How to Start a Gardening Business in India

Introduction to Start a Gardening Business in India

If you’re interested in starting a business and love the outdoors, you can earn a good living as a home-based gardener. You may plan to consider this career if you have some skills with creativity and enjoy working with plants and flowers. Gardeners do many tasks, including watering, raking, trimming, digging, planting, hoeing and leaf-blowing, to keep their client’s homes and yards looking awesome.

A step by step guide to Start a Gardening Business in India

Gardening as a full-time Business

It is not essential to have any experience, and thus gardening can be transformed into a full-time business, with high demand for reliable, honest people. With so many homeowners struggling to take out time from their busy schedules, you’ll have a steady demand for your services. Moreover, if you live in a locality with changing seasons, you could appoint some workers to perform fall clean-up or even for removing snow. Plus, some customers may ask to clean their greenhouse or office plants tended to year-round.

Start a Gardening Business in India.
Start a Gardening Business in India.

With a mix of regular clients and the occasional one-time clean-up of shabby properties, you will earn a steady, bearable income. Monthly maintenance schedules with customers keep the bookkeeping comparatively simple. 

Landscaping Architect Vs Gardener

Landscape architects can gain even more than a gardener. You require a college degree in landscape architecture to construct fountains, rock formations, ponds, and irrigation systems. While you may use this option in the long run, there is still a lot of opportunity in doing the basics for homeowners.

Other considerations to start a gardening business

While it might feel very thrilling while working outside after years being cooped up in a room or a corporate building, you must consider things like:

Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to health hazards like dehydration, skin tanning, or in the extremes that can cause skin cancer. Thus it is recommended to spend protective clothing as a precautionary measure and thereby play safe.

While exercise is great for the health, if you are not into a fitness zone then repetitive bending, reaching, and squatting, you can have back and joint problems so make sure you perform these things in presence of a trainer or professional. 

Your gains may largely rely on the weather. If you prefer not to work during the winter months, you must determine a budget to pay your costings such as bills. 

Things required to start a gardening business 

When you are preparing yourself to initiate your new business, you must have:

Good physical health: You should be physically excellent in shape to take care of the work. Prepare for it by engaging in some cardiovascular exercise and gain some strength by training and taking proper diet. 

Marketing materials: To circulate about your business and to grab your first customers, you’ll require some marketing materials, from a normal website to visiting cards. 

Basic lawn and garden equipment: You will often be asked to supply the tools you use, including a shovel, hoe, rake, weed eater, lawnmower, and trowel.

License and insurance: Each state has ideal licensing guidelines and insurance requirements. Check with your state’s small business organizations to know what all you require to get started. 

In a field with such high revenue, reliable performance at a fair rate will put you at pat with most of your competitors. Your satisfied customer base will be the key to your building reputation, as happy clients suggest you to their friends and relatives.

Business plan to start a gardening business

Gardening is a trendy word nowadays. Then how to make money from it? This is something interesting right or even better. So, what does the average individual who is into gardening require? The target group of elite customers, gardening tools and its supplies, and a passion to do labor-intensive work. Finally, you will have happiness and income!

Understanding the work

It needs a lot of hard work for this business. There are many opportunities available and the costs to begin and operate the business are relatively low.

The typical works you will be doing while working in a lawn mowing or gardening business are listed below;

  • Mowing
  • Brush cutting
  • Fertilizing lawns and gardens
  • Weed control and removal
  • Sweeping and blowing pathways
  • Raking, pruning, and planting
  • Watering lawns and gardens
  • Re-potting plants
Mulching clearing rubbish

Hedge trimming

Apart from these jobs, you may take up general business administration works such as maintaining inventory, generating invoices, and equipment, and filling your tax reporting and relevant paperwork.

Planning comes first

First, you must determine what kind of services you desire to offer. Do you want to offer garden maintenance services only or plan to build a green haven from scratch as well? Both kinds of businesses bring their own set of pros and cons. Remember; a designer balcony will gain more money than just garden maintenance.

Equipment required

Most lawn mowers and gardeners work as fully mobile businesses, so you will have to create a home office and a proper vehicle to get started. Start-up businesses will make use of their home equipment and then acquire professional gear after the business is steady after some time.

Depending on the type of services that you desire to provide, some of the necessary equipment includes:

  • Lawnmower and edger 
  • Hedge trimmer 
  • Chainsaw 
  • Blower 
  • Weed control sprayer and chemicals
  • Fertilizer
  • Hose and accessories
  • Personal protection equipment (gloves, boots, glasses, etc).
  • Be Creative

In this kind of business, you should have lots of creativity, and one heck of a beautiful and attractive website. Listen to terraces and balconies. Begin with creating an ideal garden of your own and offer to modify the same for your friends’ garden beds and terraces. Photograph them neatly and create an online portfolio to promote it and your services. This kind of business has a target audience which includes the elite, international institutions, and MNCs.

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Investment to start a gardening business in India
To start with the business you need to just invest in the tools and the permissions required. You can start the business by just investing Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 2 lakh. As you require very minimal investment to start this business.

Profit in gardening business in India

You can get good profits in the gardening business. The main thing is that you need to be very creative to run this business successfully. If you do these things then you can earn good profits within no time. As everyone is giving importance to the greenery in and around houses and even in offices. So, if you can think unique then you can earn lakhs of profits within no time.

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