious stone
  • Beads

You may determine the cost of the bindi as per the capital used in the buying of raw materials for the products.

Bindi making machine

For bindi making business, you can begin with hand tools as well but for better production, you must purchase a Bindi printing machine, bindi cutting machine, and various dyes. It is suggested to produce designer bindi and normal bindi as well.

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Bhindi Cutting Machine.
Bhindi Cutting Machine.

Basically, bindi production is categorized into two sections –

  • Printing unit
  • Punching unit

There are various types of machinery that are needed to bindi making business, different types of machines that are available in the market depending on price, operations mode, and operation output.

You must choose a machine which is appropriate for your production.

The shortlist of bindi making machines is mentioned below-

Adhesive coating machine, bindi cutting machine, bindi printing machine, drying machine, hand tools, punching machine, packaging machine, dyes, some hand tools, electrical motors, etc. bindi molds, bindi cutting machine, adhesive coating machine, drying machine, hand tools, electric motors.

The five major steps for bindi making process are given below;

Bindi cutting

Good quality velvet paper is properly cut with the help of cutting machines as per the feed material size in the punching machine. You may also check YouTube Money Making for Housewives.

Bindi punching

Punching is accomplished using a punching machine where the velvet paper is punched into different shapes.

Printing on Bindi

Nowadays there is a fashion for fancy bindi with stone or different printed designs on it. This type of design is printed on the bindi by using a printing machine.

Adhesive paste

The adhesive material is added towards the other side of the bindi. After that adhesive is sent through the hot air chamber for drying purposes.

Packaging of Bindi

After the bindi is complete it will be packed according to the customer’s requirement.

The cost to start a Bindi making business

Cost of bindi making machine = Rs. 60,000 to 1,20,000

Cost of raw materials = Rs. 20,000

Packaging cost = Rs. 10,000

Miscellaneous costs = Rs. 10,000

The total cost involved in starting bindi making business = Rs. 1,20,000.

Bindi marketing strategy

The local market for Bindi (retail market)

Build the network with local stores and retailers who can introduce your product and indirectly aid to sell your bindi. Thus even a retailer also helps you to spread your products to the customers.

Bindi wholesale market

You may sell your bindi in your city in the wholesale market.

Bindi online market

B2B websites: For the bulk orders in the starting stages it is important to either contact the wholesale shops or registers to the B2B websites like Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Exportersindia, etc.

B2C websites: These are the online website that could establish a client base by registering with e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. wherein the clients will approach you for your products by surfing through these websites.

Bindi making business branding and uniqueness

Bindi making business demands advertising and product promotion, you must have product sale skill or you can contact the distribution networks, such as retail shop owners to sell your product. There are many options to publicize your business from home, and majorly online selling is the perfect option to sell in present times as several customers are doing online purchasing for their needs.

You may even start an online shop with a simple user-friendly website from where the customers can book the orders online. You can even promote your product through the friends of the retailer to sell your product or at least for introducing your product to customers.

The conclusion of Bindi making business in India

With a perfect Bindi business plan, you can make easy money from the Bindi-making business. 

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