How to make Money from Noodles Making Business 

Introduction to make money from noodles making business

Noodles also popular too as “Chow Mein” is a well-known type of snack food item in India. Chow Mein is set from unleavened dough which is rolled flat, cut into long thin strings or strips. The noodle’s abode of origin is in China. For the future and to store for a short period the noodles can be refrigerated, dried, and stored.

Ideas to start and make money from noodles making business

This article guides you that noodles making business is a small scale business that any person can initiate with a small investment. Then to be aware of how to start noodles making business, what is the essential machinery needed for the noodles making business, what is the raw material of noodles is needed for manufacturing, and much more information. As it is a small scale business you may begin it as a homemade business.

The noodles manufacturing process is very easy, so you can even start the business with noodle making machine for home. The main reason for selecting noodles as a product is the easy steps involved to start the business.

Market potential of noodles making business to make huge money

In the present fast-growing world, noodles market potential is great as it is instant with fast cooking preparation properties. So, it has great market potential in both the urban and rural areas. So because of the growth in the number of consumers the market potential for noodles is increasing day by day.

The following are the main factors that show the market potential of noodles making business:

  • Firstly, quick industrial development in India
  • Secondly, the Chow Mein or noodles product durability
  • Thirdly, the growing preference for fast-food because of the increasing number of the working population and many more.
  • After that, the population is also growing rapidly in India.
  • Next is the purchasing potential of the people is growing day by day.
  • Lastly, the changing food habit of the population.

Noodles manufacturing unit setup

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How to Set up a Noodles manufacturing business.
How to Set up a Noodles manufacturing business.

As it is a small scale business, it does not need much space for manufacturing. Before installing the machinery you must have a floor plan properly and it is suggested to select an area of about 500 square feet for medium-scale. Space should be sufficient for operations such as manufacturing, office work, storing, packaging, and marketing, etc. Additionally, you must maintain the following provisions like water availability, power supply, skilled manpower, and many more.

The machinery required for noodles manufacturing business

Selecting the right machine for any type of manufacturing is a crucial thing. Because selecting the wrong machine will impair the profitability and quality of the desired product. So, it is recommended to take the ideas from the professionals before purchasing the machinery. Here this blog will aid you to be aware of the suitable machinery needed for noodles making business.

The following are the essential machines needed for the noodles making business:

  • A fully automatic noodles manufacturing machine or semi-automatic noodles manufacturing machine.
  • Dough mixer blade type
  • Weighing scales platform type
  • Plastic Buckets
  • Water boiler-fuel heated
  • Vertical type powder mixer with motor
  • Noodles making machine with various sized die-heads
  • Wooden trays
  • Aluminum/Galvanized iron water tape pipeline fittings
  • Pouch filling and sealing machine

Raw materials required for the noodles manufacturing process

The following are the raw materials of noodles that are needed for preparation:

  • Wheat Flour
  • Salt
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Variety of spices
  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (NaCO2)

Apart from the above raw materials, you must buy the following: packaging materials, and pouches, outer boxes, etc. As per the taste and flavor of your product, you must prepare the recipe. So, using reliable sources from noodles making a business plan you must source the formula and the manufacturing technology.

Making Noodles.
Making Noodles.

Steps involved in the manufacturing process of noodles

The following are the simple ways to follow for the preparation of delicious snack item noodles:

  • Dry mixing
  • Dough formation
  • Extrusion
  • Pre – Drying
  • Drying

The above steps are briefly explained below:

Dry mixing

Firstly, in a vertical mixer, you must mix the following ingredients such as starch, soda bicarbonate, and maida. Also, you must add the color that is appropriate to be eaten or consumable. The average moisture content at this particular stage is about 10 to 11% of dry mixes.

Dough formation

In this second step, you must add a coating type with gelatin of the starch using the above dry mixer ingredients. Using boiled water one can prepare satisfactory dough which is done with dough mixer for 12-15 minutes.


Thirdly, you must transfer the dough mix into the noodle making machine for the extruded material of desired length and shape. With the use of appropriate dye, you can modify the distance between the cutting blade and the dyed surface. The average moisture content here is about 33% of dry mixes.


In this step, from the cutting machine, the noodles which are cut will be transferred to wooden trays. So using pre-drying, the noodles undergo the process of surface drying, and there they become sufficiently hard enough to handle without having crushed and without sticking. The average moisture content in this step is about 29.5% of dry mixes.


Then the final step is drying which is the final stage that comprises the process of steaming. You will receive a quality product that consists of a longer shelf life after the appropriate steaming. The average moisture content here is about 17% of dry mixes. After steaming the dried product produced has the average moisture content of around 10% of dry mixes.

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Noodles or Chow Mein is a consumer durable processed food product so the business requires specific registrations and permissions before beginning the unit. The following are the permission and licenses required to make food products in India:

  • Obtain a trade license from the local authority.
  • Next, apply for the VAT registration.
  • Thirdly, get the BIS Certification (Bureau of Indian Standards) which is essential.
  • Next, register your noodles making business for trademark.
  • You do not need a pollution control NOC. But it is recommended to verify with the local office.
  • Also, ensure to register your business with ROC.
  • Furthermore, it is important to apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME available online.
  • As it is a food-related product, you should apply for the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) licenses
  • Also, the unit must have compliance with the following: GMP and PFA Act which are very essential.
  • The products should have ISO certification for building trust in consumers so apply for ISO 9001 certification
  • Lastly, you must ensure the unit to have the exhaust fans to ensure a comfy environment inside the unit.

The investment or  cost to start noodles making business in India

The cost involved in noodle-making business includes

The instant noodles making machine price is Rs. 35,000.

The cost of raw materials required for making noodles is Rs. 15,000

The packaging cost is Rs. 10,000

Other miscellaneous costs are Rs. 20,000

So, the total cost involved to start noodles making business at home is Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1,00,000.

This cost varies based on the small scale noodles making machine cost.

Profit margin in noodles making business

You can expect a minimum of 33% of profit margin in noodles making business if you start the business at a smaller scale. For a commercial scale, the profit goes up to 50%.

The conclusion noodles making business to make great money

Noodles are food products so it is important to have brand awareness, advertisement, and lastly, a proper circulation medium. Certainly, noodle making business is an extremely profitable business where the huge income will be produced.



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