Profits in Camphor Making Business (Kapoor/Kapur)

Introduction to profits in Camphor making business (Kapoor/Kapur)

Camphor or Kapoor famous in Hindi is a product that has religious importance. It is extensively used in Pooja Samagri and considered an essential section of Indian culture. The ingredient is available in crystalline solid form and is well recommended for its strong fragrance. It is fundamentally an extract from a specific plant known as Camphor Laurel.

Ideas to start and make profits in Camphor making business in India

You can get this plant in many Asian countries including Japan, India, Mongolia, and China. It is an extract that is obtained from this typical type of camphor tree. Here in this blog, we have clearly explained how to start camphor making business on a small scale manner.

Camphor oil, powder and Camphor tablet

Camphor is majorly manufactured in three diverse forms namely:-

Camphor Oil – It is a special aroma oil which is even known as an essential oil. It has diverse uses, both in medicinal and religious segments. It is termed as an essential oil for its usage in several conditions associated with skin and hair therapy. It is also used in the cosmetic industry for beauty care products.

Camphor Powder – This is the same component which is the powder form. It can be used for the preparation of camphor tablets at home using a cast dye. It is mainly used in religion for Havan Samagri in the Hindu religion.

Camphor Tablet – It is also one of the most common forms of camphor present in the market. It also finds its application for religious purposes. It is used as a purifier in the Hindu religion basically while when praying to God.

License, permission, and registration for Camphor manufacturing business

Registration for Camphor manufacturing business.
Registration for Camphor manufacturing business.

To initiate a small-scale business we will aid you to know what is essential and what major permissions and licenses must be needed that are even specific to the state government in many cases. The following are the legal permission for Camphor manufacturing business:

  • Firstly, you must complete your firm registration process for the Camphor making business.
  • Next, from the local municipality, you must take permission and then apply for the trade license.
  • You also need to acquire the PAN card for your business.
  • You must open a new bank account.
  • Also, it is essential to apply for the MSME Udyog Aadhar registration.
  • Then you also must obtain BIS Certification. For camphor making, the BIS Standard quality number is IS 1159:1957.
  • Finally, check all the required tax liabilities of camphor making business.

The machinery required for Camphor making business 

Today several manufacturers prepare using fully automated camphor making machines. There is a particular slot in the machine where the camphor in its powder form is kept.

The final item is produced by the machine in the form of camphor tablets or as camphor cups. When using this fully automated camphor machine, you have the option of choosing the molds of different sizes including small, medium, or big for developing tablets. The size of the dye used in casting tablets can be managed according to the appropriate size according to order.

Camphor making machine purchase details

When browsing the internet you could find dealers and manufacturers who have their register to some sites for the sale of their machines. You can gather all related information about the machine and then approach the dealer or approach him via the phone.

You can also go through the local hardware shops in the vicinity to verify if they have any contacts or clients who could sell this machine.

Camphor making machine price

When examining the local market, you can obtain a machine beginning from around Rs 55,000 to more than Rs 1 lakh. The price of the camphor making machine is based on the capacity of the machine and the number of tablets it can release in one feed.

The raw material required for Camphor making business

To make Camphor tablets you only require buying one main raw material which is Camphor powder. This raw material is available easily in almost all over India.

You can find online about the supplier’s and dealers’ contacts. This raw material can be acquired for around Rs 425 per Kilogram, as a wholesale cost. The rates may also vary based on the place and zones within the nation. Some dealers may also be selling for a much lesser price equivalent to Rs. 320 per Kilogram.

Camphor making formula

Camphor in its synthetic form is industrially applicable as an ingredient for making turpentine. It is mainly an alcohol soluble product with a pungent odor and bitter taste. Chemically it is C10H16O. (It is a Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen based compound).

Camphor making process 

This blog provides all the details about how to make camphor from home. If you want to develop your Camphor making business at home they should know to do it properly. The machine is having lightweight and available in small sizes.

It can be even placed on top of any table at your home. If you are manufacturing camphor in for a small scale basis then need not buy any costly machine.

Once the machine is carefully accommodated, you must take care that it is firmly gripped to the base. As the machine has an external motor so it is suggested that you have to take protections to absorb shock or any vibration.

The machine should have an electric socket connection, which should be nearby. You can now initiate manufacturing camphor tablets. First, you should heat the camphor powder which reduces the moisture in it.

You should feed the camphor powder as per the appropriate quantity inside the hopper present in the machine. After this, you must switch on the motor. Since the machine is automatic, the powder will be filled in the cast dye. The cast will effectively mold the camphor powder into a solid tablet.

The complete process is performed very rapidly so you need not expend much time to manufacture a few hundred tablets every day.

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Camphor packing process

As the camphor is an alcohol soluble base product, so while packing you must be careful. It is important to pack the packets based on the local market needs. You could pack camphor tablets to over 3-50 in a single packet.

Mainly packing is carried out based on tablet sizes. Big sized tablets are commonly sold for much higher rates. On the packet, it is important to print the price and count of tablets after packaging is done.

Marketing strategy for the promotion of Camphor

Camphor is a very extensively used product in India. You could explore its market that is widely spread across the country. When marketing camphor products like powder, oil, or tablet you can follow different strategies.

In India, you can approach dealers who sell Pooja related items or heath care goods or raw materials for preparing camphor. The strategy you must implement is also based on the capacity of your manufacturing. You can reach out to small and big dealers in your local market, or even go for advertisements via television or in newspapers.

Where to sell your Camphor product

The camphor tablets can be sold in different areas including regions where people workshop like holy places, shops close temples, grocery stores, retail shops, malls or small shopping complexes, beauty care stores, oil dealers, oil manufacturers, and even some skin and hair care products manufacturers. The choice of your customer may be based on the capacity of manufacturing.

The total investment of the Camphor manufacturing business

The investment or cost to start the camphor making business mainly depends upon the scale of manufacturing.

In small scale businesses, you may not need much investment, because you don’t have to buy the area or rent it. You can minimize the cost of its rental when you start it as a home-based business in India.

The cost of machinery and tools for camphor making business ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.

The cost of raw materials and other miscellaneous charges includes Rs. 30,000. Because the raw materials are purchased in bulk amount and less quantity based on the scale of your business.

The packaging costs for camphor making business are Rs. 10,000.

Hence the overall investment including transportation, etc. in Camphor making business may go around Rs 1.5 to 2 lakh for small scale unit.

The selling price of Camphor

The camphor tablets sell at the rate of Rs. 150 per Kg or the rate of Rs 18,00,000 for 12,000 Kg in the wholesale market. These prices might vary from place to place.

Camphor making business profits

On average you can get good profits in camphor making business. When you plan for a small scale you can expect an overall profit of 15 to 20% percent can be made in the small-scale business. The profit percentage in camphor making business increases in large scale units.

As it has high demand in the market you can good profits in camphor making business in India.

Precautionary measures in the Camphor making business to get more profits

When you are with working the machine in camphor making you have to ensure that you wear your protective gear. These include rubber gloves and slippers. The machine works on the electric supply so you have to take your precautionary measures.

When you are working on a chemical base for manufacturing, then you need to ensure that you need to avoid inhaling it. Even though it is not poisonous, but it is highly flammable so you need to ensure that you need to stay away from the source of the fire.

Risks involved in the Camphor making business

When speaking in terms of business, Camphor has a great demand in the market throughout the country. There are no market risks that you need to be aware of. Major risk factors include during the manufacturing, packing, or transporting. Always ensure it is well packed in airtight plastic bag or container as it will vaporize very fast. You also need to take the utmost care because when it comes in contact with moisture in the air it starts vaporizing within no time.

The conclusion to make profits in Camphor making business

Camphor making business is a wonderful project to work on and can be converted slowly into an established on even though it is started on a small scale. You don’t need to invest huge amounts to initiate this business. You can just first design the perfect camphor making a business plan and proceed according to it. The marketing strategy for promoting the product is also easy as the product has a high demand.

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