Business Ideas to Start in Villages in India

Are you residing in a village and want to make money? Here are the business ideas where you can start them to make a good income. Before starting any business, you need to understand the basics points like market analysis, key essentials to start, business plan, finances required, licenses and registrations, etc.

Business Ideas to Start in Villages in India
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You also need to study the geographical requirements of that particular area to know which business idea will flourish more. In most of the villages, agriculture has become the main source of income. Based on these, you can check the below business ideas to make a good income. Let’s check out a few business ideas to start in villages.

Business Ideas to start in Villages

Poultry farm business

Poultry Farming is the best business to start, where you can run it with very limited sources. The major requirement for initiating this business is just taking care of small chickens for a few days and selling them to the wholesalers. This business requires a small investment, but returns are good even though it takes time, for which you need patience. To run this smoothly, you can plan a poultry farming business on a contractual basis. This will offer dual-earnings through both eggs and meat.

Fruit / vegetable export business

The easy and profitable business venture in the village is agriculture. Growing fruits vegetables and exporting them is the most in-demand business in villages. Because you cannot imagine your meal without fruits and vegetables, hence there will be more demand for this business in the village. In this, you can be an exporter or can grow your own vegetable farm and supply it to the vegetable sellers. Both of them are fine to make a good income.

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Fruit / vegetable export business
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Landscaping business

Apart from the above, you can also think about the landscape business. This is a well-known best business in the agro-based service sector. The best thing about this business is you can do this business from home with zero or limited capital. You have to be proficient enough to run this business in a smarter way. So, you should have good communication skills for this business.

Fertilization and seed storage business

As the villagers mostly depend on farming and agriculture as their livelihood, you can think of starting a Fertilizers and seed storage business. Fertilizers would be booming because you can produce organic fertilizers with farm waste, house waste, etc. These organic fertilizers are highly effective in giving good growth and strength to the crops.

So, it is easy to produce organic fertilizers, which require very little investment. You can also think of starting a seed storage business, and this is also a booming business in villages. As the farmers will buy the seeds during the cropping seasons. Hence, maintaining a good breed of seeds will definitely fetch you to get good returns.

Livestock farming

It is simply rearing goats, cows, or hens. You might be aware of the market value of goat meat and chicken. Hence, this will be a highly profitable venture, but you can see returns only after a few months. So, you need to have patience for this business to see returns.

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Livestock farming
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Opening a grocery store

The grocery store is always a small but definite profitable venture. Because groceries are a vital part of everyday essentials. It meets the everyday essentials. Opening ‘Kirana Store’ in the village is a profitable venture, where you can see daily income along with profits. To start this business, you need to have the best contacts with the suppliers, need to take shop for rent, you can also make use of your free space at home, etc.

Transportation business

You can also give a thought for Transportation business to start in Telangana villages. In recent times the demand for this business has been increased. You can plan for transporting the market’s products outside the state, or within, etc. Transporting machinery is required for farming to carry out agricultural activities, as they require means of transport to deliver the farm machinery. This business earns good income to such business persons.

Handicrafts and Handmade business

If you are a skilled person with creative ideas in designing popular handmade items, then you can think about setting up a small craft business in villages. You can create an online platform for various online marketplaces available that makes it easier to increase the sales of handicraft items.

Already few handicraft’s businesses have been established. For instance, Pochampally, Dokra metal crafts, Pembarthi metal craft, Bidri, durries, and carpet. You can also make use of social media to sell your handicraft items. The demand for handmade objects is increasing day by day. So, this can be the best business idea to start in the village.

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Handicrafts and Handmade business
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Bakery business

If you have good baking skills, then you can start a bakery business in the village. It requires little investment to start around 5k-10k. The bakery business has a lot of scopes to flourish, and you can earn huge profits from it. No need to buy any place for it. You can convert your kitchen space into your own bakery. Through your contacts you can spread your business, the establishment of this business is very easy, and it depends on the quality and taste.

Dairy farming business

Dairy farming is very popular in the village. You can make a good income from it. The government also supports you through various schemes in starting a dairy farm. Many of the Corporate company employees left their jobs and started dairy farms and earned good income through this. This gives very considerable profits, and you can start giving franchises after establishing it. You can make money by selling milk and milk-related products. It is an excellent profit-earning business.

Final words

Starting a business in a village is easy, and the idea you choose to start the business should be the ideal one. So, first, you need to explore the possibilities in starting the business, market analysis, etc. You need to further make an effective business plan which helps you to flourish further. You can make use of the different social media platforms to promote your business.

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Business Plan
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Generally, in villages, ‘spread word of mouth’ works a lot than these promotions. You can even get financial assistance through bank loans, namely, microloans, small business loans, term loans, etc., which will fetch you more to start the business. Most of these businesses are highly successful and do not need to think about them before starting. So, based on your ideas and strengths, choose the best one to make a good income.


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