How to Start Marriage Bureau Business in India: A Step by Step Guide

The Marriage Bureau is a matchmaking service where candidates interested in the marriage register their names and the Bureau recommends suitable matches to them from its database. The Marriage Bureau can be run by an individual or a group, from the office or home. Let’s check out how to start marriage bureau business in India.

How to Start Marriage Bureau Business in India
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Most marriages are based on the bureau community. Matches are offered directly by the Bureau when a candidate or candidate’s parents visit the Bureau, or through correspondence, emails, and phone calls. Some marriage bureaus arrange meetings between appropriate matches.  

Starting an online marriage business in India

To start an online marriage business, a business needs to create a web portal. Now that the web portal is new, how a person will link to this portal, the business has to market it so that people know about this web portal. If a business person starts it at the national level then his business may fail because he will not have money for advertising or marketing at the national level.

The business should therefore be viewed locally, such as Punjabi weddings, Bengali weddings, hill weddings, etc., to see people living in a state or a region as its target customers and among them its web portal. Should. Marketing so that they can register by subscribing to this web portal. So let us know what steps an aspiring entrepreneur may need to take to start their own online marital business.

Top 10 marriage sites in India for all religions

  • Bharat matrimony
  • Shaadimatrimony
  • Telugu matrimony
  • Kerala matrimony
  • Wmmatrimonial
  • Tamil matrimony
  • Hindi matrimony
  • Bengalimatrimony
  • Simplymarry

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How to start marriage bureau business in India: Steps

  • Decide locally or nationally.
  • Decide whether to be a partner or alone
  • Find out about licenses and registrations.
  • Get help from a marital website developer.
  • Decide on the target customer.
  • Market and subscribe to the online marital business

Most of the business people in India are tempted to visit marital websites considering the scope of marital business but think that it is complicated to start leaving behind the idea of ​​marital business. Well, the answer to all that is that everything is easy you need to make some effort. The first step is to finalize the name of the company, once you have finalized it at the communication address.

  • Decide on the structure of the business organization.
  • Local business registration
  • Service tax registration
  • Open a current bank account.

Benefits of community-based marriage bureau

It has been generally observed that community-based marriage bureaus have a higher chance of success which is open to all communities. This is because people belonging to a particular community will only open a marriage bureau based on the needs and requirements of that community. One of the natural benefits associated with this is:

  • A person’s familiarity with religious requirements and community principles,
  • Word of mouth publicity is available for free.
  • The comfort level of the community is also very high when dealing with a person belonging to your community.

All these factors play an important role in the development of the marriage bureau and it soon became an elite marriage bureau. As a result, more candidate registration and more work, in general, are ensured, provided that the person opening the marriage bureau can take advantage of their connections within the community and also prove himself worthy of this trust.

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Key features of matrimony app

Some of the key features included in your wedding app include username, login, photo upload, partner preference, horoscope, contact number/profile verification via email id, personal details, astrology. Includes compatibility, profile management, notifications, customer profile. Verification, app program management, payment gateway integration, reporting, and more.

Advanced features of matrimony app

Want to maximize user engagement of your wedding mobile app? Now it’s time to add some of these advanced features to your app.

Save favorites: Your wedding app should have the option to save favorites. This feature will help users save profiles of prospects who have already won their interest.

Chat integration: Integrating the Chat API can be a great way to enable users to interact with other users to reach a level of understanding.

GPS integration: In fact, there are several benefits to incorporating GPS integration into a wedding app. Using the ‘City Search’ option, users can start searching in and around their favorite places or cities.

Upload photos: One of the most important features of the Wedding app is to allow users to add photos from the library. This will allow users to upload their photos to their profiles and also share them with the profiles that have received their attention.

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Upload Photos
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Search and filter: With ‘Search and Filter’, you can help users find their potential matches according to their personal preferences and needs.

In-app camera: With a feature called app camera, users can directly click on their photos and share the photos with other profiles.

Push notifications: Add push notifications to keep users always up to date.

Data security: Data security is a feature that is essential for keeping your users’ data safe.

User blocking feature: The user blocking feature is important as it allows users to block other user profiles that will test their patience with unnecessary hassles.

Multiple payments: An ideal wedding mobile app should have multiple payment methods including UPI, Paytm, PayPal, Credit / Debit Cards, etc.

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Mobile Payment
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In addition to the features mentioned above, you can add some more advanced features like Third Party API, Social sharing, Newsfeed, Activity feed, Rating, Reviews, etc.

Offline marriage bureau services

  • In offline mode, you can meet your partner and his family face to face.
  • When it comes to offline matchmaking, you can meet a person physically and gauge their personality.
  • Offline matchmaking is more likely to reveal your partner’s true background.
  • Offline matchmaking services give you plenty of time to decide on your spouse.
  • Offline matchmaking gives you the freedom to share your address or get the opponent’s address.

Advantages and disadvantages of marital services


  • Wedding sites usually do not require a price. They are there to help you and you should not be forced to try. They do not ask for any account details nor do they spend valuable time.
  • Protects you from the strangeness of the people you know. And in South Asia, this is the main reason people break up because some pastors decided that their fate should be according to their caste.
  • Imagine you are telling everyone that you need a perfect bride or groom and asking them for a list of potential candidates. This is a shameful move for some people. But, with wedding sites, you can do it yourself.
  • Nothing can happen if one wants one’s place in a particular field. Well, marital sites set you up with your preferences and it’s all very professional and very normal.
  • Wedding venues have no geographical boundaries. Anyone can easily connect to profiles around the world. You can easily chat with Match through online chat services. It helps to know more about them. You can choose to have a private profile that is visible only to select people or send a signal around the world that you are ready for a meeting.

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App Features
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  • People are misled by fake profiles or writing things they are not able to do online, so straighten your expectations and find the right details before contacting you or sending a request to someone. Some people on the internet are not as good as you.
  • It is very common on any social networking site that someone may be afraid of being judged. You may look at some profiles to enhance your profile and may feel inferior just because someone else looks better than your profile or has a profile.
  • These marital sites are a basic way to take a planned marriage to the next level, but even so, you are still marrying a stranger. Even though marital websites allow you to get to know each other better first, just by chatting and a few meetings, no one can know what kind of person the other person is actually.
  • It doesn’t matter which matching system you use, whether Google, YouTube, online dating, marital sites, everything is based on keywords and search protocols/algorithms. Therefore, your matches may be rigged on these sites.


Marriage websites have brought together countless people. In the global scenario, marriage is a sacred bond that is shared by all of us human beings in every culture. Finding your best partner is not as difficult as you might expect. So, when you are looking for a serious relationship, try marital websites. This helps to keep your family out of trouble as your family may consider different aspects. Physically and culturally – while looking for a mate.

Disclaimer: The above article is just for information, and we are not responsible for any loss or damage. You must verify the credibility and other factors before proceeding with such bureau/websites and profiles from such marriage bureaus or matrimonial sites.


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