Online Business Ideas without Investment

Introduction to online business ideas without investment 

Yes, you heard that right! For those who want to be their bosses, several minimum investment business ideas can be started. These ideas can be your hobbies, skills, or passion projects that eventually evolve into economical ventures. In a digital world, this becomes easier as there are more avenues for advertising and selling your products or services.

The first factor we think of while starting a new business is an investment. But, we may feel uncomfortable based on the few factors like ROI (Returns on investment). What if we don’t make profits? What if we don’t even get our investments back? It depends on hard work, competition too. So, if we can find any zero investment business online we will be happy to follow. Here you are in the place to know such online businesses that can start with minimal or no investment and how to handle them. Now, let us get into online business ideas that can be started without investment or low-investment.

Ideas to start an online business without investment or low investment

Minimum investment businesses might not seem pleasant or catchy at first, but they do provide safety and keep your bank account intact. Most importantly there will be learning experiences along the way. You may also need to invest some money further to grow your business after getting a start. But these experiences are the ones that will help you build towards greater heights. Any challenges faced during the beginning are only steppingstones to the overall experience that awaits: one that will prove to be a positive venture in the long run.
Start with minimal or no investment but later point if you want to expand your business, you may need to do a few things. Since online business popularity is increasing day by day. It is better to maintain legal requirements to start an online business:

Register your Company

Getting a reputation without a brand name is not possible. You should register your company with the name, address, partner’s information if there are any.


Every county has different rules in taxes. Better to have a professional to research on what taxes your business need to register for.


It is a security measure to get your company insured beforehand. You can find lots of insurance companies for this. Study and find the best suitable one for your business. 

Bank account

This is very much needed for customers to pay online. Even company registration requires a bank account.

Payment gateway

We have to register with a legitimate and secure payment gateway to receive money to your bank account or send money to your customers.

Copyrights or Trademark

You don’t want others to steal your things. Trademark secures your brand name. Copyright secures your work (could be your website).


Get some inventory system ready. You buy or sell something which should be tracked properly for better maintenance. There are a lot of ERP systems available.

Business ideas with minimal or no investment

Here is the list of online business ideas which can start with less to no investment:


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If you are good at subjects and want to write it. You can start blogging with absolutely no cost. But, the better way is to have your site hosted (with a low price too) because free blogging sites come with some restrictions. This could be the best business to start with little money.

How can we be profited with Blogging? Register for Google AdSense which will show ads in your blog and you get paid for each click of your visitors. Affiliate marketing, you promote some products in your blog, every time your visitor buys a product you get a commission.

Digital marketing executive

Since everyone now knows how to use the Internet, hence it’s essential for business houses that they incorporate a digital marketing team. And the best part is now companies are looking for digital marketing executives. Investing in the digital marketing business is not only easy & cheap but also gives instant results. Companies want digital marketing freelancers who can bring online customers through online marketing campaigns.

Online videos

Yes, whatever came to your mind is correct, YouTube. We watch a lot of videos on YouTube. Millions of people are viewing millions of hours of content on YouTube every day.

YouTube video is not some stuff added by YouTube. It is an outsider’s content. You will make a video, let that video be viewed by maximum viewers. You get paid. YouTube pays bucks based on the number of views. The key thing here is to get as many viewers as possible. Your video content should be based on trends that could go viral in a short time. This is also an easy business without investment.

SEO executive
SEO executive.
SEO executive.

A lot of websites get traffic from Google. Therefore, it’s essential for them that they optimize their site using SEO according to Google search algorithms. Therefore, because of their skills, SEO executives are hugely in demand. Without any investment, you can start offering your services and it is a skill easy to master. All you need is to create an effective strategy. Once you have learned it, within no time, you can start your SEO agency.


Are you good at telling stories or scripts? Then become a Podcaster. As many listeners, you get for your podcasts that many offers can come to advertise which will get you some money.

Online book publishing

If you are a blogger or a writer, we are sure you might have thought about publishing a book one day. Although it might be tough to publish a hard copy version of your book, let us tell you can efficiently distribute it online. Whether it’s a romance novel, children storybook, the short story collection, an education book, or a fiction one – you now have various options to publish it by yourself.

You can publish your items in the form of eBooks and put it on sale from your website. Kindle Store is the most popular medium to publish books online. Here you don’t even have to worry about printing the book and marketing it. You need to upload your book on an online platform and rest everything is automatically taken care of.

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Online personal trainer

Fitness is an evolving business and in very good shape nowadays. Most people prefer personal trainers for faster results. If you are good at filling the gaps for other fitness goals then be an online trainer. You need a good circle for this too.

Website developer

We are living in times where every business needs a website to sustain. It is also important to make sales. If you have web development skills and good at coding, then trust us you are going to choose a field that will never disappoint you and there are a lot of free tools available to build easy websites. And a lot of people don’t know how to handle them. You can start by taking minimal charges and as soon as you have begun sustaining – you can start earning profits with some practice on how to use the tools.

Once you get hands-on experience in the design you can expand its furthermore and design complex sites which will earn you more money. You can also create websites using Wix, WordPress, etc. with the later on being the most popular one. A lot of ventures are looking for web developers to create blog pages, e-commerce sites, galleries, service forms, etc.

Buying and selling domains

For any website to host you need a domain. There are providers like GoDaddy from where anyone can buy the domain. You can select a few domains which could get popular at a later point and buy them for lesser prices first hand. People when in need will bid for the same domain. You can select the highest bid which is giving enough profit and sell it to them. For buying and selling domains, GoDaddy and Flippa are good marketplaces.

Online bakery

Who doesn’t like food? Do you know how to cook and are enthusiastic to explore tastes? Then start an online bakery. Bake things at home. Have a system to get orders online and sell it. This will give satisfaction with cooking and money too. You can even start in your circle by taking orders on the phone or WhatsApp etc. If you can cook more, then you can even start taking orders for events around you. You can even give cooking classes online for extra money.

Freelance editor

If you have command over English grammar, spelling and you are a good speaker, then you should undoubtedly consider becoming an Editor. With your great knowledge, start working today and you can easily find various clients. This field provides unlimited opportunities so that you can expand your business later on. As a freelance editor, you will get to edit magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, books, indexes, web content, ghost articles, etc.

Sell creative things online

Are you good at creative things? Things for kids are high in demand. You need to have a website or register for any eCommerce site for this. You can design things at your home with your creativity and sell online.

Online travel booking

People go to places. But, getting travel bookings is not easy these days. So, they reach travel agents to handle the bookings for them. You can be a travel agent. Understand the booking system of all travel mediums like bus, train, flight, etc. And what are the best sources to book faster? If you are fast at booking tickets then your chances of getting more offers will increase.

Here the process is, people who know you will contact via a phone or any other communication medium seeking booking somewhere. You should be ready to take such calls and book for them. You will get a commission for each booking.

Graphic designer

Companies are always looking for people who can help them with creating online designs, create logos and images, etc. Not every customer enjoys reading. Therefore, images are another option left for companies to communicate their ideas in the form of pictures to their potential customers. If you are a few of those people who enjoy creating designs using Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc. then you can quickly start a small business with zero investment.

Online fruits and vegetable store

People buy fruits or vegetables daily but are busy going outside to buy them. So, they prefer door delivery if possible. You can start such an online store.

You should have an app or site for this. Let them order on your website. You buy it and deliver it to the door. You can add up a commission on the price of the order.

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Affiliate marketing

It is one of the most popular methods of earning money online. One of the most comfortable business models, Affiliate Marketing, is all about recommending another venture’s products & services to your audience. In case somebody makes a purchase, you then get the commission from the referral.

The process is like this – Online shoppers lands on your affiliate website to make the purchases, if he clicks the product link, then he/she is directed to the merchant website. And when the purchase is made, the affiliate is rewarded by the merchant for his efforts. Most of the affiliate websites are free to join, and you don’t need any capital.

Conclusion of online business Ideas without Investment

If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own home-based business, now is the right time. Stop dreaming and get to work.

All you need to do is take the first step, and you will be amazed at how easy every other thing will be.

Just pick one of the ideas here and get started now on your journey to financial freedom.

Happy journey!


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