Paper Plate Making Project Report

Paper Plate Making Project Report, Business Plan


Hello friends, today we are here with a new topic of paper plate making project report with cost and profit analysis. Paper Plates are replacements for glass, steel, and ceramic material that we often use in our day-to-day life. Paper plates are utilized as an alternative but not in the first place. They are used in particular conditions. In India, paper plates take a specific position because of their extensive usage. If you are forecasting to start the paper plate-making profession then this is a perfect time to plan as a start-up. This industry is rising at a rapid pace in India and showcasing high returns.

Why Paper Plates business

Paper plates are essentially used in two sorts. The first group belongs to domestic purposes and the second is seen at commercial places. In the first category, plates are needed during some occasions like marriage, events, picnic, function, and travel time. Most of us use paper plates during marriages as the best way to serve the most avoiding the trouble about cleaning or loss of item. It is also very appropriate, light, and comfortable.

But for commercial use, we can see them in bakeries, street foods, and similar other food corners. This segment will consume most of the manufactured paper plates as the demand is steady and huge.

A Guide to Paper Plate Making Project Report, Business Plan, Cost, Profit Analysis

Paper Plate Making Project Report, Business Plan
Paper Plate Making Project Report, Business Plan (Image credit: pixabay)

Market potential of Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

It is the most significant aspect of the business where you must have a proper market for the distribution of your product. Make a connection with local vendors, retailers, and wholesalers who stock such items. Make a contract with them based on supply and cost. Your market should concentrate on where you can sell your plates at the best price.

Business plan for Paper Plate making project

If you in the arrangement to initiate a paper plate manufacturing center then you need to craft up a comprehensive and thorough business report because this market is already present. Your plan should not only be restricted to its manufacturing but also include supply, marketing policies, and returns. Here we will elaborate on how you can begin a paper plate manufacturing unit.

Requirements for starting a Paper Plate Manufacturing Plant

There’s not much needed to start a paper plate manufacturing business. A few of the basic requisites are highlighted below.

Area required for starting Paper Plate making business

It is necessary to have land where you can set up the unit. The land must be at a place that has a basic provision like water and power supply to avoid any trouble during the unit operations. The size of the land could be around 100 sq. feet.

Water: Water is an essential part of the paper plate manufacturing business as while doing so one needs a continuous water supply. This is even a negative thing as the unit will consume a large amount of water.

Electricity: Electricity is equally important as water. You need a proper power supply to function paper machine along with water pump and other machinery. The power supply should be continuous and proper with the needed standard voltage so that your machine does not get affected by power fluctuations.

Raw materials required to start Paper Plate making business

It would be perfect that you obtain the raw material directly as paper or as paper rolls. Because manufacturing paper demands lots of resources, investment and will consume a lot of time. You can get loads of paper from local scrap yards/stores which may sell you those papers cheaply per kg. A quintal or 1000 kg of paper is purchased at Rs 5000- Rs. 7000.

Machinery required to start Paper Plate making business

A manufacturing machine differs in price. Basic variation can be seen in the quantity of paper plate production per hour. Some machine generates 1000-2000 pieces per hour while a few produces 4000-7000 pieces hourly. Also, the design, value, and type of machines differ. One normal machine is purchase from Rs 75, 000 to Rs 500, 000.

Labor: You must appoint two more people along with you if you are also doing the tasks of manufacturing. This may not be much expensive but you need to give them a proper explanation and training in the beginning.

Analysis of Paper Plate Manufacturing Business Plan

A feasibility analysis is an obligatory aspect that should always be performed where you are going to do something brief using a certain amount of investment. Setting up a manufacturing center requires a decent amount of capital, raw material, time, resources, and workers. It would be best for you to do such a feasibility test that will provide you clarity.

Resources required to start Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

The basic need for opening a manufacturing unit is the proper size of land. It should be constructed as per the need. You can also begin with a single machine in your house during the initial stage. The second requirement will be documents related to the business that comprises registration, required approvals, taxation, etc. The third essential point is a proper provision of water supply and power supply. Your place of manufacturing must accommodate all basic things. Other requirements will be the raw materials, workers, and of course machinery.

Investment required to start Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

Though most of the people start their unit in their land or house rather than purchasing a separate land because this increase starting investment. Setting up a place will consume a few lakhs of rupees. Other than that, your main investment will be in machinery. This will take around Rs. 75, 000 to Rs 500, 000. Raw materials, water, electric supply, taxation, workers will cover about Rs. 10 lakhs on average. It may rise to Rs. 15 lakh which you must plan properly and reduce as much as possible.

Licenses required to start Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

Documentation and proper approvals: You must be prompt with these essentials by getting proper permission from the respective authorities. Paperwork like appropriate power connection, water supply provision, business registration, obtain GST, and few others.

Finance arrangement to start Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

As many of us do not have the required money to invest in this business. We must check about few sources from where we can plan this investment. A better opportunity would be to an avail bank loan. The Indian government presently launched a scheme popular as MUDRA Yojna where it is providing a loan of Rs 50, 000 to 10 lakhs for those who desire any start-up business. You can approach your business plan and proper documents for loan applications.

Procedure involved in Paper Plate Manufacturing business

Paper plate manufacturing should concentrate on three different aspects. The primary aspect should be the total quantity of manufacturing per day. A normal machine will deliver about 2000 plates per hour so if you run it for around 8 hours it will provide 16000 plates. You should plan for two machines in case one of your machines is having some problem the manufacturing can be carried out with the other one. If both are working then you may obtain high manufacturing capacity and thereby greater supply.

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Paper Plate
Paper Plate

The second aspect is the size and shape of the plate. Though machine remains the same some different shapes and sizes are integrated to manufacture various plates. You can do market research about the requirements and depend on that you can manufacture them. Make sure what you are producing has some good requirements so that you get an order for the long term. The last aspect is the product quality.

There are various kinds of paper plates. Some of them are tremendously light while some of them are lightweight yet having more shelf life. The last perspective is the most innovative and tough plate that is thick and sustains the best quality. You should explore all of them based on demand. Some retailers use the lowest quality while others keep good standard ones. You can fix it out by consulting the vendors.

Return on Investment of Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

Your profit will be based on your initial investment. If you spent a lot then your return for the first time may not be much but if your investment is less then you may be happy with the return. Besides manufacturing, the returns in this business rely on the market. You need to establish clients or networks carefully where you can plan to sell your products.

This network should be extended so that you can get diverse prices for your product. Your aim should be to supply products straight to the customer. Shopkeepers in metro regions need good standard paper plates where the cost is more. You can sell your product to them so that grab the best returns. Cost of transportation also be included but if you get a good rate then it can be neutralized.

Conclusion of Paper Plate Manufacturing Business

The return of this business is acceptable because the raw material is not costly, 1 kg of paper will provide sufficient plates. These plates per dozen or hundred pieces will fetch a moderate amount. If you can sell around 10, 000 to 50, 000 plates per day then your result will be acceptable, or else you have to develop your business and work hard to reach the target. One other important feature is the rate of manufacturing that should be managed to the best. If that’s properly maintained then you can easily enhance your return.



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