How to Start a Car Wash Business in Arkansas: Business Plan, Requirements, Setup Cost, License/Permit

Starting a car wash business in Arkansas can be a lucrative venture. With proper planning and execution, owning a car wash franchise in Arkansas can be a profitable endeavor. By taking the time to research and prepare, you can set yourself up for business success and make sure your car wash business is profitable.

How to Start a Car Wash Business in Arkansas

How to start a car wash business in Arkansas

Select the car wash business model

There are several business models for car washes. The most appropriate model for your business will depend on many factors, like the size and location of your proposed car wash, the type of cars you expect to wash, and the level of service you plan to provide. Self-service car washes are the least expensive to build and operate, but they require customers to do all the work themselves. 

Full-service car washes have an attendant on duty who handles all aspects of the washing and drying process. This type of wash is typically more expensive than either self-service or coin-operated car washes, but it is also more convenient for customers.

Select the best location for a car wash business in Arkansas

Locating a high-traffic location is critical to the success of a car wash business. In many areas, getting city approval for a car wash can take time, so work with a local commercial real estate agent to discuss any challenges before contacting a city planner. A good location will be easily accessible, in a safe neighborhood, and visible from a high-traffic street. About 80% of car wash customers are within a 15 km radius of the location, which means a great location is one of the key features of a successful and growing business.

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Car Wash Business

Make sure you set up the business in a good and popular place with a large population and a residential complex nearby. Another important point may be the main roads leading to a minor road. Having your business in such a location will make it very convenient for many people who want to get their car washed quickly while on their way to another location. The location of your car wash business in Arkansas is an important decision. Some factors to consider when selecting a location, such as:

  • Zoning regulations
  • The size and layout of the property
  • Traffic patterns
  • Proximity to other businesses and residential areas

When looking for a location, it’s important to consult with your city or county’s zoning department to ensure that you comply with all regulations. The size and layout of the property will also play a role in how successful your car wash business will be. You’ll need enough space for customer parking, the car wash, and any additional amenities you plan on offering (such as a vacuum area or detailing services).

Traffic patterns should also be considered – you’ll want a location that is easily accessible and visible to potential customers. Finally, it’s important to choose a location that is close to other businesses and residential areas. 

Purchase equipment to start a car wash business in Arkansas

Water source: This can be a hose attached to a water line that runs to your property. You will need a power source to run your equipment. A generator or power outlet will suffice. You will need some cleaning supplies and equipment. A pressure washer, soap, rags, and towels are necessary.

Automatic car washing machines: This machinery will be installed at this location and automatically cleans the car from all sides. These large scrubbers rotate and are one of the most expensive equipment.

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Car Washing Station

Vacuum cleaner: You will need an industrial vacuum cleaner to clean cars from the inside. They are usually used at the end of a car wash. 

Portable car washers: These are essential and highly mobile units. They come with a compressor that provides a high-pressure water jet with various washing functions. Even a basic bike water wash requires a high-pressure water hose, associated pump, and water storage tank. So, all these are essential for an automobile washing business. 

Water tank: This is a must if you are in this business. One should have a water tank that acts as a reservoir unless the plot has a bore well with a good water supply. At a minimum, you will need tank tanks of 6,000 to 10,000 liters to ensure a constant water supply. 

Consumables: Many consumables will be needed that will be used regularly, such as car washing liquid, car polish, cleaning cloths, sponges, wax, etc. 

Cost to start a car wash business in Arkansas

The set-up cost for a car wash business in Arkansas will vary depending on the size and type of business you want to start. A car wash can be built for around $20,000 to over $100,000. The start-up costs will also depend on whether you plan to lease or purchase the land for your car wash business.

Key rules to start a car wash business in Arkansas

  1. You must obtain a business license from the Arkansas Secretary of State to operate a car wash business.
  2. It is also recommended that you form a limited liability company (LLC) to protect your assets in case of liability issues.
  3. You will need to find a suitable location for your car wash business. Consider factors such as traffic volume, competition, and zoning regulations.
  4. Once you have secured a location, you will need to purchase or lease the necessary equipment. This can be done through an equipment supplier or a bank loan.
  5. Now it’s time to start marketing your new car wash business. Some effective marketing strategies include online advertising, direct mail, and coupons.

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Automatic car wash station

Find the investment capital to start a car wash business in Arkansas

To start a car wash business in Arkansas, you’ll need to find the investment capital to get it off the ground. One option is to approach local banks or credit unions for a small business loan. You could also look into crowdfunding platforms or private investors. Another option is to use your savings or take out a personal loan. This can be risky, as you’ll be putting your finances on the line.

However, it can also be a great way to get your business up and running without giving up equity. Once you’ve secured the funding, it’s important to put together a solid business plan. This will help you map out the costs of setting up and running your car wash and projected revenue and profits. With a well-thought-out plan, you’ll be more likely to secure the funding you need and get your business off to a successful start.

Planning your car wash business

A car wash business plan is a document that helps you map out the feasibility of your car wash business. It must include an executive summary, market analysis, financial projections, and management team details. When creating your car wash business plan, make sure to do your research.

The first step is understanding the business industry by reading trade publications and conducting industry interviews. Then, you’ll want to analyze your target market and create realistic financial projections. Lastly, put together a strong management team with experience in the car wash industry.

Tips for running a profitable car wash business in Arkansas

  1. Start by finding the correct location. Look for a busy area with high traffic and good visibility from the street.
  2. Offer various services at different price points to appeal to many customers.
  3. Use high-quality products and equipment to give your customers the best possible experience.
  4. Promote your business through marketing and advertising initiatives to attract new customers and keep them coming back.
  5. Keep your costs under control by maintaining a lean operation and watching your expenses carefully.
  6. Finally, provide excellent customer service to build loyalty and repeat business.

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Car wash franchise opportunities in Arkansas

You can choose from various locations and businesses to operate your car wash. Selecting the right location is critical to the success of your business. You’ll want to consider traffic patterns, demographics, and competition when choosing a spot for your car wash. Once you’ve selected a location, you’ll need to obtain the necessary permits and licenses to start your business. The process for obtaining these can vary depending on the municipality where your car wash will be located. Once you have all the required paperwork, you can begin setting up your business. 

Steps to create a car wash business plan

  1. Decide what type of car wash you want to open. There are several types of car washes, from full-service to drive-through washes. Consider what type of customers you want to attract and what services you want to offer before deciding on the type of car wash you’ll open.
  2. Find the perfect location for your car wash. Location is key when it comes to starting a successful car wash business. You’ll want to find a spot that’s easily accessible and has plenty of foot traffic.
  3. Creating a detailed business plan is one of the most important steps in starting any business, and it’s especially important when starting a car wash business. Your business plan should include information on your target market, marketing strategy, financial projections, and more.
  4. Hire experienced staff. Your employees will play a big role in determining the success of your business, so it’s important to hire people with experience in the industry. Car wash operators who have been in business for a while can offer valuable insights and guidance.
  5. Get the necessary permits and licenses before opening your doors. In Arkansas, all businesses must have the proper licenses and permits before they can open their doors for business. Check with the local authorities to see what licenses and permits you’ll need for your car wash business.
  6. List all of the services that your car wash will offer, along with pricing details. If you have unique services or features that other businesses do not offer, be sure to highlight those here.
  7. Your marketing plan should detail how you generate awareness for your car wash business and attract customers. 

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Car Washing Station

Apply for car wash business licenses and permits in Arkansas

A car wash owner must obtain certain licenses and permits before opening a business. These licenses and permits may vary from state to county and even county to county. Necessary licenses and permits from the state government may include business licenses, sales tax permits, and environmental permits. You will also need to comply with any local regulations that may apply to your business. 

Your local government may have additional requirements regarding wastewater and facility details and locations, so consider these details before starting construction. In addition, there are some common local, state, and federal registrations, such as sales tax permits, employer identification numbers, and occupancy permits.

Get your marketing plan strategies to start a car wash business in Arkansas

Marketing is important for a car wash, especially in the start-up phase. Common marketing activities include print advertising, flyers, direct mail, and online advertising through social media platforms such as Facebook. Establishing a loyalty program can encourage returning customers, and partnering with local businesses in the community can also be an effective way to encourage new customers to visit.

Creating a website is the best way to market your car wash business. This website should include all the potential information customers need about your car wash business, such as your location, operation hours, and services you offer. You can also use this website to post coupons and special offers.

In addition to your website, you should create social media accounts for the car wash business on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure to regularly post engaging content on these platforms to draw attention to your business. You can also use social media to run marketing campaigns and promote special offers.

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Starting a car wash business in Arkansas can be a great way to make money. It also offers you the potential for growth and success. However, it is essential to understand the steps involved and ensure that you meet all requirements and regulations to operate your business successfully. 


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