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How To Start Egg Tray Making Business In India

Introduction On how to start an egg tray making business in India 

Business is a standard that keeps on going for longer periods. Working on a 9 to 5 tight timetable in hectic jobs has been an ongoing pain for youngsters nowadays. To change and make days of dream come true, people are planning out towards small scale business ideas. This small business idea can make them turn into an attractive money-spinning tool that will further support them and allow them to stand in the race of a complete entrepreneur.

A step by step guide to a egg tray making business in India

To start with a small business scale, the egg tray making business could be a perfect and new business idea that can be used for a decent start towards income enhancement.

Egg tray making a business plan

Egg trays are mainly used nowadays for placing and supplying eggs that are required nearly all around the world. Beginning with a small-scale business of egg trays will empower you and boost your earnings on a business scale.

The market potential for egg tray making business in India

The demand for egg trays is growing day by day because it falls on the usage of eggs that are used every day. As the consumption of eggs is growing, the demand for egg trays is also usurping. Researchers have provided a report regarding egg cartoons that are increasing at a significant CAGR of 6.0% during 2018-2027. Through this report, we can easily state the increase in demand for egg trays in the coming future.

Registration, license, and permissions required for egg tray making business

To initiate an egg tray making business, you should obtain different registrations and licenses from the government. Go through your state laws. In this article, we have stated some of the basic requirements.

  • Business registration with ROC: For a small unit, OPC is preferred. Otherwise, you can register as Pvt. Ltd. or LLP Company.
  • Get the Trade License from the local authority
  • Apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar by online registration. This is beneficial and optional.
  • Apply for VAT registration
  • Get a ‘NOC’ from Pollution Control Board which is very important.

Apply for the BIS certification. However, there is no IS standards for pulp molded items. However, the Bureau of Indian Standards has laid the following standards for paper and pulp-based packaging materials and the examination methods. With these specifications, you can identify the performance constraints of pulp molded packages.

  • IS 4006: Part 1 (1985) – Methods to test and pulp-based packaging items
  • IS 4006: Part 2 (1985) – Methods to test for paper and pulp-based packaging items
  • In addition to that, IS 4006: Part 3 (1985) – Methods to test for paper and pulp-based packaging items
  • IS 4261 (2001) – Glossary of terms associated with paper and pulp-based packaging items
  • IS 4664 (1986) – Pulpboard
  • And IS 7028: Part 4 (1987) – Performance tests for complete, filled transport packages, vertical impact dropping test
  • IS 15763 (2008) – Packaging – complete, filled transport packages and unit loads – vertical random vibration test.

Set-up of a pulp molding plant for starting egg tray making business

To start with an egg tray making business one needs to set up a pulp Molding plant that contains egg tray making machines used for manufacturing egg trays, boxes, and other containers as required. The molded pulp in a pulp molding plant is a packaging material that is generally made from waste and recycled papers.

Place required to set up the manufacturing unit in India

For arranging the egg tray making machine you require a convenient place where you can feasibly install your machines and operate smoothly. But before performing these things make sure you have planned the below aspects carefully.

Select the right place where you can accommodate your equipment i.e. away from the societal areas to avoid any discomfort which occurs among the people while installing any machinery.

  • Make sure you avail the required electric connection (i.e., 3 phase connection, 2+ kW meter, etc. as per machines requisite).
  • The chosen area must be easy to facilitate transportation for getting raw materials and manufactured products.
  • Ensure the spacing so that the raw materials are easily placed nearby the machines for comfortable feeding.
  • Make sure the safety measures are taken and safeguard your machines from any unnatural or natural calamities such as rainwater, storms, Robbery, fire accidents, etc.)

Types of egg tray making machines  

To go for making egg trays an individual can use any of the below-listed categories of egg tray making machines based on his financial aspects.

Rotatory egg tray machine

For a start-up budget, this machine is having a semi-automatic automation grade that operates on a single-phase and has a production power of 1000-1200 trays/hour. The machine is having a 1500 kg weight and it utilizes waste paper as raw material and can use nearly 120 kg/hour.

Pricing: The price will be 5.85 lakh/unit

Semi-automatic egg tray machine

Semi-automatic egg tray making machine is an iron made machine which needs electric power supply of 380 volt 50-60 Hz and is having a production rate of around 750 trays/hour.

Pricing: The cost will be 16 lakh/unit

Three-phase semi-automatic egg tray machine

This three-phase machine is having a semi-automatic automation grade and requires a power of 45 kW / 440 volt for operation. The production rate of this machine is around 1550 pcs/ hour.

Pricing: The cost of this is 18 lakh/unit

Egg tray pack making machine

The production rate of the egg tray making machine is around 700 egg trays to 5000 egg trays per hour. It is an automatic machine which needs 380 volts and 59 Hz power supply.

Pricing: 21 lakh / unit

Making of the Pulp 

The main raw materials required for making the pulp are the “waste papers” and some other things. The raw materials are being put into the machine and water is carefully included and smashed to obtain the required pulp.


The pulp is then inserted through conveyors in the Molding section of the equipment. Here the pulp is molded and formed into desired shapes and sizes.

Drying of the pulp 

The pulp that has now formed into an egg tray is dried using different drying processes that include hot air drying which will dry the pulp from all sides gradually and completely.

Exported for packing 

The Manufactured product is passed for packing of eggs and is now ready for transportation.

Investment for starting egg tray making business

You need to invest Rs. 6 lakhs toRs.15 lakhs based on the scale of the business. It is better to try with the used machines as you will get them at a very minimal price at the initial stages of your business.

Profit margin in egg tray manufacturing business

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Profit margin in egg tray manufacturing business
Profit margin in egg tray manufacturing business.

Egg tray manufacturing business gives good profits as there is high demand in the market and it will also come under paper recycling business. Within no time you can earn 25-30% of profits in the egg tray manufacturing business in India.

Suggestions to carry out egg tray making business successfully

Before beginning the egg tray making business, the first and main thing to do is to perform qualified market research about the business. One should check out and ensure the market charges of demand and supply. Nearby market research is obligatory to be aware of the quantity of production and supply to take place and it will determine the unit installation. Check for the competition of the demand and supply and plan for beating your competitors if any. Contact and make a healthy association with those who need this to supply them.


To conclude, we can say, if you are planning a brand new business idea, then the Egg tray Making Business is perfect for the start-up. One can select a place or area for a unit and install the necessary machinery selecting it based on production rate, financial resources, nature, and quantity of demand and supply. After doing proper market research and figuring out from all perspectives one can begin and proceed further.

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  1. Three phase semi automatic 45 kW egg tray machine cost machine detail technical details and cost required to start new manufacture
    Pl send quotations for above machine

  2. I want start new bussiness of eggs tray making of recycled paper.
    Plz send me details of this machin .
    And auxiliary
    Quatation of machin

  3. Wanted to start waste paper egg tray manufacturing unit with used machinery at low cost. Please share detailed project report.

  4. Wish to start new bussiness of eggs tray making from recycled paper.
    Request to share the details of this required machinery .
    Cost, capacity. Thanks and Regards


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