Money Making Ideas without Investment in India

Introduction to money making ideas without investment in India: Hello folks, today we will learn some ideas of earning money without investing much at all. These ideas of making money with low or nil investment will be perfect for who work from home having a pc and internet.

A guide to money making ideas without Investment or low-investment

  1. Freelancing ideas for making money without investment

Freelancer is a person who is self-employed, where he takes contract from a company and completes the work in assigned time. He doesn’t work for one company or for one boss, he would be working for a number of companies according to the project. It’s not like a job, you can work at anytime but the thing is you should complete the project in given time.

According to skills, what you have and what you are good at you can take those projects by biding for least amount.

They are many freelancer sites online where you can get work

  • Truelancer
  • Toptal
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancing
  • Guru
  • FlexJobs
  • CrowdSource

These are the websites where you can create a profile with the content what you are good at, and you can bid the projects for least and can get them. The thing you need to do is complete the project within time, so that you profile wold be rated by the recruiter.

  1. Sell Photos Online

Many of us have hobby and as well as passion in photography, so why don’t we convert the hobby into making money.

Website Builders are those platforms which are drag-and-drop, that allows the designer to quickly design the website. If you have much control over the photo selling process, website builders are best.

Website builders for selling photo online are

  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • SmugMug
  • Weebly

Stock photography websites are those platforms which sells images to be used for design purpose.Here just the person uploads the photos and this photos would be sold by the websites as the site already has a huge number of visitors by taking some commission

There are many Stock photography websites

  • Istock Photo
  • Shutterstock
  • Stocksy
  • Getty Images
  • Crestock
  • 123RF
  • Fotolia
  • Alamy
  • Photoshelter
  • Dreamstime

And also if you have more passion on photography and also have a camera, then you can become a photographer for small parties, functions, etc. You can ask orders from our friends, relatives and neighbours.

  1. YouTuber

Now a days you can also earn money by YouTube videos. Youtuber is the videographer who makes videos and uploads on the YouTube. Firstly, you should create a channel based on what stuff you want to make videos and upload. Based on that you should make videos and upload in the channel, then according to the views you get to the video, you should connect the video with ad-sense and so that the adds will be displayed on the video either before starting or in the middle of the video. According to the views for add that is been displayed on the video, you will be getting the money.

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Make money with Youtube.
Make money with Youtube.

YouTube videos may be of Entertainment, Educational, News, Funny videos like pranks, Reviews, etc.

  1. Ghost Writer

A ghost writer is the one who writes articles, copies articles, speeches, reads books and write summaries to it, writes blog posts and he is not credited to the work what he do. He is hired by the company or a person and he is given work to do. In some cases he is hired to write books for people, but he might not be the author of the book. He might be the editor of the book if writer agrees to show the name on that book.

Before becoming a ghost writer you should be having more knowledge about stories and as well as you should be having some past experience as freelance writer and also some story books etc.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Marketing is nothing but selling a product. There are huge number of websites on the internet, if we open any website there would be some banners and links which says “do you want to buy this product that may be related  to the content of the website  ” and if we click that add, it would be directing us to a new website where the product would be bought. This is called Affiliate marketing. As the starting website is showing us the add and we are buying that product through this website, this website would be getting commission. This is one of the online sales tactic which is letting product owner increasing sales by others. This is also making affiliate to earn money through product sales though it is not his product.

Affiliate marketing.
Affiliate marketing.
  1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a self-employed job which provides technical or administrative or creative assistance to the Businessmen and CEO’s of start-ups who cannot afford jobs to high level people. These are the one who don’t go to company and schedules all the work which is to be done as well as they will be handling the management work. The Virtual Assistant should have several years of real time experience in developing a company and proven experience in the relevant role.

Main Responsibilities of Virtual Assistant

  • Schedules the meetings with the client.
  • He should perform market research and analyse the market.
  • He should be managing contact list, emails and also phone calls with the clients.
  • Provide customer service because it is the main thing which creates trust in the customer.

7. Blogging ideas for making money without investment

A blog is anonline journal about some information which you know and you want to publish it such that everyone who comes to the blog will be reading it. Starting a blog is very easy, firstly you should have an idea about what blog you want to create and then you should create a domain and you should be hosting your Blog, installing your blog,  you should customize blog design. Then you should add pages and then you should optimize for search engines. Finally monetize the blog and publish content. According to the drive traffic you should increase the visitors to the blog and add new and good content. After increasing the drive traffic, you can earn money according to the views of advertisement which are displayed on the blog.

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Money making Blogging Ideas.
Money making Blogging Ideas.

While starting a blog, the idea should be unique and different. Based on it, the content of the blog should be much interesting and also the adds which are displayed on the blog must be related to the content.

  1. Tutoring ideas for making money without investment

In a classroom, some children will not understand easily what teacher is saying. Those students will be going to coaching classes to understand the concepts which are taught in class. Some people to learn some new courses, they will go coaching classes. Based on the talent or skill what you have like CODING, WEB designing, MATHS tutoring etc. you can teach those people who are willing to come to coaching centre, It also comes under sharing your knowledge with others.

The tutoring may be of online as well as offline.

Offline tutoring would be of teaching students in a class room or home tutoring etc. In this type you should be having good network of people  through them you would getting students for coaching.

Online tutoring may be making a tutor profile in some of the websites with mentioning  the skills what you have and the amount that  will be given to you for teaching and if any student selects you, you should be teaching them.

  1. Sell old stuff on OLX & QUIKR

There may be lot of things in our home which we might be currently not using because we had purchased a new one or it might be having some repair issue. We can sell this stuff online through OLX or Quikr and can earn through them. The thing is you need to create an account in these sites and upload the pictures of the products you want to sell with how much amount you want to sell. After uploading in these sites, the buyer would be responding through chat option, he might be asking for less price than mentioned above, if you are ok with that amount you can sell that product.

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Similarly you can sell old stuff of your network people and you can earn money from them through commissioning, so that you and your network people may be profitable.

  1. Business Consultant

Business Consultant is a person who is having high knowledge in group of businesses and he is a professional who provides expert advice in areas such as security, marketing, accountancy, law, human resources, etc. He is the one who suggest businessmen, industrialist , etc to invest the money in particular business by analysing the market and by the sources what the businessmen had. They can save the clients time and increase the profits by making a strategy planning in developing a product and marketing the product. He would be involving in each step of the company such as planning, implementation and education of business. Mainly the people who are having money and wanted to start a business but don’t know what to start and how to start comes to the business consultant for suggestions. For them he will be clearly explaining each and everything and will be suggesting an idea of business according to the sources what they have and the field of knowledge they have like app developing, CODING , or Graphic designing, Mechanical designing etc.

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