How to Make Money from Wastewater Recycling Plant

Introduction to make money from the wastewater recycling plant in India

Water is an essential component on earth that makes life possible. Out of 9 planets in our solar system only it is the earth that contains water and that is the reason life is possible here. Coming to the figures, the earth holds 71% of water and 29% of the land but the majority of water is contributed by seawater that is not available for consumption.

Ideas to make money from the wastewater recycling plant

Only 0.3% of water is said to be useful which is popular as freshwater. Freshwater is available in the form of a river, lake, rainwater, glacier, and groundwater. With the increasing population, there has been a growth in the consumption of freshwater. Nearly all facets of our life where water is needed are supplied by groundwater.

There has been a collapse in the groundwater level for the last century with extreme use of groundwater. In India, the condition is more problematic. Most of the rivers in India are contaminated enough that water cannot be used for any purpose. Hence, all the burden falls on the groundwater. There are many areas in India where water is scarce.

Wastewater recycling is the only way

The majority of water that is wasted is not even properly used. If one is aware of how to use this wastewater then the shortage of water can be reduced. Water is a natural resource that justifies preservation and viable usage. To reimburse the requirement of water one can recycle water. Recycling water is not only to save water but also serves as a source of income. Several water recycling businesses are functioning to recycle water for drinking purposes. Hence the government is encouraging wastewater management projects in India.  You would be shocked to know about the sewage generation per person per day in India.  All this water produced can be reused if it is properly recycled. This also solves the issue of water scarcity in the coming generations.

Scope of wastewater recycling business to make money

The water recycling business has huge projections currently and it will endure rising in the future. As the population will grow and the need will arise so with the consumption of water. Thus, recycling water is the only way to generate water for drinking purposes. Mainly the industrial wastewater reuse in India should be done but it includes a difficult process as it contains many harmful chemicals.

In India, many firms are performing great in water recycling. If one takes the instance of a packed drinking water firm then one can easily verify how almost free water is traded at Rs. 20 per bottle. These enterprises derive great profits from water recycling and packaging which can be tried by anyone.

Wastewater recycling business plan to make huge money

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Wastewater Recycling Business Plan.
Wastewater Recycling Business Plan.

There are several things that one must keep in mind while planning for this business. The foremost thing is a comprehensive plan for water recycling. Here are a few things that you must consider for initiating your business. First, you need to know about the wastewater treatment methods, before starting the business in India.

Water that can be recycled

The recycling of treated sewage can be used for consumption purposes. You must first do a proper examination of the water that you are planning to recycle. The testing should be done by professionals who can endorse that the wastewater can be recycled for drinking purposes or not.

There are many classifications of wastewater that can be treated and there are several categories of wastewater that cannot be treated. Only after the professional certifies it can be recycled for drinking purposes one must recycle it.

Hire experts for checking water quality

You must appoint some experts who can verify the water quality after recycling. They will examine if you can sell the water for drinking purposes or not. They will also decide what kind of water could be recycled and what kind of water is not suitable for recycling.

Arrange the wastewater for recycling

To begin your sewage treatment plant you must arrange wastewater for recycling purposes. In India, you will obtain it easily. There are several small ponds filled with water which can easily be used by you. You can even try taking water from the sewer if it can be properly treatable but in a major case, you should use the water which is waste but not extremely toxic or filthy.

Setting up a wastewater recycling plant to make great money

If the source of wastewater is a pond or lake then your unit must be established near the pond as it would be easy to withdraw water from it. The water recycling plant in India, must close to the source of wastewater as the supply would be easy or else you should organize some transportation for retrieving wastewater. This article gives you information about wastewater treatment steps.  You can also get a clear idea by looking into the sewage treatment plant diagram for getting more information.

The permissions required to start a water recycling plant in India

The paperwork required for the wastewater recycling plant is mentioned below. Not all water is fit for drinking purposes even after recycling so the concerned authorities must conduct a test to verify the wastewater and recycled water. If both pass the test of recycling then they permit and give a green signal.

There are also other authorizations and certificates needed for your recycling plant which needs some inspection. You must register for the water recycling business and achieve all the needed conditions. Apart from this registration, as a taxpayer, the GST is also important. After that, taking the permissions from your municipality for the recycling business is also compulsory.

Requirements to start a wastewater recycling business to make good money

Here is a thorough explanation of the requirements to initiate a domestic wastewater treatment. Below are the types of wastewater treatment methods followed in India.

wastewater: As previously informed, you must have wastewater that must be available in specific quality that can be treated. There are toxic waters that can’t be treated thus you must do broad research on the water that you are using for recycling.

Water recycling Plant: It is the area where you will plan your unit to recycle your wastewater. A water recycling plant comprises a set of equipment and machines in which a primary thing is a recycling machine.

Recycling machine: There are various processes through which water is recycled. The basic purpose of this machine is to purify water by eliminating dirt through the filter, boiling the water, removing the foul smell, separating dissolved heavy minerals, and so on.

Equipment: For recycling wastewater, you need various types of equipment apart from the recycling machine. Some machines come all in one while there are machines that come for a separate purpose. For instance, you require separate filters for cleaning water, chlorinator, purifier, boiler, smell remover, distillatory equipment, and many more.
Process of wastewater recycling

Before starting the business, you might get a question ‘what are the 3 stages of wastewater treatment?’ The process of water recycling begins with separating waste materials from water by using a filter. Then the water is sent through a chamber that eliminates tiny particles and filthy elements. In the next stage, the water is boiled in the boiler and is then allowed to cool down.

When the water is settled, the water is then transported using the filter to a different vessel. Boiling the water confirms that harmful elements, bacteria, toxic substances, and other such elements can be detached. The other benefit is that it sorts the hard water into soft by eliminating minerals like silica.

From there the water is chlorinated for removing any kind of bacteria. There are other chemicals as well that are also preferred based on requirements and budget.

The primary process involved here is distillation through which water is purified. Apart from this, several other methods are more advanced for water purifying. You can select any depending on your capacity, budget, and requirement. The name of the by-product of wastewater treatment includes screenings, grit, and sewage sludge may also be treated in a wastewater treatment plant.

Utilities required starting wastewater recycling

The basic facilities required for beginning a wastewater recycling business. Power connection, transportation, water supply, packaging, and storage of water are some important amenities. You require an expert, workers, packaging people, an accountant, and a tax consultant for managing your business.

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Investment or the cost to set up a wastewater recycling plant

Wastewater recycling is a bit costly business that needs a large amount of capital. Firstly, you must have a water recycling place that you can get either through rent or by purchase. It would be fine if you can rent it. The second thing you need is a pipe connection that will hold the wastewater from the location to your plant.

You also need to have a water pump for that. Next, you need to know about the machine costs which are approximately Rs. 4 lakhs to 30 lakhs based on your need. Apart from this, there are several other types of equipment like a filter, chlorinator, container, distillation plant, RO plant, and boiler, and so on.

To estimate the cost of recycling water first you need to estimate the cost of all of the process and set-up involved, and then to start a small-scale unit you need to spend a minimum of Rs. 50 lakh for setting up of a wastewater plant. The perfect option for you gets the things on rent if possible as it will save your capital and will improve your rate of investment.

The next is the staff which must be experts and it will be around Rs. 1-3 lakhs per month if your team is low in number. The next is packaging water in a vessel or bottle that will incur an additional cost of a few lakhs. Finally, you should supply your product to the market for which you need a driver, transport vehicle, and transportation costs. You can add an extra few lakhs. Try to rent them all for saving your budget.

The market potential for wastewater recycling business

Approach the manufacturers, water suppliers, sellers, and distributors. Though you are new in the market you can sell your product in a crowded marketplace such as the railway stations, busy markets, bus stands, and tourist spots. For this, you require good associates with the sellers and give them additional benefits in comparison to already present branded water manufacturers for taking your order. Care to package your water as well matters while selling to customers because most people purchase the bottles by their look it which must be up to the mark.

Profit margin from the wastewater recycling business

Whatever share you will have in the capital during the starting few months of installation, it will be done. The later expenses will be minimized to recycling charges, water connection, power supply, packaging, and transportation along with the wages of your workers.

Therefore you can imagine return after 9-15 months. If your market prefers your brand well then you will have a stable profit. As you know, the sale price of a 1-liter bottle of water is Rs. 20, and a 5-liter bottle is sold at Rs 60. For a 20-liter water gallon, people buy Rs. 80-120.

If you can sell 500 one-liter bottles every day then you will gain Rs. 7500 per day. Besides by selling 200 gallons of water will gain Rs. 20, 000. The income will keep on growing as your output and request will rise.

The crucial thing in the initial days of a start-up is the investment and hard work are higher than gains. So it is important to be patient and move on. This will certainly do well as this business is one of the utmost effective businesses with a great profit margin.

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