How to Start a Homecare Service Business for Elderly in India?

India is home to the world’s most significant aging population. According to the 2011 census, more than 100 million people over the age of 65 in the United States. The forthcoming census is projected to see a rise in these numbers. In India, the eldercare industry is estimated to be worth $5 billion. As a result of COVID-19, numerous significant enterprises and sectors were severely disrupted.

How to Start a Homecare Service Business for Elderly in India?
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Despite the chaos, lockdowns, and shutdowns, organizations that rely on their staff to continue delivering daily to support their company have had difficulty keeping their engines running. After the first wave, they were easy prey for the second one because of their age. In addition, parents’ financial, medical, and emotional toll increased as the epidemic spread, making their role as primary caregivers even more crucial. So let’s check out how to start a homecare service business for elderly in India.

One in five individuals in India is a senior citizen, making up 134 million of the country’s total population. New brands and activities in the eldercare-giving sector have emerged due to the entrepreneurial ecosystem’s attention to the conditions of 2020. Feedback suggests a 40% rise in the need for eldercare help in recent times. This has awakened large numbers of businesses and people.

Eldercare impacts efficiency

A majority of those who had responsibility for elderly persons, whether living with them or away from them, had a difficult position in balancing caring and their jobs. As a result of the stress of taking care of their elderly parents, they could not focus on their work and productivity. The pandemic hasn’t changed anything for those who cared for the elderly previous to the outbreak.

Many were forced to take time off from work, forego advancement to new jobs or places, accept lower-paying employment, etc. A lack of personal development, mental health difficulties, and a stifling of the country’s economic progress were consequences. This issue will only worsen as the population ages, but there is now an answer in the form of new eldercare enterprises and possibilities.

Who is the target market?

Families of elderly people, as well as medical care professionals, will be the primary target market. Families will be able to choose whether and when it is appropriate to provide home care services for their senior people. When it becomes clear that an old patient can no longer care for themself, medical care experts might provide choices to family members who are concerned.

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How to start a homecare service business for elderly in India: Steps

Prepare a business plan

The first and most crucial step in launching a home health care service is to write a business strategy. A business plan serves as a roadmap for your home health care service’s success as a company foundation. An operational plan, organization and management, marketing plan, services you want to offer, company description, executive summary, and financial plan should all be included in a business plan.

Choose what services to offer

An essential first step is to list the services you want to provide. To do this, consider what your community could need and what might be in demand. For example, respite care is a specialty for some, while cleaning and errand running are hobbies for others. Next, find out what services are most in-demand in your community by contacting other elder care providers. You may use this list in a leaflet, brochure, or ad on Craigslist or a website after you’re done.

“Whether you don’t see a service you require – simply call and inquire if we provide it” should be included at the end of the list. As a result, you may miss out on a few sought-after services when you compile your list of offerings. By offering in-home companion care services, you may assist seniors, and their families keep their independence, minimizing stress, and avoiding expensive nursing facility care.

Non-medical home care, often known as companion care, allows elders to remain in their own homes as they age. As a companion caretaker for older customers, you may assist with the day-to-day activities that might be difficult for the elderly. Eldercare businesses supply their customers with five essential services:

  • Taking care of the house, like cleaning and doing laundry.
  • Caregiver relief and companionship, often known as respite care.
  • Preparation of a meal.
  • A wide range of personal services, including aid with clothing and grooming.
  • Medical visits, grocery shopping, and errands are all examples of transportation.

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For non-medical services, no nursing degrees or certificates are required. However, many caregivers prefer to ultimately finish a CNA or LPN program so that they may earn a higher hourly rate. Non-medical home care, often known as companion care, allows elders to remain in their own homes as they age. As a companion caregiver for older customers, you may assist with the day-to-day activities that might be difficult for the elderly.

Register your business

It’s essential to have your agency registered with the state as soon as possible since it will assist you in gaining other crucial company criteria. For example, a business license and certification will be issued after registering your business.

Apply for Medicaid and Medicare certification

You may be able to secure Medicare and Medicaid certifications once you register your firm. The certificates will allow your organization to deliver Medicare and Medicaid-approved healthcare services to your target clientele. However, to add to this, the accreditation procedure might sometimes be more time-consuming. As a result, it’s best to begin planning for the company early.

Name your business

You’re now ready to come up with a name for your eldercare company. Consider something memorable and snappy to use as a prompt. It’s a good idea to include the name of your region or even your name in the company name. Find out whether your name has already been trademarked or registered by checking with your state.

Hire healthcare professionals

After you have obtained all of the necessary Medicare and Medicaid plans, it is time to engage healthcare specialists that will assist you in providing home healthcare services to your consumers in their homes. Every healthcare service necessitates the hiring of a large number of healthcare experts. There are several ways via which you might employ them, including your company’s website, social media, or even through connecting with medical recruiting services/agencies, among other options. 

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Create a set of criteria for selecting new staff. Invest in a background screening service to perform background checks on all job seekers. Organize an in-depth interview process covering everything from company policy and staff expectations to patient rights and job responsibilities. It is essential that your personnel be of the finest caliber: caring, loyal, secretive, outgoing, and kind. The agency also requires administrative workers to assist with the management of the organization’s services in addition to healthcare experts.

Decide the rates

Many new eldercare business owners make the mistake of charging too little to cover all of their expenses because they haven’t been in business long enough to be aware of all of the little costs, such as licenses, bookkeeping fees, social security taxes, vehicle maintenance, and insurance, which can all add up over time. Adding roughly 30 to 35 percent to the salary you’ll be paying yourself is a fair rule of thumb when trying to come up with reasonable pricing that enables you to make a profit while still keeping your customers satisfied.

Apply for insurance

In a lawsuit or claim, having the appropriate insurance coverage is critical. Consult with an independent insurance agent in your area to learn about the requirements in your state.


After you’ve established your eldercare firm and identified the services you want to provide, it’s time to search for clients. As a result of the high demand for qualified carers, you will only need a few, and you will be free to pick and choose who you work with. Referrals from local senior care providers are often an excellent source of information. In addition, you may post a free ad over the internet or register with one of the online marketplaces to sell your items.

Take advantage of recommendations

Ask for recommendations once you’ve acquired your first few customers and provided them with excellent service. Inform them that your company is still expanding and that you could utilize a few more satisfied customers like them. Provide a little extra service in exchange for a referral that results in a frequent customer.

Make sure you provide amazing service

If you take good care of your older consumers, they will tell their friends and family about you, and you will never need to advertise again. Yes, this is correct! Always strive to live by the Moral Code and treat your customers the way you would like to be treated if you were in their place, no matter what the situation is. Establish guidelines to ensure that target clients understand what to anticipate and their duties, such as sharing necessary information or reporting poor service.

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Stay organised and save money

Many internet applications are available to assist you in keeping track of your company accounting and your employment calendar. is one of the best since it makes it simple to keep track of your small company money, even if you cannot add or remove it. In addition, a built-in scheduling function can monitor your work hours and generate an invoice for your customer for roughly 800 rupees per month. Compared to what you pay a bookkeeper, this is cheap.

What are the recurring expenses for an Elderly care business?

It will be necessary to have a high number of employees to offer the round-the-clock care needed for senior people who seek home care. Therefore, competitive remuneration is required to attract and retain the finest personnel. In addition to these charges, utilities, building upkeep, and any licenses or certifications that may be necessary will be continuing expenses.

How to make your elderly care business more profitable?

As long-term costs are paid off, the profitability of this firm increases. The ability to pay off medical equipment more quickly helps the company generate more profit each year. There are no franchise fees or expensive equipment purchases to worry about if you decide to establish your own eldercare company. Since the firm has minimal overhead, there aren’t any upfront fees. Most of us now have a decent car and a smartphone, which will help us remain in contact and organize our time.

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It’s up to you to decide which tasks to accept and how many hours to put in each week. This is excellent news for those of us who want to work a few hours a week. An eldercare profession is a perfect option for anybody looking to leave their job because of stress and work in a field that provides financial security and personal fulfillment.


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