How To Start A Karachi Bakery Franchise In India

How to Start Karachi Bakery Franchise in India

About Karachi Bakery

An incredible chronicle of 60 years and still growing strong, Karachi Bakery has started as a “True Icon of Hyderabad Baking” with a popularity that is matchless to the core. Always a step in advance of the competition, they concentrate on novelty, evolving new items while modifying the existing products accordingly to meet the consumer needs.

A Step by Step Guide To Karachi Bakery Franchise in India

A subtle blend of traditions and trends, their extensive collection of greatly appealing baked items and confectionaries activate the senses to people of all age groups. The secret of their excellence is present in the thorough care and expertise that goes into every product. It is this constant commitment to excellence backed by a world-class manufacture and distribution system and customer-responsive service that has enabled them to carve a niche for themselves across the length and breadth of India. Currently, Karachi Bakery is a common name in every household and corner of the globe.

What Karachi Bakery provide?

Bulk Supplies to Corporates

They are involved to cater to all kinds of businesses or corporate events or meets. If you can select from their exclusive range of customized products that includes cookie gift packs, chocolates, cakes, and many more.

Customer Gift Packs

You can pick from a range of delightful combinations of a gift pack or even have the option to customize your order as per your need for that someone special to be delivered by the bakery. You have the facility to Pre-book your gift and they will ensure that it is delivered to the event on a particular date and time.

Online Shopping

Now, these delicious delicacies are only a click away! You can easily order your favorites online through their safe server and do online payment. They shall process and deliver the orders in the very shortest time possible.

Everything you need to know about Karachi Bakery

Unique selling point (USP): The unique selling point of the Karachi franchise is that:

It provides its products at a price which are considered fit as value-for-money with its quality meeting the requirements of every class of the country 

The business model of Karachi Bakery

The business model of Karachi can be explained using these 4 variants:

Value proposition: The value a Karachi franchise is providing us is:

Because of the decades of experience since 1958, and its policy of making its machinery and thus an ideal taste in its cakes across all of its Indian franchises, people demand is easily sustained and met.

The opportunity of both Dine-in outlets and takeaway services and items besides just cakes helps you get a wider target audience.

Target consumers: The consumers who are and expect to be the potential target customers for the products offered by your Karachi franchise could be mentioned here:

  • Canteens and cafeterias
  • Local people
  • Event organizers: Birthday parties, an anniversary occasion, marriages
  • Supermarkets and retail chains: Sale of cookies and cupcakes in Karachi’s brand
  • Middle and upper-income level customers.

Competitor review: The competition in the Indian bakery industry is high because of the presence of both Indian based traditional sweet stores and bakery based retail dealers. 

Marketing strategy: The marketing techniques that are followed by the Karachi bakery are:

TV, printed posters, and banners

Offers on festivals and customized cakes

Introducing cakes for specific occasions such as Gender-specific cakes, Particular examination passing out the cake, etc.

Benefits of starting a Karachi Bakery franchise

Benefits of starting a Karachi Bakery franchise.
Benefits of starting a Karachi Bakery franchise.

Wider target audience: If you are planning to have a Karachi franchise then you must be ready to have a large target audience to cater to. Its dine-in option entices office goers and working-class, Take-away service attracts home delivery, and its other products such as cookies are sold in supermarkets for example Spencer’s.

Brand loyalty and familiarity: Because of the already existing brand popularity gained by Karachi for 6 decades and expansion into 1000+ outlets in the entire nation with a grand taste and sensible price so that you can carry forward the brand name with no other heavy efforts.

Minimal investment: The Karachi franchise can be started with an investment of Rs. 10 lakhs and since its equipment is self-designed there’s a breakdown in costs while obtaining it.

Dynamic products: The Karachi bakery enhances the taste in its products keeping in mind the requests and concerns according to the preferences of the Indian consumers. For instance, it has a special line of cakes for people with diabetes. So, it always stocks up on the current trends giving you the benefit of increasing sales.

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Requirements and qualifications to start a Karachi Bakery franchise


Space/Area requirement: It needs an area of 250 sq. ft in a proper location to start a Karachi franchise.

Documentation requirement: The documents needed to set up a Karachi franchise are as follows:

  • Standard franchise agreement
  • Rental agreement
  • GST registration
  • Trademark agreement
  • PAN and Aadhar card details
  • Copy of FSSAI certificate granted to Karachi 


To be eligible as a franchise owner you should have the proper paperwork and some entrepreneurial skills.

The bakery could have 5-6 members with sufficient training in terms of sales, baking, customer interactions, etc.

Investment required to to start and run a Karachi Bakery franchise

The total investment needed – Rs. 10 lakhs-20 lakhs

The Franchise charges – Rs. 3 lakhs

Royalty fee/commission – 20%

Expected Profits from Karachi bakery franchise

Profit margin – 20%

Return on Investment (ROI) – 15%

How to apply to start a Karachi Bakery franchise

You can either leave your personal information stating your desire to take up a Karachi franchise on the Karachi official website or you can contact Karachi at their registered telephone number or email address or seek information about the franchise details.

Contact Details

If you wish to obtain a Karachi franchise without much hard work then you have come to the correct place. Contacts details are here:


Firstly, in the Indian bakery industry, Karachi holds a market share of around 50% in the retail sector. It will render the benefits of brand name and huge sales. 

Secondly, because it deals with other products along with cakes it aids you to achieve your sales even during the offseason. Lastly, the distribution network for this type of business is extensive and lets you grab a larger customer base. Additionally, the inventory turnover ratio is more because of the product being edible so gains are high with each transaction.

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