How To Start Mobile Case Making Business – In India

Introduction to how to start Mobile Case/Cover making business in India

Hello folks! Are you interested to get details of an interesting business idea, where you can huge profits with minimum investment? Then why don’t you think of Mobile Case making business, this is will be an extraordinary idea because a mobile cover manufacturing business is the cheapest business that you can one can immediately start and operate for side income. Not only that, it is indeed very profitable.

A step by step gudie to start Mobile Case making business in India

Why phone cases have become a good business in the current scenario?

There are three crucial factors for a business considered to be perfect for making money within no time.

  • Marketing potential
  • Minimum Investment
  • More flexible business

The marketing potential for Mobile Case making business

Youngsters, who are within 30 years are more likely to prefer this mobile back cover case. The Times of India informed that there are around 1.24 crore boys and girls 10 to 19 age group average in each state of India. Then, estimate how many people will be there in your state with the age group. You can rarely see a mobile lacking a mobile case.

Thus, it is visible you have a huge market, and as it is truly said you can only fish where there is a bunch of fishes in the pond or lake.

Business plan for Mobile Case making business

The investment is very low as compared to other businesses. You can start on your own without any worker assistant for you and start to manage this business easily.

If you already run a mobile shop or any grocery store or stationery store, then it will be very advantageous, and can do it as a side business.

If you are a college student, there is a double benefit for you as you will have the customer base very nearby and you can begin this business by saving your pocket money and directly market among your peers.

Flexibility in Mobile Case making business 

As it is very rare in any business. You will get the opportunity to do this business from your home or even as a side business during office time.

You may think it might be difficult to market or sell this mobile case. Don’t worry in this article we have a business plan for those who plan to do this as a side business. So go through the blog carefully.

We strongly suggest you begin this as a side business which will not affect your mainstream income and thus earn more income.

Profit-margin in mobile case manufacturing business in India

The average profit gain from mobile cover business (if small scale business) will be Rs. 15000 per month. Now let us check how you will get that profit.

Materials required to start Mobile Case making business

  • 3D Printing Machine, 
  • Printing Ink, 
  • White back case, 
  • Transfer sheet, and
  • Laptop or computer (optional)

License, registrations, and permissions required for Mobile Case making business

Mobile mechanic services require a license too. This is controlled by city and state authorities. The various licenses which are associated to the business should be taken to avoid any legal troubles. Get a shop act license from city authorities which permits you to run a shop. Starting a small or medium. You must register for the Company. If you are starting alone then proprietorship. For partnership, you should register for Limited liability Partnership or Pvt. Ltd. If you think to keep a brand name for the store, you should register for a trademark. GST is an important license to be done. This number is a must in your bills. Below is the list of licenses required to start a Mobile Case making business in India: 

  • Registration of firm 
  • BIS certification
  • GST registration
  • Trade License
  • MSME/SSI Registration
  • Trade Mark
  • IEC code

Process of making Mobile Back Covers

  • Purchase plastic or silicone mobile cases of various sizes.
  • Then get a transfer sheet.
  • Now take a printout with the use of the transfer sheet with your design using a laptop/ computer.
  • Then, fold this printout on the mobile back cover and feed it into the mobile cover printing machine.
  • Stand for some minutes.
  • After the machine print, your design is transmitted from the sheet to the mobile back cover.

Investment required to start a mobile case/cover manufacturing business in India

  • 3D Printing Machine – Rs. 20,000
  • White back case – Rs. 25 per piece (Min 100 piece)
  • Ink – 1750L
  • Transfer Paper A4 Size – Rs. 250 per packet 
  • Computer/Laptop (Optional)
  • Therefore, the total investment is will sum up to Rs. 24,500.
  • How Much Profit in this business?
  • Roughly total production charges for a single mobile back cover will be around Rs. 40 to 50.

Profit percentage in Mobile Case making business in India

Profit percentage in Mobile Case making business in India
Profit percentage in Mobile Case making business in India (Pic Source: Pixabay)
  • Whereas, the selling price of this mobile cover case ranges from Rs.180 to 250.
  • You will gain around Rs. 130 to 200 profit for a single mobile back cover case.
  • So, if you sell 100 pieces per month then you gain Rs. 20,000 profit per month.

Marketing strategies to sell your Mobile Back Cover successfully

If you plan about this business really and are interested to start this business then try to follow the below points carefully.

If you are in a rural area then this business will not face any competition and you can easily gain profits if you follow the mentioned aspects.

If you are planning the sales in the city then, there is a heavy competition for you but still, you can have the below ideas for a successful business.

How to sell more pieces of the mobile cover back or cases per month?

Initially, you may not sell 100 pieces per month. The first thing you must take care of is to sell a single mobile back case.

  • For selling a single piece try spreading the business by word of mouth first, then use a board or notice at the shop or house entrance with either wholesale or retail rate adding your contact information.
  • Concentrate on design, the design is very crucial while starting the business. Design mobile back cover case with the picture of famous people like M.S Dhoni, Virat Kholi, Isha Sadhguru, Sachin, Shahrukh Khan, Superstar Rajnikanth, etc.
  • Also, you may keep visiting-card, Notice Board with the information that you are even providing the opportunity to customize mobile back cover case as per customers wish.
  • Place your ad on Facebook, OLX, create a group with WhatsApp with a unique design. You can charge extra for the home delivery and if your design is very attractive they will not worry about the money.
  • If you follow the above steps, you will sell your first case and a couple of them. The next step is to approach wholesale shops or other shops.
  • Offer and benefits are very much significant during the initial days to reach the wholesale market.
  • So, provide the details of the offer with high-quality design samples for the shops. Allow them to pay after selling your mobile cases. You can also ask to advertise your mobile cover in their shop about your product. Try to aim to reach and plan for about 50 shops for your business. Keep their contacts in a diary and meet them on the monthly basis.


Finally, don’t lose your business. You should know, any business needs some maturity time to develop profit. Here the maturity period could be around 3 years for this business. Only those who succeed in this maturity period will stand to be successful in this business.

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