Jobs for Uneducated Women, Money Making Ideas

Introduction to money making ideas and jobs for uneducated women: Women after marriage due to restrictions or due to children they can’t go to work and earn money. But they also need to do some work to earn money to help husbands in maintaining the house. For this kind of women, and also who are uneducated, these are some ideas from which you can make money.

The list of jobs for uneducated women

  1. Gardening

Women are good at planting trees and watering. For women who like plants the most and also have place to grow plants, then this the best idea from which you can make money. If you have small place of land in that you can plant trees or sow seeds after ploughing the land. For people who don’t have land, you collect buckets, tubs, pots, water bottles, and fill them with soil which is near you house or you can buy soil. Then plant trees in these pots, buckets, etc. you can keep these pots on terrace or lawns or balcony where you have space. Initially at the starting, you need to plough the land and sow the seeds or plant the trees, so the work will be more but once yourplants grow you don’t have that much of work, you should just water the plants daily.

Meanwhile, you need to do pour manure twice a week, if manure is not available with you, then you can collect the kitchen waste like peels of banana, vegetable waste after cutting them, the shells of eggs.  After the plants produce vegetables or fruits, you can sell them and make money. As you didn’t use any chemicals or pesticides while growing these plants, you can sell the vegetables or fruits as organic. Organic products have more demand in market than normal vegetables as they are very hygienic and also cost of this is more than that vegetables grown with pesticides.

  1. Tailoring

This is one of best jobs for uneducated women and can earn lot from this. Women are most fond of dresses, sarees, etc and they regularly buy clothing for each and every festival, so tailoring business has good demand. If you know tailoring then you can earn money by sitting in the home, you just need sewing machine, threads, cloth material, etc. Same as all the business, in this also based on your skill and creativity the customers increase. You don’t need special marketing, the women who come to you to stich their cloths are the real marketingpeople, as they tell to lot of people whether it might be good or bad. If you don’t know tailoring, learn first, they are also some people who teaches tailoring by taking fees. If you are perfect tailor then you can start teaching others, but before teaching you should have minimum machines such that the people should learn practical on the sewing machine.

  1. Can sell sarees

Yes, as I mentioned women are fond of sarees. For every festival, poojas, they will be buying new sarees that too they will be seeing for a discounted price, so you can start this business. If you have group of lady friends in your colony or near to your location, then you can easily start this business. Because they will be buying saree for festival for sure, if your sale most trending sarees that too in a low cost, they will easily buy it. If the stock is very good and trending, the people who buy sarees near you will be suggesting others also to buy near you only.

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  1. Start house cleaning service

Generally, women keep the house very neat and clean. So, why can’t you make this as opportunity of earning. There are people, for lack of time in their busy schedule, they can’t clean their house. You can make a group of people and take this opportunity as best one for earning. You need to clean house, sofas, the things in the shelfs and also you need to do the things what they will say. This will be the best money earning jobs uneducated housewives. You don’t need to spend all the days in a week working. Based, on your free time, it may be 4 hours a day you can do work and remaining time you can spend time with your family. You don’t need any training because girls from childhood would be helping moms in cleaning their house.

  1. Laundry shop

Women would be also doing things like washing clothes in house, you can also use this skill to earn money. If you provide washing as well as ironing the clothes to customers who don’t have time to wash their own clothes, then it would be a good idea to make money from home or laundry shop. You may require washing machines, iron boxes whether it might be electrical or running with coal, and also you shop should be having good water supply. The thing is customer will be giving clothes, you need to wash them properlywith good detergents and soaps and make them to dry for sometime and after that you should iron the clothes and you should deliver to their home.

  1. Beautician


We can say, this business can be operated right from your home and it is one of our top jobs for uneducated women. Ladies often go to beauty parlours because to apply makeup, hair styling, skin care, nail care etc, and also will be wasting lot of money on it. If you have interest in beautician role and also if you are certified with any beautician course, then this is the good job for earning high income. Each and every lady would be visiting parlour once in 2 weeks, in marriage season especially in India there is full demand for beauticians to apply makeup throughout the marriage to bride grooms. If you are certified beautician with many courses in beautician then you would also be able to work with models, you could be makeup artist for heroines, etc and you be earning a lot.

  1. Catering business

Catering means cooking and serving the food for hundreds of people in events like marriages, parties, functions in home, etc. As women are good at cooking food and they can make n number of dishes, this business would be apt for them. They initially require one-time investment to buy bowls, vessels, jugs, for cooking food and also, they should buy water cans and also need to maintain a uniform for official functions or parties. Based on the taste of the food they make, marketing starts people. The customers and the people who come to function, judge the taste of the food after eating, if they like the taste, they will refer you to other functions also. If you don’t have money for investing, then you can borrow the vessels, spoons, material required from your friends and relatives, as your order completes again return them.

  1. Handicrafts making

Handicraftsmeans the products like toys or decorative items, we make from different materials like wood, paper and also from scrap. There is good demand for decorative things which we keep in shelf and also, they can be made from scrap. There is a good demand for wooden toys made in India in world wide market. If you are sitting in home and you wish you want to do something by using your creativity then this is the good job.

  1. Papad making

This one is easy and one ofthe best jobs for uneducated women. Papad means semi cooked or dried chips made up of rice flour, they are fully cooked when you heat them in oil. In houses we eat this as snacks and also, they have good demand in the functions, parties. So, it could be also a business which can be done by sitting in home. They are some process to make papad, firstly you should prepare batter with flours and other ingredients and then you should keep that in press in which the shape of die you want. Now make papads and dry them under sun. You can start with 3 to 4 people in small room. After making papad you need to pack them and sell in market or to shopkeepers or to customers.

  1. Candles manufacturing

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Candle making,
Candle making,

Candles are used mainly in houses when current is not there in nights, in churches where people pray to god by lighting candles, in rallies etc. and also manufacturing candles is very easyprocess, what they do is heat the wax up to some temperature and pour this liquid wax in mould with thread and made this to cool and the solid candles are removed out and packed. Here in this case initial investment would be raw materials like wax, filler material, threads. And one-time investment would be buying moulds which is a costly and you can design a manufacture that if you have some basic mechanical engineering knowledge.

  1. Manufacture organic products like Soaps

Hand-made soaps.
Hand-made soaps.

Soaps can also be manufactured in house, organic soaps are hand-made soaps which doesn’t contain any chemicals and in that place of chemicals some organic materials which doesn’t harm people are used. These organic soaps are very good for skin health. People now a days are changing and are addicted to organic soaps. You can make these soaps and sell them. These are having good demand now a days in market and if you sell them for less price you will be having good profits. This also has initial investment as purchasing raw materials.

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